Ch19: Leone’s scary power

Ryan is seated in the classroom. He didn’t give an introduction as there were considerable new students and it was the start of the year. Ryan took the last to trouble Elina as much as he could. It wasn’t just a teacher-student relationship with what happened with them anymore. Ryan was focused on the lecture not because it was the first time he sat in for a lecture but because Elina was giving the lecture. It was far more comfortable compared to the place where he learned to steal and borrow money and disappear.

He had learned from the roads and railway stations and all other crowded places. Whereas this place was air-conditioned. A few minutes later, Max entered the class coming from the infirmary. He took a seat next to Ryan. Max was observing Ryan more than the lecture and was shocked to see him. He never ever thought that Ryan was such a studious student. He was having a hard time focusing on the lecture. Soon, the lecture was over.

Ryan winked at Elina as she left the classroom. The full class was looking at her, she couldn’t do anything here. She just showed big eyes to Ryan and went away.

Ryan understood there was still a lot of resistance inside her for himself. Well, he had saved her. She should be a little kind to him. but no she was busy showing her attitude and teacher personality in front of Ryan, who had seen her naked and even carried her home. ‘it is sure a tough job to understand girls’ he sighted. Ryan had to try something better to make a good friendship with her.

Ryan looked around the classroom and saw everyone’s status. Each and everyone belonged to a big family and were martial warriors. When he checked for constitutions, he saw only 20% of the class had a constitution. The number was incredibly low. He understood the fact that he was a very lucky person to get a righteous constitution and to be a constitution holder.

Ryan couldn’t help but wonder how lucky was Elina. He is surely jealous of her. He was the weakest in the classroom. Ryan looked at Max who had already made friends with the most stupid people in the class. The students on the last bench were just touching the rating of 100.

Ryan was able to say they had taken steroids to increase their power. It will only bite their butt back in the long run. Even Ryann had a hard time listening to the next lecture. He joined Max in talking with the idiots in the class. Ryan’s guess was right,  they had indeed taken steroids and belonged to influential families in Cape city. They had no motive to live or die.

They were the worst people to be with. Ryan wanted to ask them about Leone but he stopped as these people didn’t care about anything, they were not interested in anything. Ryan was different, he had a goal and enemy to defeat. He needed to get stronger.

Ryan wanted to get up from his seat and start practicing. But he didn’t want to make a scene on the first day itself. Now he understood why kids were to cry going to school because they were made to read the stuff which they need to use in life and death situations. They can only learn and master these things by practicing them.

This also answers why there is no school for thieves. Even though students learn and read how to steal things, no one will ever be a successful thief without practicing it. the schools should have practical classes, it will be way better than theoretical classes.

The last benchers talked about the curriculum of the institute. Ryan felt like the mountain was removed from his shoulders when he got to know that after a month they only had to do practicals and even leave the city to explore and learn. For still, there was one month to sit and do nothing except for looking at the face of the lecturer, that too only if it was Elina.

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Ryan was happy to do so for Elina but not for other lecturers. Ryan wanted to talk to the dean about it. But he couldn’t find a reason for it. But he kicked that thought out, he didn’t want to lose his reputation in front of the Dean on the first day of school.

But more than that it was important to get stronger. Ryan had checked his rating. It was near 50. But it was nothing in comparison to the martial warriors present in the classroom. Ryan felt like a loser among the losers talking to hopeless martial warriors wasting the resources of humanity. Ryan lost interest to talk the fools of the class, but Max was having a good time with them.

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As Ryan was sitting in the lecture hall and planning his next step. He felt stressed and tired. It was odd as if he was being influenced. He wanted to sleep. He looked around and was sure that someone was using power or a mental art on him. He borrowed a water bottle and sprinkled some water on his face but it was not helpful. He was feeling more and more tired because of the attack. He had only one name in his mind. It was Leone, who had used his method to contact Ryan earlier.

The power was too strong to bear and stay awake against it. He was in a classroom, it was ok. But if he was on a battlefield. This dream can kill him. Leone could kill people without letting them know. Ryan wondered if Leone could seal him in a dream. It was a scary communication skill compared to the righteous art he got from the emperor. Slowly his eyes were getting closed and he fell asleep in the classroom.

‘let’s see what he has to offer this time?’ Ryan said to himself.


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