Ch16: Go see the sunshine and show off your new power

Ryan and Max sat in front of the emperor to learn a new power. They were excited to learn a powerful skill from the emperor Darien. They wanted to know what kind of power it was. But emperor Darien said no words describing the power. the only thing emperor told that it was a righteous art.

They could only learn without knowing anything about that power. The skill should be strong and mighty, as it had come from the emperor Darien. Max could not wait to use the skill. The duo followed every instructor told by the emperor, they even saw his body glowing in scary flames of power. It was because of righteous art. The power emperor Darien was teaching was a righteous art that can only be learned by righteous constitution holders. T

his sparks a new feeling in Ryan and Max’s hearts. Being taught a righteous art by emperor Darien was like officially getting accepted to the righteous community. Hours passed. They had mastered the art. Max was the first one to master the art followed by Ryan.

Max used the righteous art the second he mastered it. When he used the righteous art, a yellow flame spread around his body and released a wave of energy far stronger than the last time. Max looked like a person burning in a yellow flame. After learning the righteous art, Ryan felt the wave of energy.

They were able to communicate with each other and even with other people who knew this righteous art. That is when they realized this righteous art was made to communicate with other righteous constitution holders. Ryan and Max felt like they had been fooled, their expectations and the spark in their eyes were crushed. Emperor Darien had given them a communicating power.

“This is a communication skill?!” Max reacted.

Emperor Darien smiled back without saying anything. Max felt like a fool who had brought fake stuff at a very high price. They understood why the emperor had said nothing about the righteous art. If he had told about the righteous art Max wouldn’t have sat quietly and learned the righteous art. Max could have started requesting and arguing with the emperor.

“You can’t do this with us, we came so far and you are going to just teach us one communication art?” Max had started to trouble emperor Darien again. Ryan on the other side expressed his gratitude. Communication could be a game changer in a maze or a dungeon. When facing an intellectual monster it will be a scary weapon.

“But it would have been better if you could teach it as a combat art” Max tried to woo the emperor. But he didn’t know he was a little inexperienced when it came to talking with experts.

The emperor Darien smiled and flicked his finger. Ryan and Max felt a different power around them for a second. they were a little dizzy. They looked at themselves and when they looked at emperor Darien again. They found themself sitting in front of the building. They were standing in the same place in the morning when they saw the building. Emperor Darien had thrown them out of his great hall.  Max was still looking at the surroundings as if he had reached an unknown place.

“Go see the sunshine and show off your new power” was emperor Darien’s voice in their minds. It was the new righteous art they had learned. They could communicate with any righteous constitution holder.

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Max was perplexed, “Sunshine?” He looked above the sun. It was the last sunshine of the day. If they didn’t do it now, they would have to wait another day. But Sunshine was everywhere, there was no certain place to see sunshine.

Ryan observed Max and understood that Max knew nothing about the sunshine institute. Ryan replied, “I know what he is talking about.”

Emperor Darien saw Ryan and Max going away. The emperor sighed and felt relieved. The cat came toward the emperor, “The young generation is sure troublesome” the emperor replied, “not just troublesome, there frightening too”

“What were we going to do at their age?”

An hour later, Ryan and Max had arrived at their destination. It was a big gate. There was sunshine written on the gate. It was the entry gate of the famous institute of Cape city. Not just famous, it was the best institute for martial warriors available.

Two martial warriors were guarding the gate. It was impossible for any common man to even get on the campus. It was said that ⅓ of the city was the campus of the sunshine institute. Ryan can say it was not an exertion to say the campus covered ⅓ of Cape city. They could not get in by force even if they try.

The sun had set and it was going to start getting dark any time soon. It was time to use their power in front of the sunshine institute. Ryan and Max looked at each other for a second. They wondered if it would be a bad idea to do so.

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If normal martial warriors felt their righteous art, they would feel like two of them had declared war against them. The power wave coming out had a huge impact. They didn’t know if normal martial warriors would feel it or not.

They went to a side and started circulating the righteous art. The place was deserted and no living things except for trees. As they were about to release the energy wave. They heard a voice.

“Hey, what are you guys doing here?” a white hair person asked. They were distracted from the voice and stopped. Ryan and Max both looked at the white-haired man.

The white hair person was well dressed and groomed. He looked like a family head of a world-class family. If there are a few people around him. Ryan may even have believed him one of the big family heads. Ryan looked into the status of the old man just to be sure who was in front of him.


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