Ch13: little cat comes to play with Max and Ryan

Max looked at Ryan. He was in a mess and didn’t know if he should open the door or not. IF they walk back there is nothing to lose but if they enter they have many things to lose. Ryan went and pulled one of the vines to remove it from the door. But the vine was not an ordinary vine. It was too strong. Max held one end and they both pulled the vine. They could not even stretch it a bit. They both looked at each other’s faces.

Wild Vine(no conscious)

Rating: 945

[The wild vine observed the power from the temple and got stronger]

Ryan had seen the status of the vine when he glanced at the door. He pulled the vine to show the reality to Max. There was a pseudo-master vine in the entrance at the door. It was not an ordinary place and it was not discovered yet. There was a possibility that no one who went inside ever returned. Ryan was ready to take risks but no unnecessary risks. There was still time and he would come after he got stronger.

“Let’s go back,” Max told Ryan.

Ryan smiled back and turned around. Max followed him and turned around to go towards the exit. As they were about to take a step, they heard a voice.

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“If you have come this far, why not give a visit, I haven’t had guests for the last thousands of years.”

Ryan and Max opened their eyes wide. Before they could do anything, the door behind them opened and they were sucked inside the door. This happened so fast that they didn’t get a chance to react. Ryan and Max were sucked inside the door. they got sucked inside the door. The door got closed.

Ryan quickly got up and observed the place. He looked around and checked the place. There were giant pillars supporting the pace. The sealings were 100 feet tall. No one could imagine there would be such a hall inside the little door. There was the same vine growing on the side. He saw a big royal throne on the opposite of the door. There was even a small pond at the side of the hall. Ryan saw a lot of gold and weapons kept at a side. They were standing on the grass. The place looked good even after thousands of years. But he didn’t see a person around.

“Why did I even come here in the first place? It’s all my fault.” Max was still fallen on the ground, he didn’t even bother to get up and look around.

“Now, find a way to get out,” Ryan replied. He pulled him up to get him up on his feet.

The two strangers stand in a mysterious hall filled with gold coins. It looked like an ancient monument but it was far more than that. They both felt a great power around the hall. It was a great place to improve themselves and train. Max tried to look around and see if there was any door or exit around the place.

Ryan came up with something. He shouted, “Is this how your hospitality is?”

Soon, they heard a reply from someone.

“I was considering that you’re special but never mind. I will treat you as I treat my other guests”  the mysterious voice replied.

“I usually let my guest pet my little cat, then you take as much gold as you can carry.

Take care of him, the little cat is not polite. I hope you can understand”

Ryan frowned. He knew had actually messed it up. He should rather ask for the path to the exit.

They heard a meow sound from the right. It was a cat. but it was not little.

“Little?” Ryan and Max said together.

A white cat walked their way. It was enormous. Ryan and Max were staring at it.

White cat

Pet of emperor Darien

Rating: 452

Constitution: righteous two-tail cat

Ryan wished to go back to earth when he saw the rating of 452 on the status of the cat. It was twice the size of a human being. Another thing he noticed was that there were two tails of the white cat. The cat had a righteous constitution. They should be good friends and even become a family who fights among and against each other.  Ryan was standing still without mankind making a move. He was quiet and observed the cat.

Only allowed on

The white cat wasn’t the first one to attack. It was just meowing and walking forward towards them. It was interested in two new strangers in his territory. The cat was not hostile towards them. It would be best if they didn’t anger the white cat. It would be even better if they could somehow manage to befriend the cat and get away from the place.

Ryan took a step slowly toward the cat to pet it and befriend the big cat. For some reason, the cat was interested in them. It should be because of the same constitution.

Ryan took another step gently toward the cat. The eyes of the cat were bigger than Ryan’s palm. Ryan heard footsteps from behind. He turned a little and saw Max running at the cat and punching the cat in the face. The cat kicked Max and ran towards Ryan. Ryan runs forward and slides between the legs of the cat.

“Who the hell told you to start the fight?” Ryan cursed Max.

He saw the cat was running behind Max and Max was going on trying to fight the car. But he was only getting toyed by the cat. The cat was also not hurting or biting Max. Max was punching and hitting the car but there was no reaction from the cat.

The cat was playing with Max. It was clear that Ryan could do nothing better. Ryan thought about something but before that he wanted Max. He knew emperor Darien was testing them. ‘So let’s play his game and give him some entertainment ‘


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