Ch18: I would love to keep doing this, but we are getting late for the class

After a night of good sleep, they were standing in front of the dean’s office. Ryan and Max were dressed in the uniform of the sunshine institute which was mandatory for the first years. It was kept on their beds with a note telling them to wear it tomorrow. They were perfectly integrated into the institute’s environment. They were a little tense to enter their master’s cabin. They were told to wait outside as someone was already inside the room.

Ryan was happy as Max’s anger had gone from yesterday, Ryan praised himself for his decision. If he had not given Max the phone he brought him then what could have happened?. He took the phone and gave it to him when things were not in his hands to win Max’s favor and cool down Max’s anger. Actually what had happened was…

“Come in”

The door opened and someone walked out. Ryan and Max went in. They stood before Dean’s table. The Dean looked at them. He saw Max’s right eye was swelling. There were scratches and marks of a good fight. Dean Leo had seen his face yesterday, there wasn’t a scratch and today it was swelling. The dean asked, “what had happened?”

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Ryan could not help but smile a little. He was the one who motivated Max to save the first years from the bullies and teach them a lesson. He didn’t want Max to be hurt but at the same time, he didn’t want to get bullied. It would create a bad impression. Ryan knew with the strength and power he had. He will not be able to face even one senior. He was expecting them to help him and not get bullied by the seniors.

Who knew Max would jump in to save all the classmates and fight with all the seniors at once? The battle was a tie. But Max’s face was like a lost boxer fallen on the ring. But thanks to Max, Ryan didn’t get a scratch. Ryan took the phone out when Max was completely pissed at him for not stepping into the fight.

The dean laughed hearing it. He thought seniors had bullied them but the battle was tied. It was still ok for a junior to say he got the bruises from fighting a senior. But if these two were interchanged then? How will a senior feel to tell his friends that the bruises were from fighting a junior; or getting beaten by a junior? He would become the laughing stock of the batch.

“Good, I was expecting the same from you guys. Go to the infirmary before the class.”

“I will call you guys in the evening to train you guys, write your phone numbers” the Dean gave them a slip to write their phone numbers. As they were writing their phone numbers, the dean called Miss Elina in her office. Ryan had a smile on his face, he knew and believed in his heart that he was going to meet her soon.

Ryan turned around and was looking at the door and waiting for her. Everything was right, only she was missing from making the moment.

Elina was already a little messed up thinking about what that young brat had done when she was senseless lying on the floor. She had even gone back to that same street to find the brat who had done something to her. She wanted to kidnap him and torture him until he spelled the truth. But there was no one in the street.

  She blamed it on her luck and wondered if she could ever find him. It was in her mind from yesterday. She could not work or sleep properly. She was already stressed and now the dean had called her. She unlocked the door and barged into the room.

The door opened and Elina walked into the room. She raised her head to look at the dean.  She raised a little and saw a pair of new shoes. There was a new student. Her mind was shouting and praying from inside that it should be the young brat. But she knew that it was impossible for a roadside brat to step into the sunshine institute.

She saw the well-built body, it remained of that little brat. Even the chest shaped like that brat whose name she didn’t know. Even the vibes were telling her it was him. Her logic denied it, saying that every man had the same shape chest. She found that little brat in everything. She raised her head fully, rejecting every little bit of hope.

Elina’s eyes meet the eyes of the new student. She was stunned, her mouth opened a bit by itself. It was her peculiar smell and her pettiness that made her go to that street little boys. But she wasn’t to look at that brat with the same eyes today. It was not just his clothes that had changed. it was a completely different person. the young brat had turned into a gentleman.

As she was looking at Ryan, Ryan winked at her. No one saw it except for her.

“Miss Elina?” the dean called.

She came back to her senses and walked towards the dean’s table, till she reached the position between Ryan and Max. She stood in front of the dean. She stopped looking at Ryan. but Ryan was still admiring her.

Elina walked out of the Dean’s cabin with two students behind her. She stopped after exiting the Dean’s office. She told Max the way to the infirmary. Max went away and he was separated from the duo. The second Max turned around. Ryan moved his hand towards her hand to get her touch even if it was just her hand. There was no expression on her face. She waited for Max to completely disappear from her sight. meanwhile, Ryan took another step. Ryan quietly grabbed her hand.

The second Max went out of their eyesight. She pulled and pushed Ryan towards the wall. Ryan got support from the wall, it didn’t hurt him. He saw Elina was so close to his face. An inch more and it was a kiss.

“What did you do to me after I collapsed in the factory?” Elina asked.

“Calm down my kitty, we can’t do it here” Ryan teased and felt the anger of a lioness.

“I will fail you and make sure you are kicked out if you dared called me kitty again”

‘And one more thing, if you dared to touch me again I would crush your bones. You should have already guessed how strong I am”

Ryan smiles, “If you force me like this on the wall, you know what I will do when I get stronger than you?”

Elina was holding both Ryan’s hands, she started squeezing them and asked, “what will you do?”

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Ryan felt like his hands were getting crushed, ” I will… I will do..”

Elina pressed his hands harder. “What?”

Ryan freaked out, looking to the right, “Sir!”

Elina frowned and looked to see who saw her. As she is about to turn right. Ryan pulled her waist and pushed her onto the wall. Ryan had just interchanged their positions. Now Ryan was holding her hands. “THIS”

“I will do this,”

“I would love to keep doing this but we are getting late for the class”

Ryan said and left her hand and stepped backward.


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