WARNING this is a fictional story, all characters are just a figmentation of an imagination. The story is only for entertainment purposes and nothing more.


We grew up in a world, where we were taught monsters are beings that look and behave differently from human beings.

So, what defines a “Monster”?

Animals that look nothing like us?

Sea creatures, that are cold-blooded?

A fictional story, about a fantasy where goblins or orcs live?

How about zombies or vampires, are they monsters?

I beg to differ, to me a monster are people that repress their emotions, rejecting their primal instinct. Those that pretend to be good lambs but their inside lies nothing but a wolf sharpening its fang waiting to kill whenever a chance presents itself. No matter how much they hide they kill people just for their own pleasure.

Even those that are innocent, pure, and righteous will turn into monsters.  if the environment allows them to be one.

This is the story of how one man tries to burn society, by releasing every “monster”.

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