Ch17: Our Master is a grandmaster!

The white hair person was well dressed and groomed. He looked like a family head of a world-class family. If there are a few people around him. Ryan may even have believed him one of the big group’s family heads. Ryan looked into the status of the old man just to be sure who was in front of him.

Leo Albano

Dean of the sunshine institute

Rating: 23000

Constitution: saint of righteousness

A grandmaster? Ryan shouted in his mind. It was his second grandmaster he met today. The dean of the sunshine institute was also a righteous constitution holder. Looking at his outfit, he looked like the gentlest and weakest of them. Ryan hoped that every grandmaster didn’t have a righteous constitution. He was meeting with the heroes only.

Ryan wondered why the villains were not coming closer to him. Ryan looked at Max, he didn’t know what he should do. Ryan wanted Max to kneel in front of the old man. He smiled looking at Max.

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“We are sent by emperor Darien to be your disciples,” Ryan said to the grandmaster.

Max revolted, “Why are you telling it to this white hair?”

“Because he is the only person who has a righteous constitution in the sunshine institute otherwise other people would have come from our power”

Max understood he had just insulted his future master. He quickly got onto his knees. Max looked at Ryan and gestured to him to kneel. Ryan ignored it and looked at Leo Albano. there was no need to kneel. There was a shock on the grandmaster’s face. As if he had seen or heard about a ghost. The old man’s eyes were wide open.

Ryan understood, Leo did know about emperor Darien, he had just heard about him. emperor Darien was sure a legendary figure.

“What did he say?” Leo asked them

“He told us that you are the best teacher who can guide us to be great righteous warriors”  Ryan directed toward the Dean.

There was a pause of silence in the air. Ryan wondered if his words had hit the right spot in the Dean’s heart or not. Whether he is going to take us as his disciples or not. Ryan wanted it, he wanted to study at the best institute in Cape city. He could only become strong by defeating the strong. No one can get stronger by defeating the weak. Getting into the sunshine will sure give them a head start. Now, it depends on the Dean of the sunshine institute.

“Get up and follow me” the Dean spoke.

Ryan and Max looked at each other with a smile on their face. They had finally got a master who could teach them about their powers. They followed the Dean with a smile on their face. There were many students who were trying their best to get into the institute and rise to greatness in the future but getting a chance was the most difficult part.

Even the most influential families have a hard time talking to the sunshine institute. The probability to get their heir into the sunshine institute was close to none.

Ryan was happy from inside his heart. He never got a chance in his previous life but now he has a chance to study. But in his life, he was going to rock his name and throw the institute in a way that they will never forget in their lifetime. Ryan wondered seeing who’s face he woke up today that his day was so lucky. ‘Oh, it’s her luck!’ he thought to himself.

Ryan was sure he was going to get in her class and get used to getting luck to the utmost. Of course, he was not just going to use it. He will find a way to increase it. Like money attracts more money, luck attracts more luck.

Ryan uses his righteousness and sends a message in the air. “Thanks” the message spread throughout the area to the surroundings and goes on. The dean said nothing and thought it to be the gratitude of his new disciple. Max took it for himself, he was the one who kneeled and requested the dean to accept him.

The message spread throughout the city and reached emperor Darien who was watching Ryan and Max by closing his eyes. Emperor Darien couldn’t help but wonder about them. emperor Darien started using his power to check on them. Emperor Darien smiled.

“Congratulations to the master for making two more great warriors,” the cat said to the emperor Darien.

The dean got them a room key and asked them to come to the dean’s office in the morning. Before they could say another word, the dean had disappeared from the spot. Ryan recalled they didn’t feel any sound or footsteps when they were using their righteous art. But still, the dean showed up somehow. Max looked at Ryan and told, “we are lost”

Ryan took out his phone and opened the maps. Max reacted, “how did you get a phone?”

“Well, you forgot emperor Darien gave me his card in the morning”  Ryan teased.

Max revolted, “Hey, how can you steal money from the emperor Darien?”

“Who said I stole? Emperor Darien told us to buy the necessities. But he didn’t describe what are necessities.” Ryan answered.

“You should have brought one house then? So that we can sleep in it” Max tried to tease Ryan.

“Well, I did buy one,” Ryan said casually.

“What!!!” Max stared at Ryan in shock! His eyes were wide open.

“I used every penny there was in his bank,” Ryan said expressively.

Max was shocked from his core. he never expected Ryan to be such a sly fox.

As they were going toward the hostel. Ryan saw many students going with their bags. He had an evil smile on his face. He looked at Max who was walking with him but had a stunning face.

“Leave the past and think about the future”

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“Are you going to get bullied or teach them a lesson?” Ryan asked

“I will fight them, I am a righteous warrior, I will not allow them to bully the weak.”


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