Ch14: A realm above grandmaster?

Ryan went towards the cat and Max. The cat was toying with Max and Max was having a hard time. Ryan quickly pulled the cat’s fur. The cat growled and went after him. Ryan didn’t run from the cat, rather he quickly went behind him. The cat was turning round and round but still couldn’t get a young boy. After a while, the cat could only smell Ryan and not see him.

Ryan had stuck behind the cat like he was the scat’s shadow. Ryan didn’t let the cat get a glimpse of him.  The cat looked toward Max again. “Why are you not using your power?” Ryan asked, giving a hint of where he was. The cat ran behind the voice and Ryan managed to hide behind the cat without letting it go.

Max replied, “I don’t know why I can’t use my powers on the cat. But it is the same for the cat, he can’t use his powers”

Ryan ordered, “Hide somewhere for a few minutes” Max quickly ran and hid behind a big pillar. Max understood that the cat was not as smart as expected it to be. Ryan took the chance and jumped and held to his tail and shouted to get the cat’s attention. The cat turned and saw his tail and started to catch Ryan who was holding the tail tightly. But the cat who didn’t have basic common senses couldn’t catch his own tail.

The cat’s movement had changed and was getting rough. It was hard getting hold of the cat. Ryan looked around and didn’t see Max anymore. it was time to entertain emperor Darien. Ryan felt and appeared before the cat and started pulling his fur and pinching him in places. Soon, the cat ran behind Ryan. That is what Ryan wanted. Ryan took the cat towards the vines to get him struck around the vines. The cat ran behind him without thinking about anything.

The cat got stuck in the vines, he pulled with brutal force and ended up getting trapped in the vines. Ryan dashed and used the vines as a rope to tie the cat up. The cat started making noise and meowing to get out. Max, who was hiding behind a pillar, came out. Ryan went up and sat on the struggling cat. Max followed and joined them.

The two young men were sitting on the giant cat. The cat was still trying his best to get out or tear the vines but it was not that strong to destroy or tear the vines and get his freedom back. Ryan had to say this cat’s fur was not as soft compared to Elina’s.

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“What should we do now?” Max asked.

“His owner will tell us,” Ryan replied, gesturing to the cat. Ryan lay down; it was quite a better bed than the streets.  They might fall asleep on the soft bed. At the same time, the cat moved and tried to get out. Ryan felt something was wrong. He quickly held the fur tightly.

The cat moved and tore the vines. Ryan and Max both fell down from the cat. They both were off guard. The cat dashed towards the throne. They got up and looked at the cat to see what had happened in a few seconds.

Ryan didn’t understand what just happened, the cat shouldn’t be able to tear the vines and get out. Ryan saw the cat was running away. He wondered where the cat was going.

There was a man in armour. He was wearing golden armour throughout his body. The dress of a king and the face of the warrior. Ryan knew who this person was. It was emperor Darien. The owner of the pet cat. The big cat was actually hiding behind the human in golden armour. The emperor Darien was the owner of this place and the very person whose voice they heard.

Ryan could tell from their looks they were far more than experts. Ryan checked their status quickly. He felt like something was wrong with the cat, it had gotten stronger. The master-level vines were torn by the cat.

White cat

Pet of emperor Darien

Rating: 45070

Constitution: righteous nine-tail cat

Emperor Darien


Constitution: Ancient Righteous King

Ryan could not believe his eyes. The white cat was in the middle-level grandmaster realm. Ryan didn’t even know what realm was thereafter grandmaster. He looked at Emperor Darien’s status. He was stunned, he was not strong enough to look at the status. He was not in a place where he should be now. He hoped the cat would not get revenge on him for what he did to him today. Ryan was happy that the emperor had a righteous constitution.

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That was the very reason why he took them in. He could see the nine tails of the cat. Ryan wondered if it still had the same capability as the brain.

“I feel like you guys are too lucky to encounter me, did you meet a lucky fairy?” the emperor asked.

Ryan didn’t utter a word. Sometimes, it was not good to talk. Max crossed and questioned, “Who are you and what do you want from us?”

Emperor Darien smiled and replied, “I want the same thing that you guys want from yourself, I want you to grow stronger.”

Ryan and Max felt a strong force of righteous energy. This energy was familiar with Max’s energy which was released to find this place but it was way stronger. This implies that he was a righteous constitutional holder.

A smile appeared on Max’s face, he quickly kneeled down. “Please take me as your disciple”

“No, No I don’t do that stuff anymore” Emperor Darien rejected directly. Max had crushed the show-off of emperor Darien. Max didn’t lose, he tried his best to convince the emperor. It was a headache for the emperor.

Since Max was not moving from his word, Emperor Darien passed on a card to Ryan. The card went flying to Ryan. “Buy whatever you want, be quick”

“Till then I will try to convince him” emperor Darien gestured to Max making an annoying face.


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