Book 10 – Immortal, Chapter 1 – Battle Of The Strongest


The bellow was deafening and widespread. As it was issued by someone at the epitome of the Mortal’s Martial path, it strived to reach every corner of the world and if it was any other same size planet, it might have succeeded.

The powerful sound wave bombarded the water of the ocean below and pushed it down a level, like how it previously happened in the preliminary confrontation between Zax and the Four Wings Stork, only on a smaller scope.

The first places to hear his voices, were the settlements near the western coast of Selivereb, following by the southern part of the continent, where Violet Scaled Troops’ Great Cave was situated, its headquarters in Ercas Mir. A portion of the sound wave diminished after passing the gravitational belt above the wall whirlpools that are formed by the Earthly Crater. However, since Zax was at fairly high altitude, the influence gravitational force was negligible and his words still carried to the Eastern Continent at about the same time they reached the northern and eastern parts of the Western Continent.

By the time the sound wave reached Blue Sea’s Deep Sea Navy and Zenvir ice lands in the Zenvir Ocean, Northern Icecaps, Golden Desert Fort and Luminous Church it was nothing but weakening undulations. Where it ultimately disappeared without leaving the tiniest indication of presence was in the Down Ocean. Needless to say they never had to smallest chance of reaching New Earth.

“How can it be?!” An over three hundred meters long, golden scaled, silver furred beast hollered above the entrance to a dome like shaped, shining structure that could cover cities such as Glorious Ground and Monivore several times. “Dammit! Dammit! Dammit! This voice…” Horn Kikon gnashed his animalistic ebony teeth. “It’s that supposed Kingdom Earth brat the incompetents Silternjan and Northstar actually warned us about! By this performance, that location and the fluctuations the stork Overlord discharged before… he truly did break through the fifth Martial Mortal level!”

A storm raged in Horn Kikon’s sea of consciousness. Yes, he, General Logan, General Beking and Admiral Hamumni decided against wasting the resources pursuing a highly valued shadow of a speculation in the belief that even if Luminous Church’s culprit will be the first indigenous to get to their level, he will still will not be able to match them who for thousands of years were sovereigns at this echelon. However, they were mostly acting due to uncertainty in the potential Archbishop Silternjan praised. For it to actually be legit meant that complacency was no longer permitted!

Silvery and golden lights engulfed Hurn Kikon’s huge body and he fiercely whizzed away.

Although three out of the five powers could not hear Zax’s words, their leaders were able to identify the original capacity of the undulation, as well as recognize Four Wings Stork’s fluctuations. Moreover, their agents in the Western Continent were quick to transmit the missing parts of the occurrence, which resulted in varying responses from each of the leaders, including the second to hear Zax, General Logan.

As it so happened, all four who heard or learned about Zax’s declaration, were like Horn Kikon… planning to make a certain move. However, when word was sent from their delegates and agents near and in the Great Cave that its frightening leader, Horn Kikon, just departed after roaring accusingly, mentioning Archbishop Silternjan and Cardinal Northstar, the four other leaders of the five powers decided to postpone their approach for the meantime. Neither, even his collaborator from Voltic Star, wished to intervene whether by giving the nightmarish beast a hand or standing in his way.

‘Someone’s coming!’ Zax sensed the brutal fluctuations. ‘Another Overlord? No, fifth level Martial Mortal. This appearance… Horn Kikon?’ He deduced.

Noting that an imminent encounter is about to occur with the strongest creature on the planet, instead of impending danger, the thrill of realizing his newly attained strength only intensified.

It was still uncertain how he will fare in a confrontation with a fifth level Martial Mortal, since the skirmish with the Four Wings Stork ended briefly by the dark element energy, which could more or less be counted as a unique tool than his own strength.

While the deceased Overlord’s carcass continued its fall with its Pure Core still attached to it, black aura draped Zax and he dash to a collision with Horn Kikon.

Rays of black, silver and gold hues reigned the sky as the duo exchanged countless go at a higher and higher altitude.

“Decimate!” Golden, enlarged claws bore down at Zax.

Clenching his fist, ‘eh? There is no need?’ Zax remarked, pleasantly surprised. He intended to construct the sole dark attribute formation he came up in the past years of studying formation, which meant to further strengthen his body, but apparently he could now muster greater force just by extracting his muscles.

Externally it could not be seen but internally dark attribute flesh and bones seemed to solidify a notch. He punched up.


A figure plumped, issuing sonic booms.

“HA!” Zax howled and halted the decent midway to the surface of the sea. He lifted his fist and examined it.  It was severed in half to the wrist, sent throbs of extreme pain and was infected by residues of oddly silvery golden glowing electric attribute.  “Humph”. He snorted and looked at the monster above him, whilst the residues of electric attribute expelled and his hand recovered.

Horn Kikon snarled and stared back. The decimation was one of his strongest assault, yet it only caused a temporary injury. His left claw twitched, though milder, it actually sustained damage! Dark attribute energy permeated and felt tad difficult to remove.

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His blood boiled. The existence of his opponent could make trouble to his Violet Star Commander, much like Sheldon had become and even worse.

‘How can he be this powerful? His durability is way above a newly advanced fifth level Martial Mortal! Not even Beking and Northstar can counter this attack of mine and come out unscarred. Is it possible that his understanding of the attribute to also progressed… beyond all of us, emissaries of Immortals?!’

“Is this it? The best the strongest being on this planet could do?” Zax taunted. He already figured that he could not defeat Horn Kikon without utilizing the dark element energy, and perhaps will be forced to escape should a battle be prolonged. Nevertheless, even if the worst case come to be he could not feel a threat to his life, hence did not mind further antagonizing his foe.

