Chapter 16

The night is getting late, the winter air becomes much colder. The silence of nature which is sleeping solemnly seems to freeze their whole bones. The black-pitch night still leaves a bit of light irradiated from the twinkling stars, it accompanies a few of the creatures beneath who are still awake.

Daphne, Mrs. Yalle, and Stairmount are now sitting while staring at the gloomy valley, which would have looked very beautiful in the day, but the darkness of the night has now taken everything from it away. After the relatively short introductions and pleasantries, Daphne and Mrs. Yalle are now waiting to hear what Stairmount is about to say.

“I really apologize, I didn’t tell you about it all. But this is the consequence of being personnel of a secret elite organization, as my real job is different from my undercover identity. Actually, I am not a newcomer to Sapphire, but I have worked at Pluto for about four years…”

When they offered him that job which would assign him at Pluto, Stairmount was only a twenty-three-year-old young man. But he is a highly-intelligent person, and a very-diligent student as well. Genius plus tenacity, Stairmount was successfully accepted at Millennium University – the most prestigious university on the entire Planet for biology and medical majors. He was majoring in biotechnology for undergraduate study, then managed to get a scholarship to continue his master’s education in Biomedical science. According to Millennium University’s requirements, the duration of study for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees is six years, but Stairmount could complete it all in only five years. More astonishing, he became one of the three best graduates – whereas the other two alma maters completed their education at an ordinary stage, not through acceleration part like him. Oh, one more fantastic thing, Stairmount also took another degree – pharmaceutical master degree. So that he graduated with a double major in biomedical science and pharmaceutical science. It soon led all lecturers to be astounded by Stairmount’s cleverness, as though they had found an extraordinary treasure. The Chancellor of the university even called Stairmount in person to his private office.

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“Excellent! The government is indeed looking for talented young people like you.” The Chancellor shook Stairmount’s hand tightly.

Stairmount smiled respectfully. “Thank you very much, Chancellor. I can gain this achievement, all thanks to the help of my kind lecturers.”

Finding Stairmount who is not only very smart, but also possesses a handsome face, as well as is very polite and humble, the Chancellor who liked someone with an appealing appearance soon liked him even more. He laughed aloud, even patting the Stairmount on the shoulder happily. Stairmount’s heart sang cheerfully. The Chancellor liked him, everybody liked him, they would definitely give him a job with high status and great pay.

And it just got real. Less than a week, they gave him that offer.

“Well, here The Gifted Boy is, Sirs.” With a proud tone, the Chancellor introduced Stairmount to several men. “He’s only 23 years old, but his intelligence has surpassed the ordinary persons who are even much older than him.”

Smiling politely, Stairmount nodded respectfully, “Nice to meet you, Sirs.”

The elegantly-dressed men studied Stairmount very closely, and for a long time. Their observation made Stairmount really nervous and, at some point, scared.

A man tapped his fingers. “Not only very smart, but this kid is also polite, handsome, and pleasant-looking. Hey, Stones isn’t capable to accept the position because he is out of qualifications. What if we let this kid replace him?”

The question immediately provoked the other men to reply intensely. “But Stones has 20 years of experience in that field and he still can’t stand the stress of the workload. And this kid is too young, also inexperienced…”

“As far as I know, Lismesan kids are more determined and persistent in doing tough jobs. Then why don’t we give him a try?”

Taking his colleagues’ silence as approval, the man dressing in the most elegant suit asked, “Okay Dude, are you willing to work as the personnel of Chrono Organization for the medical sector, who will later be assigned in the pathogenology laboratory in Pluto?”

Stairmount’s eyes widened “Chro… Chrono Organization?…”

“Yes, Dude. Let us introduce ourselves, we are from Chrono, and indeed are looking for very talented medical experts like you. Speak honestly, we lack human resources to be assigned in this sector, the human resources are so rare it forces us to almost recruit foreigners, but evidently, we have the human resource from our own country, of course, this is a piece of very good news for us.”

“Ah… eeer…”

“Why do you perform such a look, Dude? Are you so surprised since you can immediately be accepted into a prestigious institution without having to go through a rigorous selection? Hey, I’ll tell you, this isn’t a dream!”

“Well… yes… thank you very much, Sir!”

Stairmount did look like a dumbfounded man at that time. But when he returned home, he was so euphoric like a psycho. And in fact, he was really eager to inform this news to his parents as fast as he could, he just had to postpone it since the distance between his home and Millennium University are very far.

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