Chapter 10

“What the hell are you talking about, as if you’ve never done this job before! Hellcat!”

Stairmount re-reads the words on the electric screen one by one, to double-check that he has read them correctly. But no matter how many times he has read it, it turns out that he has read it right:

Project of Chrono Organization: Sapphire Genocide Project

Neptune has threatened the security of the whole Planet by boldly invading Pluto. They are challenging all countries of the Nature Continent, especially Jupiter. If they succeed, they will be able to establish a new order, and our nation will be created as a loser in that new order. Therefore, we must not let them succeed. For this project, Chrono Organization plays an important role to ensure that Neptune will never succeed.

The reason why Sapphire Genocide Project is urgent to be implemented is because Sapphire is inhabited mostly by Neptunian Ethnics, and from the results of top intelligence monitoring, Neptune intends to invade Sapphire by supporting the Sapphire separatist group. Neptune’s act has provoked Plutonians’ anger which leads to hatred against the Neptunian-Plutonian, the hatred is doubled because Neptune has invaded their country. Therefore, for the purpose of helping Pluto who has been invaded by Neptune, we plan to gather all Neptunian-Plutonians who domicile in Sapphire to be exterminated. You can do everything in the process, you just should make it very sadistic and brutal. Because the remarkable point is this: After they have been exterminated, we will collect their bodies and put them in the territories Neptune has just occupied. Then we will announce to the world that Neptune has slaughtered everyone in the area they have conquered. No one will ever know that they are Neptunian corpses and not the Plutonians since they possess the same genes. We will show the whole planet; That this is what will happen if they choose to follow Neptune. Neptune will be performed as a vile, barbaric country that likes to execute its prisoners of war very brutally. Killing two birds with one stone. We will weaken the separatists’ power, we will help Pluto, and we will bring down Neptune’s prestige in the eyes of the international community. Thence, Neptune will fail miserably in this invasion for sure, and they will be expelled from Pluto soon afterward. We have helped to avenge the Plutonians for Neptune who has invaded their country. We will become heroes, the peacekeepers of the Planet.

The project will start a week later. Get ready, lobby the government, collect the names of the people listed in the contacts below, cooperate with Pluto’s government people to collect them, and then, at the appointed area, have them exterminated.

List of the contact names:


How can Stairmount not be trapped in such a shock? Because as he comes to the list, he sees that name:

73. Daphne Yalle.

Stairmount flickers. His hands are trembling violently.

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“Hey, why are you dumbfounded like that?! Come on, lobby the government! And gather the people listed in the contact! Our time is limited!” The fierce man gives a rough thud. “Only you who can speak Plutonian language! If only I were fluent in Plutonian, I would have done it by myself instead of depending on such a turtle like you!”

“Sir… may… may we postpone this project?…”

Finally, Stairmount manages to rally his courage to speak out about the request. In fact, he is very afraid of doing it, because he knows, the reply to his request is not necessarily approval, but instead, this rudeness.

THWATCK! The fierce man punches Stairmount straight in the face. But even though his first punch has been able to drain the blood from Stairmount’s lips, he still feels dissatisfied. He punches Stairmount again, and again. Until Stairmount sways as he can’t withstand the blow, and thus falls onto the ground.

Still feeling not enough, the fierce man kicks Stairmount violently. Then screams.

“F*ck, who do you think you are?! The supreme commander, who has the right to cancel any orders? I tell you, even the highest commanders can’t cancel every order like an asshole! As the personnel of Chrono, we’ve sworn to do whatever we’re told without much fuss. We have entered into this agreement, how dare you make a dispute right now?! Sh*t, all words coming from the Lismesan people are all no more than a lie! But why do they send such a person like you to attend this crucial operation… sh*t!”

“After all, we’re also doing this for righteousness. Neptune has invaded Pluto arbitrarily, then why do the Neptunians still live happily by enjoying the misery of the locals?” The sly-faced man snorts.

“I just… mean…”

“Say more, and I’ll kill you!” The fierce man kicks Stairmount again. “Don’t be arrogant! After Neptune loses, Saturn will become the next vanquished! If you still want to boast, I’ll make sure that you will be the first to die at that time!”

Stairmount can’t stand for the pain anymore, and he is feared of the threat growled by the fierce man that he will kill him if he still dares to make any argument. In the end, he shuts his mouth in silence, and grits his teeth in anger.

The fierce Jupitune man then spits, his splatter of saliva falls right on top of Stairmount’s head. And besides, it also splashes onto a laser pen which was still displaying the electric screen in the air, while Stairmount keeps observing it with a stiff expression like a statue.

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