Ch5: Did he directly mess with the main villain of the world?

The dream shattered and Ryan found himself in the broken house. It was early in the morning. He woke up and wanted to check the martial arts groups. He had no idea what 1 unit in the rating represents. He had a guess but he was still not clear about it. He looked at himself in the mirror and checked his status.

It was the same as yesterday, but he saw a little change in rating. Ryan recalled Leone’s 9,700 rating but he didn’t know cultivation ranks and their relation to Rating. Ryan still thought 1 rating represents the power of a common man, it was just a guess. Ryan had checked his rating, it had increased from yesterday. The rating is 0.27. Ryan wondered why it had increased.

Ryan remembered what Leone told he needed to follow his constitution to increase his rating. But he didn’t rob yesterday. He recalled and understood, that it was his foolishness. He had given a foolish reply to Leone. Ryan had already offended an expert on his first day. He wondered what he would do in the second.

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He noticed the puppet was still there in the exact spot where it should be. Ryan ignored it as if it wasn’t there. He had to learn the secret code to step inside the base. Ryan wondered why no one else noticed that a beggar was begging in a deserted area of Cape city. The strongest humans of humanity should be able to look at it. They should even destroy and finish the evil moon gang.

It will not only be in the best favor of the city, but even they will have less trouble in the future. Ryan had read in novels, mostly the leader of such organizations created a lot of trouble for the city and its people. The next generation of leaders would be more cruel and evil-minded, they would even plan with the demons and monsters and betray humanity or dream about ruling the civilization of humans.

Cape city was the biggest city of humans in the world. He lived in the slums which was a tiny fraction of the city, where the poorest people of Cape city lived. He did observe that everyone was wearing modern clothes. The marketplace in the town was busy and filled with customers. Seeing the shops full of spices, Ryan wondered what the predecessor self would eat and survive on. There wasn’t a gas stove at his home.

He didn’t find a single penny lying around. He got random stares while walking in the market. It felt weird. Ryan looked at their status, they all were common people. Ryan expected martial strength from the wrong person. They hardly survive on day-to-day work.

He saw a huge gate with a board of Upperman gym. It was the only group of martial arts enthusiasts in the town. Ryan could have all the valuable information needed to get started on the journey to strength. The Upperman gym had a big chunk of land under them. Ryan felt like he would get lost inside the gym. He glanced at the people training at the gym and saw their status. Many of them had ratings of 0.99 and were going to break out soon. He saw a crowd was going in a direction, he quickly joined in.

They were heading towards the arena. Ryan went and took a seat to enjoy the fights going on in the arena. He even found a lot of chit-chatting martial disciples. He sat with them and started listening to their conversation. Ryan didn’t see any use of abilities or cultivation arts. But the fights had monstrous strength. He could not believe they could have such strength with a rating below 2. Ryan could not help but think about Leone, what kind of strength would he have?

Ryan looked around the arena to search for strong ratings. His eyes stopped looking at one white hair man. The old man had a rating of 13. He was the head of this branch. Ryan could see his biceps from his seat. He didn’t find one person with the constitution in the martial gym. He got to know about the martial ranks by going to the gym, thanks to his neighbors in the arena. The head of the martial gym was a martial disciple. He was 10 times stronger than a martial apprentice.

Martial arts ranks were. martial apprentice, martial disciple, martial warrior, martial master, and master grandmaster. Ryan also got to know that except for martial disciple rank, each rank was stronger by 10 times than its predecessor. Ryan could only gulp his saliva thinking about Leone’s strength. Leone was surely one of the strongest human experts. He calculated with his rating, that Leone was actually a martial arts master. He was going to break through very soon. Did he directly mess with the main villain of the world?

As Ryan was looking at everyone, He saw Syren, he had a rating of 1.5. He was not the strongest but the most influential person in the gym. No one would mess with him as his dad was the branch head. Ryan was actually getting idealized by the strength and fitness of the dad. Ryan didn’t want to show his face to Syren right now. It would only create trouble for him. Showing his face now would only get him beatings and even injuries.

Ryan tried his best to hide in the crowd and not show his face. He needed to hide and run away for the time being. But there will be a day when they will switch positions. Ryan had no reason to leave Syren alone or forgive him. he was going to make him pay. One day, Syren will hide from coming into Ryan’s eyes.

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