Ch15: Take Ryan as your Mentor!

Darien saw Ryan walking out of the door covered in vines, the only door in the entire place. After Ryan exited the place emperor Darien turned around to see Max kneeling with his head touching the ground. Max was golden willed but his will wasn’t enough to win a battle alone. “If you to take a mentor, take Ryan as one”

Max was stunned to hear, argued “Ryan is weaker than me”

“But he is more experienced than you and he knows where to talk and when to attack; he knew how to deal with the cat from the start. At least he can teach you how to talk. If you are looking for power then you don’t need to look for a mentor” emperor Darien told.

“I need a mentor who could teach me to use my constitution and control my constitution.”

emperor Darien already lost hope to make Max understand why he can’t be his mentor.

“Very well, I will give you the coordinates of someone who is an expert in it and will guide you,” the emperor Darien said.

A pleasant smile appeared on his face. He thanked the emperor. If someone was getting recommended by the emperor, that person would surely be good. Max was happy, finally, he will be able to control the powers of the constitution. But he was curious and annoyed at the same time due to emperor Darien.

“You told Ryan was better than me,” Max asked

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“Everyone is born weak but the ones who could grow themselves are called the mighty figures. Power is never a criteria for talent “

“I have seen innumerable constitutions and personalities together. But Ryan was the first who had the bearing of a saint and the guts of a demon. The more you are with him the better you become. You acted like a soldier fighting the cat, but Ryan was an expert at facing danger. Ryan had already observed the place when you got up from the hangover of the suction.”

“But he is weak,” Max said.

“He doesn’t care about winning in a practice match. Rather than winning, he could keep his trump cards hidden. If you really want to see how scary he is. Let him face a good life and death battle, that’s the only point where he will use his trump cards.”

Max was having a hard time believing that the mysterious golden emperor was praising Ryan. it was annoying to him. Max didn’t even take Ryan as his competitor. He had seen how weak Ryan was when he was fighting with the head gym instructor. “Why don’t you teach me something which will help defeat him?” Max asked.

“I wish I had something to kill him,” Emperor Darien said, looking at Max’s eyes.”

Max was not convinced and looked, stared at emperor Darien. Emperor Darien knew how stubborn he was, there was no need to waste his time. A few seconds later, the emperor took a breath and slashed his swords at the top. There was an earthquake in the big hall.

Max understood why he can’t do anything. It was because of the place. The big hall was actually made to seal his power. Max wanted to ask a few questions but there was a knock on the door. Ryan entered the hall with a  bunch of bags. Ryan came closer and returned the card to the emperor but the emperor rejected it. He asked Ryan to keep the card.

“Freshen up and change”

“Feel free to use the pond”

The emperor Darien was playing with his cat, the cat had gotten smaller somehow to the size of a regular cat. The emperor was petting it, his eyes may be on the cat but he was looking at Ryan. Ryan was observing the emperor who was petting his cat. Ryan had no idea that the emperor was looking at him from a method. Ryan had learned to steal by observing thieves and was trying to do the same. But sadly, it was not easy to get some tips and tricks from the emperor.

After dressing up in the new clothes, he looked like a nobleman. Now, at least people on the streets will glance at him. When he went to buy clothes, he was denied entry multiple times. He had to get cash to show the guard that he had money to buy clothes. Ryan was pissed and whenever he is pissed, the world has seen how he crushes the regret or the gut feeling inside him for himself, not for the world.

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He wanted to show his new avatar to the guard of the mall but it wasn’t his money. He had to make a name for himself to get away from the gut feeling. Well, it was the very reason why he had stepped into this world.

Ryan walked away from Max and the emperor. He had just taken a bath and even looked like a fool. But he was going to practice. Whatever people say or laugh, it will just add up to the praise when he achieves something big. The same people will be the ones who will spread his name around the world. He held the vines onto his hands and started practicing pulling them and started punching in the air. Ryan didn’t even look at the emperor anymore. He was focused on his training.

A few meters away, the emperor Darien was looking at him with his eyes open. He could only see that such characters were not there a million years ago, otherwise, he might not be alive today. Ryan was extremely focused and not just that. He sees a faint glow of power in his movements. The Emperor could see through his cultivation and tell he was just a martial disciple.

Still, he was able to use his inner power to some extent. Ryan was extremely hardworking and had scary potential. Emperor Darien didn’t want to lose his confidence and wanted to throw them, both out.

He could only sight if he was like Ryan. but still, it was not enough, he needed to have luck.


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