Ch3: A hidden Expert!?

Ryan could tell that rating was a measuring instrument for strength or body power. He was just starting in this world therefore, he was going to be the weakest person alive. Ryan was born an orphan and had to learn to live in the world alone.

Even today, if he remembered his past, it was not easy to survive in a purpose-driven world. No one would bounce a food grain on him without any purpose. He remembers how many times he had to fight for his life and not just for food. Ryan doubted Leone was the name of the past owner of the body. If this name was in his status it was far more than just a name.

He hardly knew anything about the world. But whatever it was, it would surely come forward in the future. The rest of the things on the status were common in fantasy books. He felt like he had heard the name somewhere before. it was familiar to him. Ryan recalled something…

When he was standing in front of the mysterious man in the previous world….. The last time when he met the mysterious man and he had paid the amount and asked for immortality. Ryan clearly remembered the scene in his mind. he recalled every word the mysterious man said.

Mysterious man:

“Have you made up your mind, young man?”

“Do you want to exchange the wealth of your lifetime in exchange for immortality?”

Ryan nodded.

“Very well, I shall give you a chance to gain immortality”

Ryan understood, the mysterious man was trying to trick him. Ryan had offered money to get immortality not a chance to get immortality. there was a difference in sky and ocean between them.

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Ryan argued, “this was not our deal, you had promised immortality”

But the mysterious man didn’t give him a face. The Mysterious man smiled.

“You reap what you sow”

Ryan felt a pain in his heart, he could not just let his earnings of a lifetime be destroyed like this. He scrawled at the mysterious man. There was no way he was letting the mysterious man off. Ryan wanted to run and grab his collar but he felt like his body was getting heavy. Ryan had made up his mind to take revenge on the mysterious man.

The mysterious man laughed,

“Stay alive, if you want to find me again, Leone is my name”

Ryan felt his consciousness sucked by some force. He could not control his body and his eyes went heavy. Ryan felt that he was losing control over his body but there was nothing he could do. He lost consciousness.

Ryan was back in his senses after the flashback. There was anger in his eyes. Now, he understood why he was broke. Leone was actually the mysterious guy’s name. As Leone is the one who transmigrated him, Ryan got his name. He recalled the laughter of leone when he scrawled at him. Leone wasn’t a normal figure in this world, normal figures do not transmigrate people from one world to another.

He promised himself that he will pay Leone back ten times his suffering. Ryan was able to guess that he had many brothers and sisters who were going to come for his head soon. Ryan was relieved that at least he was alive at present which meant either Leone was careless or he didn’t take Ryan as a problem. As much as Ryan knew the mysterious man, it was surely the second option. Leone didn’t think Ryan to be a potential thone in his life. It was good for Ryan. The more time he gets to prepare and get stronger, the better.

Ryan was not feeling good in his body, he was going to make it light and suitable for him. The only way he could do it was by working out. Ryan took a step back and started practicing punches in the air. He was unfamiliar with his new body. He needed to build an agile body. This new body was tight as hell.

The last owner never worked out in his lifetime. If he wants to be fast in his body, he needs to make his body light and swift. There was even a punching bag to practice punching, he had practiced by fighting the air. Ryan tried his best punch and made them better by increasing the momentum and speed of the punches. Ryan trained himself til his hands started aching.

Ryan took a deep breath and started looking around the house for money. He needed money to survive. The worst thing was he didn’t have any information about the world. He just knew that it was a fantasy world. Ryan went for hours, he literally shook and looked every corner and didn’t find a single coin. Ryan just couldn’t believe he was this broke. A day ago, he was the richest man on earth and now a penniless man in the bookish world. He stepped outside his house, he wished that the beggar doesn’t capture and snatch his house when he is away.

“Lit’ Ryan”

Ryan heard someone calling from behind, he turned to look at the shopkeeper. He was happy that someone knew him. It was just a small shop in the corner of the slum. Finally, someone knew him, he could take out information from his shopkeeper. When he went to the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper handed him a pile of cash. He was stunned for a second and then realized it was the rent for the month. The shop actually belongs to him. Ryan started buttering and flattering the shopkeeper to get the maximum information out of his mouth. The son of the branch head of the Upperman gym had scared Ryan and taken his money last time. The shopkeeper asked him to be careful.

The Upperman’s gym was one of the smallest gyms in cape city and the only gym in the slums. Cape city was the biggest city where the humans were able to capture and develop and resist the monsters. There were other cities with humans living inside them. Cape city was the strongest in terms of strength.

The strongest martial artist of humanity lived over here. Upperman was a small gym with only three branches and had only made a gym in the slums to snatch money from poor people by showing them big dreams.

Syren use to bully and constantly targeted Ryan as he was the richest in the slum. Ryan could not help but laugh at this because he was still a rich man but in the slums.  Since his state had become like this because of Syren, Ryan was not going to leave him just like that. If they were martial artists, maybe there was a reason to get scared. Ryan could tell from the shop keepers words that Syren was just hiding under his father and wasn’t strong.

Ryan still needed a way to get stronger before crushing his first enemy. Syren was a martial apprentice. Ryan had no idea about martial ranks but the shopkeeper told him that it was the first rank that a martial artist would reach. Ryan needed to find a way to get stronger to face the punk. Ryan was actually a rich young man from an unknown place. He had stepped inside the town a year ago and brought a shop in the place. He tried asking about the constitution but the shopkeeper knew nothing about it.

Ryan also released something about his power. He could only look at status by staring into someone’s eyes. This power also works in non-living beings. It was basically Ryan’s encyclopedia. He checked many people’s status, and family and constitutions weren’t common at all. Ryan didn’t find one person with a constitution and family. Everyone, he saw had a rating of 0.4 to 0.75, the people were actually stronger than Ryan. Most of the people had ratings higher than 0.40 and lower than 0.75.

Ryan didn’t waste time after collecting money. He brought a big black coat to cover him up and a wooden sword to start practicing swordsmanship. He saw the same beggar standing in the same position. Ryan felt like something was wrong with his past experience. He was ready to hit the beggar with a sword and scare him away. He hid his face so the beggar doesn’t recognize him. He didn’t want to be troubled by the cops on a beggar’s complaint.

He came closer to the beggar with the wooden sword in one hand. The beggar was sitting and resting his back on the small hill. Above the small hill was Ryan’s house. Ryan felt like the person was not alive. “Go away from here,” Ryan asked politely. There was no reply from the beggar. Ryan felt pity for the person considering him dead. He was to move the body. “died in vain” he said this line aloud and in pity of the poor soul.

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Ah? Ryan took a step back in surprise.

The beggar stood up but didn’t show his face. The beggar replied, “you don’t like you are from this world.”

Ryan took a few steps back and didn’t understand what just happened. He stepped behind, the beggar had just seen through him. Ryan wished to see through the disguises of the expert. But he rather felt danger from the beggar and ran away. He took another route to his house and quickly peeped from his window to check on the beggar. He was very curious to know why an expert was sitting on a road. If the expert didn’t disclose the fact that he was transmigrated, he wouldn’t know the beggar was an expert.


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