Book 10 – Immortal, Chapter 10 – Satisfactory Potential Heir

“Elder sister Beking, per the agreement with the General of the Armies, for our service, you and I will receive a year, each, to study the Godly Law Template. The fourth level Martial Mortals beneath us will get a month and third level Martial Mortals, only those who arrived with us to this planet, depends on the understanding of their attribute, will have to make a collective choice of either studying the Godly Law Template together for a week or separately for a day”. Admiral Hamumni recapped.

“Yes, what about it? Mentioning this before finding the Godly Law Template is irrelevant. If, because of anything that can be perceived as incompetence on our side, one of the other Immortals will end up obtaining the Godly Law Template, then we’ll get severely punished”.

“I’m well aware, but with this new development I still feel like bringing the matter up”.

“Fine. State what’s on your mind”.

“It’s actually a favor”. Admiral Hamumni feigned embarrassment. She was planning to ask for a lot, but due to her sisters like relationship with General Beking, she figured that eventually she will got what she wants, but only if she will display meekness.

“Don’t try to deceive me, Little Squid”. General Beking scowled.

Perhaps the both of them were past the ten thousand years milestone of age, but she was two thousand years older than Admiral Hamumni. She was already a third level Martial Mortal when Admiral Hamumni was born and among the four whom her direct superior, at the time, the Brigades Commander of the Planetary Battalion entrusted to raise this abnormal Chaoyue type beast.

“But”, Admiral Hamumni smiled, exposing her tiny teeth. “I’m really embarrassed. You are my last remaining elder family member; I don’t want to anger you”. She admitted and proceeded to her request in the same breath. “If you’ll attain the Mortal Enlightenment state and predict the date of your Evolutionary Ascension before the end of your year of studying the Godly Law Template, please give me the reminder of your time”.

General Beking puckered her brow. “You want me to provide you this once in a lifetime opportunity, not even the Brigades Commander and Right Arm General will get to enjoy? Just because of the small success in becoming a Heavenly Immortal?” She was extremely irritated by the presumptuous “favor”.

“Elder sister, if you care for me you’ll listen… Your understanding of the Earthly attribute is already a sliver from reaching the Mortal Enlightenment state. I’m not too sure about the uniqueness of the Godly Law Template, but when we arrived to this planet, the General of the Armies said that after a year of contemplation your Immortal path would be certain. Since then so many years have passed and you made several breakthroughs. Now, perhaps half a year is all you need. I, at any rate, will most likely not after the full year will reach the Mortal Enlightenment state. What will be of me then? I’ll be stuck as a Mortal, depraved by old age. Is that what you really want for me, Mama Be?” Her tone changed as her mood became erratic, sounding like a child still struggling in pronunciation. It only lasted for a split second before she gathered her bearing and pressed her fears to the back of her mind. “I know I’m asking more than I will probably be ever able to pay, but think of me, of us… together eternally, stripped from Nature’s shackles of mortality!”

Silence followed Admiral Hamumni’s appeal. When the gloomy vista of Down Ocean was in sight, General Beking gave her verdict. “Fine”. She sighed. “Enough talk. From here on we must be vigilant”.

“So he killed another Overlord and in the short span of couple of days after eliminating the Four Wings Stork Overlord…” Archbishop Silternjan sighed to himself. He and Cardinal Northstar discussed above the weakened pull of the Gentic Belt.

“The Pocket in the Earthly Crater was punctured and the apparition of the Godly Law Template vanished into the ether, with no trail behind it. No meaning in wasting a defensive Holy Scripture to dive for the center of the crater”.

Their gazes were fixated on the water below and soon two figures emerged from the ocean.

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Horn Kikon and General Logan flew side by side toward the pair from Luminous Church. Their eyes, too, skimmed the surrounding, seemingly searching.

General Logan removed a piece of hexagonal, finger size silver plate from his forehead. A moment later, the hexagonal plate crumbed to black dust and was carried by the wind, while General Logan looked at the small particles with a tint of regret.

Horn Kikon, in his human form, had a silver gold glow emanating from his eyes as if they were flashlights. The hues dimmed gradually as he left the water.

“Beking and Hamumni are late”. Horn Kikon noted.

“No, use your Sublime Soul Sense. They aren’t coming”. Cardinal Northstar remarked. From the atmosphere surrounding the two, he and Admiral Silternjan could guess the results of their investigation in the crater even without raising the subject outloud.

Both Horn Kikon and General Logan accepted the advice and discovered that they cannot locate General Beking and Admiral Hamumni.

“Golden Desert Fort’s base in the Eastern Continent is the farthest from this location, but they should have been within the scope of my Sublime Soul Sense by now, if not already here”. General Logan withdrew his Sublime Soul Sense. “The explanation to their absence is obvious…”

The other three tacitly reached the same conclusion.

Having nothing left to explore in the crater and worried that Golden Desert Fort and Blue Sea will outmaneuver them in the race for finding the Godly Law Template, they collectively turned to a rainbow of four colors and rushed toward the Eastern Continent.