“You received some of my attacks and let pride go to your head?” Horn Kikon scowled. “Do you know who I am?” His voice became deeper, gradually rumbling as if a thunder storm was brewing in his throat. “Do you know what I am?” Loud and louder he now let the entire world hear his looming claim, just as Zax did. “Can you measure me?” His voice turned down to a whisper, a silence before the resonating tone that will quake sky, sea and earth. “I AM YOUYUE!”

“Youyue?” Zax squinted, not understanding the meaning of the word, but by the sudden shift in Horn Kikon’s demeanor and the fact that he was a beast, he gathered that it is possible related to his species.

The fiend aura turned regal and two currents of electricity, silver and gold, coursed around Horn Kikon. The rise in power was discernable and in took Zax aback.

‘The display of attribute as well as every other aspect had grown stronger! I won’t be able to do anything but defend from this point!’ He was surprised and could not help but grimaced. ‘That rise is not by power he held back, it is more similar to an inclusive transformation’. He surmised despite not distinguishing any external changes.

The currents of electricity flickered and Horn Kikon decisively plunged toward Zax. “Now be proud, human! You are the first to make me show Twin Pikes since my arrival to this planet”. He boasted.

“Don’t get cocky!” Zax frowned. The irreverence his foe held to his home was obvious and the notion that the other leaders of the five powers and their subordinates from outer space might share the same behavior infuriated more. ‘Time to end it!’ He told himself, prepare to execute the strongest force he could rely on…

Watching how Zax maintained his posture, at most pulling his arm as if about to throw another of his punches, Horn Kikon sneered inwardly. “You think that you could withstand the damage this ti-” The last word got stack in his throat and his entire smug countenance turned hideous. “It can’t be! It can’t be! You are…” He roared, trying to diverge, but his attack already initiated and was difficult to maneuver out of its intended aim. “RWOUR!” Madness took over.

The over three hundred meters long body abruptly began to shrink. The silvery fur and the golden scales on three separate sections on the animalistic physique spread and intertwined. A smooth, chrome like skin with both silver and gold luster covered now the beast from head to eight toes, a total of seventy two sanguine claws on eight muscular legs and four burly arms. Even the horns and teeth were coated.

‘A fourth full transformation?!’ Zax’s heart palpitated. Beasts had only human, humanoid and animalistic forms. He already saw Horn Kikon’s animalistic form and how he appeared now could not by any of the former forms. There was little time to weigh how he was changing, whether it was a product of technique like his Dark Titan Storm form.

 The distance between them was shortening faster than their minds could keep up and no changes could be made anymore in the actions they commenced.

Following contact, rather than the anticipated “BOOM” and mesmerizing flash of brilliant light rays, the world became devoid of colors and sounds.

Two shades emerged as the first forms to be birthed in the lack of both consuming black and emitting white.

Two panting patterns inhaled and exhaled the first breaths that brought back sound from the silent.

One person nearly two meters tall and one beast roughly forty meters long levitated with their backs toward each other.

The fluctuations of dark element energy were depleted, but Zax felt that with a thought he could generate more, with an effort, consecutively.

The shine of the chrome like skin dimmed a little and at the forehead’s area there was a dent, but it quickly healed and regained its former luster. Horn Kikon gauged that no lasting damage was done and should it evolve to a battle of attrition he will hold the, superiority in both agility and defense, though it was impossible to tell for how long.

‘He recovered so fast’. Without even looking back Zax knew. ‘An attack that pulverized the Four Wings Stork’s strongest feature had barely harmed him, Youyue… ’

‘His progress is beyond “fast”! According to the reports, a while ago he could hardly hold his own against Peak Core Masters and now he reached this state! Set this aside, the Martial history of the aboriginal residents of this planet is only couple of thousands years old!  Luck could play a part in his hasty rise in cultivation, but to sense his Evolutionary Ascension is all on him!’ Horn Kikon could not contain his inner voice from having a respectable tone. “State your name again”.

“What’s a ‘Youyue’?” Zax retorted.

“My type of a beast”. Horn Kikon replied with a groan. Figuring his opponent’s lack of knowledge due to being an indigenous of a disconnected planet, he managed the patience to entertain first. “A subtype of Chaoyue, exalted royalty among beasts, that’s what Youyue means and that’s what I am!” As he described an aura of grander project from Horn Kikon. “Don’t blink your eyes, human! In this lower Mortal Valley, existences such as I am are few and far between!”

‘Type that subverts Chaoyue… ’ Zax was not as astounded as he should have been since his assumption cut close to the truth. ‘So of the three Valleys containing all plains and stars that the exalted expert mentioned in his messages, one of which is belongs to mortals? Does it mean that the other two are of Immortals and… what are the chances… Gods?’ This piece of information left a more substantial impact.

“Then again”, Horn Kikon continued with a hint of resignation that was astonishing for someone at his stature to expose. “It appears that other than lucky freaks like you, this planet never stops nurturing miracles… Apart from me, of the indigenous beasts to this planet, one of which is also Youyue”.

“His Valor Ozeyn!” Zax blurted instinctively. Although they never met, simply by the things he heard his mind could not process any other beast in the place of the ruler of Valgarel.

“Mm”. Horn Kikon grunted affirmation.

Zax turned and Horn Kikon also. They were now face to face.

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“My name is Zax Zel”

“My name is Kikon. Horn is the title bestowed to me and to all fifth level Martial Mortal Beasts by the Violet Star Commander”.

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