I Leveled Up

[The following rewards are available.]

Reward 1. Three additional Stat points

Reward 2. One random box

Reward 3. XP from defeated enemies

[Would you like to collect them all?]


Jacob’s sleepiness had decreased by now. But now, it evaporated.

“What do you mean by XP?” he questioned. But as usual, there was nobody to answer him. But he was not completely clueless.

“Yes, I accept.”

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

Two notifications popped up, and Jacob’s lips curved up. He opened his status screen.

[Status Window]

Name: Jacob Maxwell

Level: 3

Class: None

Title: None

HP: 100

MP: 10

Tiredness: 0


Strength: 18

Stamina: 12

Agility: 12

Intelligence: 12

Perception: 12

(Available points to distribute: 3)


Passive skills:

– (Unknown) Lv. Max

– Tenacity Lv. 2

Active skills:

– Dash Lv. 1

“Wow!” His level had truly changed!

Jacob noticed that each level up added one point to each of his stats. He was mildly disappointed it could not be manually decided. But he felt this way was fine and his foundation would be solid.

So far, he was moving towards a melee class, so Jacob directly added points to his melee stats. But this time, he didn’t dump it in strength.


Strength: 20

Stamina: 13

Agility: 12

Intelligence: 12

Perception: 12

(Available points to distribute: 0)

His low stamina while running had nearly caused his death many times back in the Penalty Zone. He felt Tenacity was the reason he survived this time. But when he looked at Dash, he felt like slapping himself.

“Why the heck didn’t I use this?” Jacob felt stupid. He reflected on his mistake for a minute and decided he would not take his system for granted.

“I’ll make the best use of this opportunity to get stronger.” He made a promise to himself.

Since his passive skill had upgraded, he was curious about its effect and clicked on it.

[Skill: Tenacity Lv. 2]

Type: Passive

Cost: None

You possess untiring tenacity. When your stamina drops below 12%, this skill will automatically activate. It will reduce all damage received by 50%.

“Looks like as I use this skill more and more, it will level up and its effects will increase.” Jacob concluded after seeing the 10% stamina trigger increase to 12%. Even though it was only a difference of 2%, he didn’t take it lightly.

“This is just level two. What if it became level five or ten? Won’t it become a lifesaving skill at that point? Of course, it has already saved me plenty of times.”

It especially delighted Jacob that even the skills he got had room for growth. It appeared his system wanted him to grow in all aspects. He opened his last reward that was deposited in his inventory.

[Random Box]

“Let’s see what will pop out this time.”

He clicked it and looked at the question present below it.

[Do you want to open it?]

“Yes, open it.”

The box vanished. In its place lay an ancient looking key. He opened its description.

[Item: Dungeon Key (E)]

A key that transfers you to an instant dungeon.

“Huh?” Jacob’s confused voice rang in his silent room. He could not believe his eyes. Did he transmigrate in a different world or into a game?

“Are you kidding me?” he questioned. But by now, he already knew it was pointless to ask these questions. Along with his acceptance of this new absurd item came the rise of immense curiosity.

“Where is all this coming from?”


“Darling… Today, I slapped Jacob for the first time.”

Peter sat on the bed near Kate. He looked at her peaceful face and his heart ached. He dearly wished for her to wake up, for them to go back to being a happy family. But… that single incident had ruined everything.


Peter grit his teeth but sighed. Every once in a while, he would talk to his wife, even though he knew she could not hear him and wouldn’t respond.

“I know I cannot beat him. I won’t throw my life away.”

He stayed silent for a moment.

“But what do I do about Jacob? I snapped and told him to take the written exam and give up any hope of being a hunter. But… do I really want that for him?”

He wanted answers tonight. But there was no one to help him. Of course, he saw the rift develop between Ruby and Jacob over the years. But he had chosen to save her instead of his wife that night. When he saw his wife in the hospital that night, he had promised to take good care of Ruby.

“But my indulgence has made her go too far, and Jacob doesn’t even get angry at her. Maybe he’s okay with her behavior towards him?” Peter was unsure.

“So, what should I do about Jacob’s desire to become a hunter? It’s not an easy life.”

After a few more minutes of contemplation, he deeply exhaled and made a tough decision. He took a potion from his pocket and opened Kate’s lips. The clear contents of the potion dripped down Kate’s throat as he shared his choice.

“I’m already crippled. There’s no chance I can recover with our financial situation. I don’t want to cripple him with my own hands.”

Peter looked at his missing leg and sighed again.

“I see the hatred in that boy’s eyes. He’s also somehow gotten stronger recently. Maybe… maybe he can do it. He might just be able to finish Ben Lawson, that ba*tard who took everything from us.”

Peter decided to give his son a chance if his mana poisoned body was not threatening his life anymore. He knew it was dangerous for someone with a mana poisoned body to become a hunter. Mana would enter their body as they did dungeon diving or drank potions. But while normal people would benefit, the incoming mana would poison them to death.


After sleeping for a short while, Jacob looked at his phone and noticed it was already 6 am. He freshened up and sat in his chair. He now had two choices in front of him.

“Do I got with them or try this instant dungeon?”

He thought hard but, ultimate suppressed his curiosity. There was simply too much uncertainty about the instant dungeon. As an avid gamer, he knew such dungeons could not be exited at will. He would either have to defeat the boss or use something like a return scroll to leave the dungeon.

“The problem is, I don’t have enough dungeon diving experience and I have no item to use and return in an emergency. Is it really worth it to satisfy my curiosity by going there? It can potentially kill me! I don’t even know the meaning of ‘E’ in the key’s name. Is it referring to E-Ranked hunters?”

After deciding his next step, Jacob wore his casual clothes. He put his damaged leather armor in his inventory along with anything that might be useful. He looked at his daily quest.

[Daily Quest: Preparations to become stronger]

Press-up, 100 times: Incomplete (0/100)

Sit-up, 100 times: Incomplete (0/100)

Squat, 100 times: Incomplete (0/100)

Running, 10 km: Incomplete (0/10)

※Warning: Incompletion of Daily Quests will result in appropriate levels of punishment.

Every attribute point mattered, so he began with his push-ups. It became very simple as his strength had soared. After a quick break, he took care of his sit-ups and some time later, only running remained. Jacob wiped his sweat and pocketed a small towel. He then casually walked out of his house and went for a run.

At the end of his 10 km run, he didn’t head back home but went to his Hunter High School. It was the only government funded public hunter high school in Trathe city. It had excellent facilities like a gym, playground, basketball court, swimming pool and a few others. Jacob had never used anything. But in his last month in high school, he faintly desired to experience life like a normal student.

But there was a time for that and this time, he had a different goal. He changed his outfit in a washroom, then went to the staff room and found Mr. Adam’s cabin. His sturdy figure immediately noticed Jacob’s arrival. The two students standing in front of him also looked back.

Sumei still wore her leather armor, but she had replaced her staff with a sword. Her youthful figure exuded a heroic spirit. Jacob hard a hard time identifying the mage in his memories with the warrior in front of him.

Bob carried a broadsword behind him. He also wore leather armor, but it looked considerably thicker than Sumei’s armor. The broadsword hung on his back in its sheath. It looked menacing, and Jacob wondered where he got it from. As far as he knew, both of them came from ordinary families and didn’t have access to buying Hunter Items.

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