By the time he returned to the undersea cave, Zax, externally appeared in perfect condition, but as a matter of fact during his trip back he sensed minor injuries that were healing slower than he anticipated. Overtime it was not an issue to worry about, but Zax still felt uncomfortable with the defects in his recovery capabilities that resulted from the combined effort of shouldering the Godlily Retribution and the strain from exercising dark element energy.

The Horned Eel was among the largest creatures on the planet. When Zax dragged its carcass through the opening in the formation guarding the undersea cave, he instantly drew the attention of all humans and beasts, cultivators or not, that were outside the constructs in the residential area.

‘Second Leader Yurnal’, Zax called via his Soul Sense.

‘Where we previously met’. A voice sounded through his communicator, as Yurnal preferred the use of the communication device.

No further words were shared and no witnesses were welcomed in the exchange. Zax departed in satisfaction, taking away the huge carcass since he already contributed one Overlord carcass to Sinister Chain and Dark Glow. He had a vague idea about using the Horned Eel’s carcass as the main ingredient in a formation that will spun in as many caves as possible in New Earth and when activated, will eradicate all external threat – specifically the five power, should he have a fallout with their leaders.

Yurnal also went on his way with mute surprise.  He was disgruntled to lose the Black Core even to an Overlord’s Pure Core, but he did not expect to find icy attribute agglomeration in it that was more potent than in any other icy attribute essence he had ever seen.




Zax’s heart pounded in his chest as he flew back to the Western Continent. “Hahahaha! At last, hahaha! At last I gathered all four, hahahaha!” He laughed boisterously, inundated by emotions.

‘Anet, love, I finally obtained the last of the Black Cores I gathered’. He transmitted to her communicator upon his arrival to New Earth.

He shared the existence of the Black Cores to his Martial family and Anet, but never detailed too much. Firstly, because he did not know what would happen after absorbing all four Black Cores. Secondly, the expert warned him to keep it a secret that he is in possession of Legacy Of The One’s Path. He was not afraid that they will divulge it, but chose leaving nothing to chance as there are beings such as Immortals and Gods that he is embroiled with and who knows what sort of altercations the future holds for him…

‘I’m entering seclusion, I’m sorry, however I must!’ He did not wait for her response. ’I’ll return after absorbing the Black Cores and ascertaining my condition afterwards’.

‘Just… don’t take too long’. Anet sounded displeased, but gave her okay nonetheless.

Turning off his communicator, Zax did not want any disturbances from here until he will be done. His destination was the cavern he dug years back and often in New Earth used to perform closed doors training.

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Sealing it with a rock and using a veil of dark attribute to hide both the cavern and the Overlord carcass, Zax sat crossed legged, holding in each hand a Black Core.

There was no particular order in which he felt he should absorb the Black Core, so after fiddling with them for a bit, Zax positioned them beneath his navel and let both sink together to his dantian.

The Black Cores floated down at the sides of the Black Core already in the dantian and the instant they settled, black streams of the mist energy within them gushed for the centralized Black Core, and above and out of the dantian, through the mist channels, to the sea of consciousness, for the soul and spirit.

Their size gradually shrunk, while the centralized Black Core bit by bit grew larger and the energized spirit slowly dragged itself forward for the sixth bottleneck of insight.

“Phew…” Zax let out a pent up breath. Nothing of the two Black Cores remained and the changes in his dantian and sea of consciousness ceased. He could still feel a tension in his body, consequential of the stress the streams of mist energy put on his mist channels.

The Black Core, only Core, in his dantian now, shrunk to the size of a regular Earth’s Core and his spirit halted after advancing seven steps, being at a distance of twenty one steps from its goal.

“Mm?” Before he could inspect himself, a foreign sphere of black energy emerged in Zax’s sea of consciousness.

It swirled above the Inner Panorama and with its presence forced everything, including the Godlily Retribution, to stand still.

‘Hell-o’, the sphere changed to a humanoid shape and a voice came out of it, but it seemed to meet an interference and indeed, moment later a fractious ripple  discharged from the Godlily Retribution, as it refused to bent to the new presence.

‘Humph!’ The figure snorted and launched several streams of it black energy to counter the ripple.

The ripple and streams canceled each other upon contact, but it was far from being the end of it. The Godlily Retribution flared, intending to collapse Zax’s sea of consciousness.

‘Tsk!’ The figure’s face was shrouded by black fog, as the rest of its body, all because of the Godlily Retribution’s resistance, which annoyed it. It raised its four arms and formed a series of shapes that contrary to it emerged vivid and lifelike as they combined to a gargantuan abomination.

Meanwhile, Zax was unable to react, only spectate in obedience to the presence of the figure. He stared in bewilderment, then awe and then shock, because he recognized the gargantuan abomination, or at least part of it, as part of the being… the real appearance of the expert and former owner of the Black Cores.

He could not shift much of his glance to fully see it, and a fraction of a second after it appeared it vanish anyway after vanquishing, temporarily, the Godlily Retribution.

‘Good’. The figure nodded in content. It turned to the spot where Zax’s awareness resided. The fog shrouding it cleared, and as it exposed the face behind, an endearing remark sounded. ‘Well done, well done! Although not yet there, a progeny, as hoped for, succeeded being at the forefront of potential heirs’. A yellow eye without a pupil was the first feature to show itself. ‘I supposed you earned the right to learn some important things…’

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