Is He Really Jacob?

Sumei winced as Jacob and the leading demonic cow collided. She thought about how to rescue him and take cover in the forest. Then she wondered if the demonic cows would follow them or remain on the path.

She was just waiting for Jacob to scream in pain. Then she would rush over with Bob, save him, and run away. At least this experience would let him know dungeons were not a place to mess around. Maybe next time, he would listen to her instructions properly and let her take the lead.

But… the next second, her mouth widened enough to fit a ball. Even Bob, who stood beside her, nearly dropped his giant broadsword.

Jacob’s bronze sword cleanly passed through the demonic cow’s skull. As his body collided with it, he was not pushed back. The cow was thrown away into the herd, causing chaos. After his first attack, Jacob finally saw the details of the monster.

[Demonic Cow Lv. 3]

Since the entire herd was aggroed to him, he saw their names popping up like breads from a massive toaster. The cows ranged from level 2 to 5 and Jacob grinned.

“See. Easy peasy! Come help me, but don’t kill them!” Jacob shouted at his shocked companions. Sumei was the first one to return to her senses. She didn’t understand why Jacob had this weird demand. But she asked, “You mean, you want to kill steal?”

Jacob nodded and lunged forward for another hit. He was in mild pain, but it was mainly because of the momentum behind the demonic cow’s attack. But as he cleverly placed his body while attacking it, the horns didn’t pierce him. And as the cow was flung backwards, it caused the demonic cows behind it to stop.

Their momentum was gone, and the danger decreased. Jacob kept running forward while leaving minor cuts on the demonic cows. He seemed to treasure his sword more than the battle and didn’t hit the demonic cows on their heads or horns anymore. His companions didn’t understand why he was simply leaving slight cuts, but a few seconds later, they were once again mind blown.

The demonic cows that Jacob had cut on became clumsy. Their speed slowed, and they seemed like they weren’t trying their best. Of course, the duo had their doubts. But they began attacking these demonic cows. Since Jacob wanted the last kill, they only broke its limbs and moved on.

Ahead was a hunter who spread the love of poison wherever he went, while behind him were his two faithful partners preparing a feast for him to enjoy. Five minutes later, the entire herd of cows lay on the ground. They were twitching, trying to roar and move. But their limbs were cut, broken, and they kept bleeding.

Jacob thanked his teammates for their help and quickly started farming XP.

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

After swinging his sword nearly 70 times, Jacob’s arm was already aching. With blood splattered on his leathery armor and face, he began looking like an actual demon. But as he looked at the result of this wave, a sense of satisfaction welled up inside him. He then did the most important thing to him—increase his stats. His newly updated stats raised his confidence for the battles ahead.

[Status Window]

Name: Jacob Maxwell

Level: 7

Class: None

Title: Demonic Hunter

HP: 100

MP: 16

Tiredness: 0


Strength: 24

Stamina: 19

Agility: 17

Intelligence: 16

Perception: 16

(Available points to distribute: 0)

He noticed an unexpected change and checked his notifications. It looked like his system had muted all notifications during battle to avoid disturbing him.

‘How considerate.’

A moment later, he found what he was looking for under ‘Achievements’.

[You have acquired the ‘Title: Demonic Slaughterer I’.]

He checked its effects.

[Title: Demonic Slaughterer I]

A Title given to a hunter skilled in killing creatures with demonic energy. When facing demon-type monsters, all of your Stats will increase by 10%.

Before Jacob could grin at his new achievement, a hand tapped his shoulder. He was so lost in his thoughts that it startled him. Sumei and Bob stood behind him with question marks on their faces. It was more obvious on Sumei.

“Don’t you think you have some explaining to do?” She folded her arms, highlighting her chest. As Jacob’s gaze involuntarily went downward, she snapped her fingers. “Jacob! I’m talking to you. Wait… are you really Jacob?”

She took a step back. She had heard of some stories of the demons and different methods they had used to infiltrate the human society that caused massive damage and was the main reason humanity struggled under their onslaught. The rarest demon, but with the highest value, was a doppelganger. But… Sumei kept her thoughts to herself.

If he was no longer the Jacob she knew and she exposed him, wouldn’t she be stupid? The doppelganger could simply kill them to silence the news. She had to tell her teacher!

Jacob didn’t know he was labeled an enemy of humanity in his teammate’s mind. He was thinking hard about how to explain his changes. There was no way he would share his system, but there had to be a reasonable explanation. But while he was thinking, Sumei’s weird question amused him.

“Of course, I’m Jacob. But I understand what you mean.” He took a deep breath and wiped off some blood that was coagulating on his face.

“To be honest, I think something changed that day when that gargoyle pierced my heart. You already know I had mana poisoning from that accident years ago when that magic attack hit me, but I survived. But now, it feels like I’m a normal person. It’s like that gargoyle took out whatever was plaguing my body.”

The explanation seemed far-fetched, but Sumei nodded while Bob believed it. She reminded herself to share her suspicions with Mr. Adam. They took a brief rest and walked forward. Soon, they were back at the treasure chests and this time, there were four treasure chests. Nobody was surprised. They had already been informed of this change.

“So there’s one treasure chest for discovering each path,” Sumei mentioned the change out loud.

They looked forward at the massive stone gates behind which lay the boss. Sumei was swinging her sword while Bob was also trying to get familiar with his weapon. They were clearly warming up for the main battle, but Jacob thought differently.

“Guys, stop!” He looked at their confused faces and enlightened them. “Swinging in the air won’t help you. You got to fight with your swords to build muscle memory and develop your instincts. This is only possible through battle. So, wanna practice more before we go to the boss?”

Both of them felt the explanation made sense and nodded. Since the goblins had offended Sumei, she chose their path and lead the team. They walked for a while and quickly noticed a group of five goblins huddled together performing questionable acts. Jacob noticed they were not present their path as the goblins had taken a space under a tree to have fun.

Sumei’s face went red while Bob still had the stone cold look. Jacob was trying to control his laughter while looking between the messy goblins and Sumei. Coincidentally, she looked at his struggling face and exploded.


Her shriek altered the goblins as she ran toward them in pure fury and rage. Jacob and Bob were startled at her actions, but didn’t hesitate to follow behind. Three goblins ran towards them without wearing their loincloth. They bared their teeth while swinging their daggers.

Sumei’s eyes turned red, and she involuntarily glanced below. Her mind went blank, and she just stopped in place. She quickly turned back and retched. Jacob’s eyes widened as the goblins approached Sumei’s unguarded back. He unleashed his explosive agility and smashed his sword across two thin goblin necks.

His increased agility allowed him to accurately target their necks, making Jacob aware of its importance.

‘Strength is not the answer to all problems. If I had simply put all my stat points in strength, then these goblins would still die. But their ugly blood would splatter all over me. But now, look, it looks so elegant.’

Jacob got an appreciation for clean and beautiful kills. Of course, he didn’t dare look below the waist of his enemy. Otherwise, his mental state would not be better than Sumei. Bob took care of the last goblin. Its body split into two nearly equal halves from its skull and a puddle of blood formed at its corpse.

Of course, the corpses disappeared a few seconds later and were replaced with loot. But the blood remained. But Jacob’s eyes didn’t wander there. He looked ahead and saw two goblins who had already worn their loincloths. They carried bows with them as arrows pierced the sky and rushed towards the trio.

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