Ch20: The Temptation of power

In a tall building, it was a skyscraper. Leone was sitting on someone’s chair. It had a table in front of him. He was inside the cabin of some big shot. The full city can be seen behind him, there was glass behind him. Leone was wearing a suit and going through the files. It was Leone from the inside but outside he looked like someone else.

Leone had somehow taken the face of someone else. The files had details of every person who they suspected to be Ryan. Ryan wasn’t the first person who they transmigrated. Leone knew every time someone transmigrates, that person does not remember anything about the past of his new body. Therefore, he just needed to ask personal questions to every one of the suspects to be Ryan. he had followed the same plan but it was a waste because these spoiled brats didn’t even remember their father’s name properly.

It was impossible to tell who was faking it when no one knows anything about their own family or business. They were such spoiled brats. Their parents should die giving birth to such children and expect things from them. The door in front of him opened. Roseline walked in with another file with suspects of being Ryan. anything could say from looking at her face, there were no results.

“Looks like your plan failed” Roseline threw wood in Leone’s fire. Leone was already angry as he had lost a lot from transmigrating Ryan to his world and in return what did he get? Became a martial master from a martial grandmaster and sat over here, wasting time finding the thief?. Leone gave her a look hearing, she just mocked him. She saw his red eyes and didn’t dare to mock him again.

“We cannot find anything about Ryan, we need more information about him to get close to him” Roseline suggested.

“Spread the word, Leone is planning to get one of his men to shape-shift into their children and take control of their family. The shape-shifted person will surely not remember the past of the identity.” Leone orders.

“We will definitely find Ryan if we did that but not alive,” Roseline replied.

Leone threw the files in anger and the paper flew in the air due to the air conditioner. The room was filled with paper flying around it. Leone looked at Roseline and a deep breath flicked his finger. Every paper which was flying in the room burned without leaving trash. Roseline turned around and left the cabin. Leone didn’t have a choice; he quickly closed his eyes to get into a dream with Ryan to get some information about himself.

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Ryan opened his eyes. He found himself at the same place where he was killed and transmigrated by Leone. He went to the edge and looked at the surroundings of the preview world. It was his past now. It was exactly the same place but not as dark as it was. The place was just getting dark, it was dawn. Ryan was admiring the place and didn’t care about Leone. Leone passed beside him and stood to admire the view like Ryan. Anyone could tell he was faking his admiration just to get in the good books of Ryan.

“What is it that brought you here or should I ask why did you call me?” Ryan asked

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“I want you to steal a key for me. As for the payment, I will make you a martial warrior like this” Leone told.

Ryan looked at it when he heard ‘like this’. At the same time, he felt a power in his body. It was just a dream but the empowerment felt real. He was not going to get into Leone’s words. He had to check his real body to be sure whether it was true or not. If he accepts the fact that Leone could make him as strong as he wants. He was breaking the laws of the world. It was a heaven-defying power. Ryan was not going to believe there wasn’t a catch to the use of this power if this was true.

“If you can make me strong, you take my power too?” Ryan asked.

“I wish I could do it. There are some rules that I need to follow. Every bit of power that I gave you is subtracted from my power. It is not a reversible process.” Leone told Ryan. Leone was selling him the temptation for power.

“How can I believe you?” Ryan questioned. He quickly looked into his eyes as if he was trying to judge his words by the expressions on his face. Ryan was trying to check Leone’s status. He didn’t want to be careless in front of his enemy and remove his trump card. His trump card or card is hidden under his sleeve was that he could check others’ status. He had no intention of even giving a hint of it to his mortal enemy.


founder of the Leone family

Members: 7

Rating: 9,681

Constitution: Strategic Alpha of the worlds

Ryan remembered that Leone’s rating was 9,700 the last time he had seen his status. It has indeed reduced. but still, it was not clear if Leonie was telling the truth. But whether it was an entire truth or not. He had to find out.

Ryan had a rough idea that Leone wanted to know where Ryan was at present to send his men and kidnap Ryan. Ryan had already thought about the reason why Leone had transmigrated him to this world. It was mostly to get a good thief in his group or under him. Therefore, Leone was going to try his best to get Ryan under him anyhow.

Ryan wasn’t greedy. He did want to get strong but not by being someone’s slave. He had a mentor now, who was a grandmaster. There was no need to work for Leone or under him. Who knows if Leone was directly calling Ryan to his headquarters where all the transmigration under him would be ready to enslave Ryan? It was best to stay as far away from Leone as possible.


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