Ch2: Foolish Righteous Thief

A young adolescent boy was sleeping on a wooden plank in a shabby house. The roof was full of cracks, there was no doubt that the house would be a good place for rainwater harvesting. But to do that, the minor holes in the wall should be fixed. Most of the items in the house could be found in the trash, even the rats and insects had left the place in search of grains.

The window had turned into a hole in the house as there was no window frame or a cover to close the window. The rays of sunlight fell from the same window on the teenager asleep on the wooden plank. Ryan was fast asleep and felt troubled due to the sunlight and warmth. Ryan woke up to see something that was hurting his back..he felt his body tight as if he hadn’t workout for days in a row. He was a little perplexed to ask himself what happened to his soft bed. How did it become so hard?

Ryan opened his eyes and found that he was sleeping on a wooden plank. He checked his surroundings, and only one thing came, seeing the place in his mind. “SLUM” what was he doing over here? He thought about the last thing he could remember. The Mysterious man had asked him whether he wanted to be immortal in exchange for his wealth of a lifetime. Ryan remembered saying “Yes” to the question. So, why was he over here?

This was not heaven for sure. It was more like hell. Did he get played by the mysterious man or was he kidnapped and robbed by someone? Is it the government or some second-generation rich behind it? A million questions bounced in his mind. Ryan started looking around the house to find something. As he was searching for a piece of information, his eyes fell on the water kept on a vessel with a broad opening. He was looking at himself in the water.

He saw an unknown face in the water. He couldn’t help and examined his face. He was shocked and quite confused about his situation. Ryan checked his body again and again just to be sure that he was inside someone else’s body. The body was not fit but it was young. What he read in his youth was true, he actually got transmigrated. He remembered Ryan the kid used to dream about transmigrating into a fantasy world. He thought it to be pure imagination, but it was true. He was a little calmer than before but still perplexed thinking about what he should do now. Ryan does not get transmigrated daily, he was no expert in this field.

The first thing that came to his mind was if this world was a magical or abnormal world compared to earth.  Or if he had just transmigrated into some poor earthling? Even for a 38-year-old man, he was excited by the thought of superpowers.

He peeped through the window to get his answers. Ryan’s eyes popped out when he saw a transparent barrier protecting the city from all sides. A circular transparent barrier was protecting the city from the monsters and beasts outside of the city. He checked out the barrier with his eyes, he saw some wild birds trying to barge into the city. But they were stopped by the barrier. the wild birds looked small from far away but actually, they would be as big as cars. There was no doubt that this was a fantasy world of the kid, Ryan’s dreams.

Ryan looked around from his window, this house was at a height compared to the other slum houses. He was living in a slum. He was the richest person yesterday and today, he was in a slum. his lifestyle had turned upside down in just a night. He was able to see a large number of skyscrapers in the city. The people were definitely rich.

Some skyscrapers were even touching the barrier of the city. As he was getting used to the new view, he saw a big bird passing above the slum. He was able to see a figure on the bird. Someone was actually riding a big bird. This world was a fantasy world, there would be humans with superpowers.

Ryan looked around from his window. He saw a beggar standing below his house. It was weird because no one was around here and if he really wanted to beggar, he should have gone to the city center or the busy streets where he would find a lot of people. Ryan, being an experienced thief for 18 years, felt evil intentions from the beggar. the beggar was suspicious, very suspicious. There was nothing valuable in his house, but still, he couldn’t leave the beggar. He ignored the beggar for the time being and felt like he was missing something…

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Ryan took a deep breath, it was a fresh start, a new life to bounce his name around the world once again. Ryan could not help, but think about what his life was going to be after he activated the system. All those adventures and mighty fame he thought in his childhood would be a possibility now. The dream of sleeping in the sky, playing with the wind, and dancing with the water was possible now. He was excited to know what kind of system he got?

Ryan thought for a while and whispered to himself, “Status!”

Seeing nothing happened as he wished, he tried again, “system come out!”

But it didn’t work. ‘Was the system part, all a lie’ Ryan thought. He comforted himself by telling him that the system may take time to integrate with him. Even if it was a false statement, still it would get him a lot of courage. Ryan knew without Goldfinger, backup, or potential you were nothing more than an ant in a fantasy world. A few will watch you, everyone ignores you and forgets about you. if you are unlucky, some expert might kill you unknowingly.

As for luck, Ryan could say about it by looking at his house. He felt like he had lost all his luck in the previous world. He didn’t even inherit any memory of the body. He didn’t even know where the money was kept. He still had a gut feeling that he was missing something important.

He looked at himself in the water thinking about what he was missing. He focused on himself and looked into his eyes. he wanted to get familiar with the unknown face. Something just popped out of nowhere. It was a holographic window. Ryan smiled seeing it. This was his status.

Name: Ryan

Family: Leone

Rating: 0.25

Constitution: Foolish Righteous Thief

it was a status. Ryan saw the family name in the status, he wondered what it was. Ryan didn’t have a surname as he was born an orphan. He had learned everything himself in the world. He wondered why there was a family in his status. He knew if it was in his status, it was highly important to him. The rating in the status was a measuring instrument for strength or body power. He could check the rating before fighting anybody.

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The constitution was weird, the righteous were contradicting the thief. He wasn’t surprised that his constitution was that of a thief. Why was foolish in his constitution, he was not a fool. Ryan might have taken a foolish decision to get out of trouble safely but he wasn’t a fool! The theft was a thing Ryan was the best at. He wondered how he could use his constitution.


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