Ch21: Tricking Leone

Ryan was standing in front of Leone at the top of a building inside a dream. There was a little greed for power inside Ryan but he was not willing to take a big risk for it. What if he got caught by Leone and became a slave forever? The reason was he didn’t trust Leone. Ryan was not sure if he should believe Leone’s words again. Leone had broken his trust once but the next time he would not give such a chance or get depended on Leone. Once a liar, all ways a liar.

“Where is the place?” Ryan asked, pretending to be interested in the power given by Leone.

“You will find the grandmaster key inside the locker in the E-light group’s chairman’s office. The best time for the robbery would be the night as there would be no one at that time, Except for security guards no one will be there inside and around the building” Leone said, giving as much as possible. Leone had told everything except giving the address of the chairman’s office.

“And where will I find that place? What is the address?” Ryan asked once again, this time he emphasized the address part.

“E-light tower, it’s in the center of Cape” Leone replied politely.

“Cape?” Ryan acted to be perplexed.

“Cape City” Leone cleared the doubt.

“It will be impossible because I am not in Cape city and It won’t be possible for me to travel from one city to another city” Ryan was clear and direct to Leone.

There was silence in the atmosphere. Ryan had attacked the right spot, now that he was in another city in Leone’s mind. There was nothing that could be done. A few seconds later, Leone asked a question. “where are you at present?”

“Zulo city”

“If you want to rob in Zulo city, call me for assistance. I will be more than happy to help you out after we decide on my payment” Ryan said wholeheartedly.

Ryan who was watching Leone’s face would see the tension in his face. The price to find Ryan was too high. He cannot go without breaking through the grandmaster realm. Even if he breaks up. Going outside to find a city was not an easy thing. Leone could not do anything now.

Only the fact that he had truly lost the thief who was going to be an important member of my family. It was the first time ever, that he saw the stunned face of Leone. He was enjoying it, it was not the revenge he wanted to do. But it was fun as he showed his communication skills once again.

Leone spoke, “if you want to meet me over here in the future, think about this place and I will be there”

Ryan looked at his sad face. But before Ryan could say anything about it. He disappeared from the building top, from the dream.

Ryan woke up in the classroom. Lights were on in the classroom, he looked around no one was there except Max. The class was over a few minutes ago. Almost every professor had seen him sleeping in the classroom. The reputation that he wanted to make was gone on the first day itself. Half the class might have even given the title of a loser to him.

It will be a nightmare to step into the same class tomorrow. Ryan had slept the whole day after the first lecture. He didn’t want to be a sleeping beauty in the class. He felt a little shameful. But he had gotten out from Leone’s thoughts, released by now.

Ryan felt like Leone was going to leave him alone after this incident. So, it was worth it. He still felt like he had gotten powerful and his body was still getting used to the power. There was a slight numbness in his muscles. It was a sign that they were getting better and stronger. The muscles would not bulge or swell, they would just get stronger. Ryan looked at Max, his muscles were thin but ten times stronger than Ryan.

Ryan took his phone out to check his reflection on the phone; to check his status.


Family: Leone

Rating: 76

Constitution: Righteous Foolish Thief

Ryan had indeed gotten stronger, his rating had increased to 75. Leone can literally make him stronger whenever he wants. It was a great skill for a slave master. He can get many benefits from Leone if he manages to manipulate him. But it was not going to be an easy job. but he seriously needed to get powerful as soon as possible.

  After thinking out a hundred ways to use the constitutions, Ryan only remembers that he used the power of fool or it was just for show. No, he remembered he had used it against Leone on their first meet. But he knew nothing about the foolish constitutions.

Ryan’s righteous constitution was more like someone cursed him. Ryan smiled at Max after looking at his status. He had gotten stronger again. Ryan didn’t check Max’s status to not get disappointed seeing a triple-digit rating.

‘It’s time to rob the rich.’ he thought and got up to leave the classroom. Ryan was already waiting for the night.  He was going to rob quite a few people today, he had made his mind.

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But before they could leave the classroom. A message popped on their phone, it was from an unknown number but they knew who it was. The Dean had called them to meet in front of combat building 10.

There was no time mentioned in the message, meaning they need the combat building as fast as possible. The Dean may be waiting for them in front of the building. Ryan and Max looked at each other for a second until they checked that they both got the same message and started running. “It is the last building on the campus, 7 km away.”


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