A Dangerous Wave

“Carry her. Follow me!”

Jacob quickly said to Bob.

He rushed forward while dodging the oncoming arrows with his superior agility. He deflected those he couldn’t avoid with his bronze sword. The goblins didn’t remain still like idiots. They kept walking backward and deeper into the forest. Jacob hesitated for an instant upon seeing this. He didn’t want to follow them inside. But as he looked at the big guy carrying Sumei who had a traumatized face, he made up his mind.

‘These goblins sullied Sumei’s pure eyes! How can she ever recover from this? I have to make them pay! Especially these female goblins who caused this tragedy!’

He used his maximum strength and ran forward, leaving Bob in the dust. Jacob had a hard time controlling his strength and even fell down a few times. But luckily, the arrows didn’t hit him. By now, they were already about 50 meters into the forest. Jacob knew he had to take the two goblins out.

He reached within 10 meters of them and narrowed his eyes. He threw his bronze sword like a spear and hit the chest of a goblin.

“Tch. I missed.” Jacob shook his head.

While the other goblin was shocked at its companion’s death, he reached her and punched her skull. It exploded, releasing brain matter and other substances. There were, of course, cleaner ways to end its life. But Jacob didn’t want to touch it with his fingers. Of course, he immediately used nearby giant leaves and wiped himself off. Even though he looked like a barbarian surviving in the wilderness, he at least didn’t reek of brain matter.

Bob looked at the two goblins and at Jacob and remained silent. Jacob looked away with some guilt. He had called Bob so that each person could attack a goblin. Bob could even carry Sumei as she was light and still fight properly. But he had done all the work, and it looked like Bob had come for nothing.

But as he was about to apologize, the sound of a bowstring being released rang. Jacob’s heart dropped as his back felt a sharp force. It easily ripped through his leather armor and pierced through his body and came out his front. He groaned, but quickly took cover behind the tree ahead of him. He looked around to find Bob and saw he had already taken cover behind an adjacent tree.

The arrow had pierced through his back and came out of his left chest. It had narrowly avoided his heart, but had pierced his lungs.


Jacob grunted as he broke the two ends of the arrow with his hands. He didn’t want to remove the arrow and have difficulty breathing.

“Dammit!” He cursed. He sneaked a peek. There were ten goblins walk toward them with short daggers. But the archers were not visible. He knew this would be a tough battle.

“I don’t believe I’ll be defeated by this scum even after I’m clearly stronger than them!”

He remembered the levels above their heads. The strongest among them were three goblins at level 7, and the rest hovered between 5 and 6. He was unsure about the strength of the goblin archers, but figured they would be about the same.

Jacob looked at Bob’s position and noticed Sumei was already back to her senses. She was mentally stronger than he thought and was discussing something with Bob. When Jacob snapped his finger, she looked at him. He pointed at his arm and made a swiping motion with his finger, then pointed to his sword. Her eyes brightened, and she nodded.

Jacob tried to ignore the pain in his chest that attacked him with each breath and narrowed his eyes. He took a quick look and saw the three strongest goblins were in the lead and were only about 5 meters away. They were looking around carefully while walking forward.

Jacob held his clenched fist in the view of his teammates. He opened one finger, then two, and at three, he rushed out. The goblins in the lead pointed at him and started ordering their subordinates. But Jacob had already reached them, made a slight cut on their bodies and had entered the group.

The goblins would not take this lying down. They immediately jumped at him. Some goblins tried to bite him while others swung their daggers. Jacob took 2 hits on his thighs and fortunately, it only damaged his armor. Within 15 seconds, he had already made cuts on 12 goblins. His teammates kept the three strongest goblins occupied. But he could see they were having a hard time.

Bob was already bleeding from his thighs. The little green monsters rushed around him while trying to stab him. Sumei was in a worse condition. Her opponent carried a club, and it was taking all her energy just to parry its attacks. A single hit would seriously injure her and this kept her on her toes.

“I’m here!” Jacob announced while reaching the strongest goblins. By now, their speed had clearly declined. The other goblins already had difficulty walking. But these goblins could still pack a punch.

‘Seems like the stronger the level, the weaker the effect. My poison was enough to instantly paralyze those scorpions. But every monster here is taking its sweet time to get paralyzed.’

Jacob felt worried. He obviously had more poison potions, but they were all level 1 and 2. He felt even reapplying the potions on his sword would not make a difference. But he quickly snapped out of his thoughts and returned to battle. In a few swings, three heads rolled on the ground.

[Level Up!]

It was Jacob’s strength that held an overwhelming advantage in battle. Even without trained techniques, he could still defeat his enemies. But he knew he had many shortcomings he had to address. But now, it was time to take care of the…

“Archers! Take cover!” Sumei screamed. The other two rushed back behind the trees. This time, Sumei had come with Jacob while Bob occupied a tree alone.

“How many did you see?” Jacob quietly asked.

Sumei showed five of her fingers and then used sign language to pass on this message to Bob. Jacob looked at his chest and realized the pain was getting unbearable. It was like something was squeezing him and he felt suffocated. He then remembered.

‘Sh*t! These are the same goblin archers who ambushed Sumei! Their arrows have some poison!’

For the first time, Jacob felt the taste of his own medicine. All along, he was happily spreading the love of poison while letting his enemies embrace death. But karma was quick to attack and gave him the same treatment.

Jacob knew he was in deep trouble. The only reason he was confident so far was because he could use the monsters here to increase his strength. Bob and Sumei didn’t know, but even experienced hunters would struggle in this dungeon. Perter knew this as a hunter, so he forbade his son from seeking death.

Jacob thought of the only variable at the moment. He thought of his inventory. His eyes glanced at the unopened random box he received back at Mr. Adam’s office before they set out to this place.

‘Please! Whatever god is hearing me, please give me something useful to reverse this situation!’

He opened it. The box vanished and in its place lay a familiar object. Jacob’s hope nearly cracked like glass, but he still checked its description.

[Item: Quick Acting Band Aid]

A quick acting band aid to patch up small wounds quickly.

His eyes shone as he quickly put his hand in his pocket. A small portal opened and he took out the band aid from it. Even in such a dire situation, he didn’t want to expose his inventory.

The band aid didn’t have any company label and seemed pretty unremarkable. If not for the fact that he knew this came out of a random box, Jacob would have taken it as a common store sold item.

His leather armor was already torn at the site of his wound. So he used his bronze sword to tear open a slightly bigger hole in his armor. He then simply removed the torn cloth and blood clots from it and winced at the pain. In the next moment, the front of his chest had a new band aid stuck to it.

Jacob felt an immense urge to itch at the spot of the band aid. He had to use immense willpower to stop himself, but his twisted face exposed the pain he was feeling. Sumei noticed his twitching face and quietly asked, “What’s wrong?”

He ignored her question, as he couldn’t really respond. The feeling of wanting to scratch the intense itch but being unable to scratch it was horrible!

Jacob knew if he gave in to his desires, he would not have any hope of reversing this situation. But as 30 seconds passed since he put the band aid, a miracle happened!

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