Ch6: Constitutions are scary

Ryan quietly moved away and he turned back to return. It was not easy to walk as a crowd was gathering to get into the arena. He stumbled upon someone, Ryan looked at the face of the person and frowned. He looked at the familiar face and could only blame himself for his bad luck. Syren was standing in front of him, there were men blocking the way.

He needed to get out of here. Before He could say a word, Ryan was pushed backward, He fell to the ground. At that moment, the crowd had gathered around Ryan and formed a circle. Everyone knew who Syren was and no one dared to help the richest man in the slum. The circle started attracting the attention of the arena and crowd.

Soon, Every eyeball was staring at Ryan. Ryan didn’t want to do anything foolish and quietly got up. He was sure now, that he had kept all his luck in the last world and came here empty-handed. He was calm and had already faced a worse situation than this.

“How dare a mere bug like you touch young master, Syren?” A side role shouted.

“Beat him and not let him see the sun for a year”

“Who does he think he is, kill him?” Another side role shouted.

Ryan quickly bowed his head, “Please forgive me young master, Syren”

There was a silence filled in the air. Ryan was smart, he knew however strong or influential Syren was. He just cannot be the devil in front of the crowd. This was not the slum, but the Upperman’s gym. As the son of the branch head, even if he took a chance to kill him just for touching or stumbling upon himself is unreasonable.

Syren may be a fool, but his father wasn’t one. If Syren tried to kill him over here, it would create a negative reputation in the slum, and also the image of Upperman’s gym would be damaged. Ryan could only hope it works.

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Syren came forward, “I am not letting you go off today, this is not the first time you but it will be the last.” Syren walked towards Ryan. Ryan cursed in his heart. This person was a hypocrite and he had underestimated Syren. This person was not as dumb as he expected him to be.

There was nothing Ryan could do except for getting beaten. Ryan knew the reality, it is not always like the bookish way. He was not going to act high and mighty and worsen the situation.  Syren was about to punch him. Someone held his hand.

Ryan moved his eyes and saw the first constitution in status in real life. This person was a young member of the Upperman’s gym. He was a senior-level disciple from his clothes. A slim body, big hair, and a daring pair of eyes were his physical traits.

Max Altoz

Rating: 185

Constitution: Life swearing righteous man

Ryan understood why Max stood for him. The answer was simple, it was because of the righteous tag in the constitution. Ryan felt a spark of righteousness inside him. Ryan took time to realize that Max was actually stronger than the Gym head. This person was a martial warrior. Max was hiding his strength for some reason. Ryan was interested in Max. There is no way he would be a senior disciple with such strength in a lowly gym.

“Bullying on the weak ones does not show your might.”

Max pushed Syren backward. Everyone knew Max was one of the elite martial disciples of the gym. even if Syren’s father was the head of the gym, he would not make enemies with Max. Nor did Syren didn’t attend to fight back. He walked in another direction without saying anything. In a few seconds, the crowd was dispersed by Max.

Ryan quietly walked away feeling the intense tension and severity of the situation. Ryan could feel a good bond with Max as they were made to be close and good friends. It was because of the constitution. Righteous people would have a big advantage to make a group of themselves. It would become easy to exterminate evil together. Anyway, Ryan was going to fight the evil one day or the other.

Ryan realized something. It was the constitution that was making righteous thoughts in his mind. He was actually thinking about making a team with Max. He had always been a lone wolf and suddenly he was thinking about making a group and destroying evil.

The righteous constitution influenced his mind. It was changing the fundamental principles which he made during his life on earth. Ryan didn’t say a word to Max and ran out of the gym. He was awestruck by the scary power of the righteous constitution. Constitutions are scary.

Max, who had just saved a young man, was looking in the direction the young boy had run. Max didn’t want to save the young boy but he felt the young boy was familiar to him somehow. He felt like building a team with the young boy for some reason. But that young boy would not even protect himself. He didn’t understand what was going on with him.

There was only one place he could go to find his answers. It was the center of the city. Max made up his mind to leave the gym tonight and go to the center of cape city. Still, he could not move his eyeballs from the direction in which the young boy ran. He frowned and got into practicing and improving again.

In the cabin, Syren was standing in front of his father. Syren’s father was angry at him for damaging his reputation and creating a scene in the gym. The gym head shouted, “you can’t take care of a single person. Who told you to do it in public? You have damaged my reputation. I can not deal with Max but I will definitely kill that young one. What’s his name?”

Syren: “Ryan”

Syren had an evil smile on his face. Now that his father was taking control of the situation. Ryan will soon disappear from the slum. Syren will spread a few rumors that he killed and threw his body away.

Ryan had no idea what planning was going on behind his back. He was busy making himself a plan. He brought a thin threat and a few black paper glasses and went home. It was unknown what Ryan was thinking. After getting a rough idea of where he stands in the world. He started preparing a plan to rob the base under his house. Ryan understood why he was a foolish thief in his constitution. Only a foolish human would even think of robbing a place that had a martial master as a guard of the base.

Ryan was practicing punching in the air, he needed to become fit and swift to be a good thief. He was feeling better with a day’s practice but it was not enough. A commoner couldn’t have such improvement, Ryan guesses it was because of his constitution. Plus, he knew how to stretch the right way.

Ryan kept working out, no matter how strong he got without the right technique he would definitely lose in front of the lions and tigers of the martial world. He tried his best and stretched every bit of muscle he could. Till he was tired and his muscles ache not his hands this time.


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