Book 10 – Immortal, Chapter 11 – Blue World Estate

‘Is that it?’ Zax raised his brow.

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Listening for quite a while to the figure that emerged from the fog, the first thing Zax got to learn was its identity.

Nocron Yorak Gogenta Jin Buvel, Gogenta in short. He is the previous owner of the Black Core. The humanoid form he presented himself in was his secondary form. His first, the colossal that gave the impression of being larger than a planet, too big to observe, was his innate form as a type of being called “Larzar”, which he in melancholy avoided elaborating about.

‘Larzars’ main form may differ, but our secondary share the same feature, so I’ll let you witness mine as I speak’. He said at the beginning and the entirety of the fog concealing him cleared out.

He had no pupils, only golden yellowness to his eyes. His skin was gray and smooth like a polished statue. Three horns that were just about the length of his face protruded from his forehead. Sparkling white hair cascaded over his shoulders. He had four limbs with seven fingers on each hand and feet. He adorned himself in crimson long pants and atop his crimson shirt carried a pristine armor with shoulder blades that was just as bloody as his garments.

‘As infinite as the three Valleys may seem, the variety of beings on the Martial path is poorly at a two digits number. Nonetheless, there are among some of those beings members of the same group that are considered of a different type, out of ten to ten million other types. As a result, it is inevitable for some beings that are completely unrelated by species and ancestry to still share similar and even all external features’. Gogenta described without a pause, heartily preaching for this was a first in a very, very long time.

‘On a side note, human looking beings are the most common and many beings possess a sub form that appears human in every way. That is Nature’s decree, and thus why it is so easy to encounter humanoid beings, why true humans compose more than two quarters of the cultivators’ community in the three Valleys and also why I chose the simple human template to be closest to the chance of inheriting me.

‘Back to the main topic, the secondary form of us, Larzars, is unique, but there are still a handful of beings who share a couple or all of its features‘, Gogenta smiled. He placed his palm over his face and pointed with three of his fingers up, to his three horns, and while his golden yellow eyeballs were visible in the space between the three fingers, at the center of each horn a pupil of bone bulged. ‘Hence, the Three Stone Pupils are the actually identifying mark of Larzars’ secondary form’.

Moving on, after remarking that the star they are in, and even the encompassing plain, is in some backwater corner of the first Valley, Gogenta generously narrated to Zax what was impossible for a country bumpkin in such a terrible location with still budding Martial path to know… the four ranks of Immortals: Heavenly, Sacred, Mythical and Neonate.

And so we return to Zax’s prior question…

‘All?’ For the first time the figure of Gogenta responded to Zax as it reacted to the Godlily Retribution, that is, with a hint of sentience rather than a prerecorded message.

He smiled warmly as if the expression used to be constant before his demise, but not always sincere. With his boney pupils submerging back to his horns and with his eyes having none, it was difficult to read him.

When Zax listened to him, he felt a sense of cordiality from Gogenta that eventually enabled him to raise the question despite also feeling an extant of something he could not really term or measure, only submissively be aware of and guess that it is related to the difference in their cultivation.

Gogenta’s lips parted with a gregarious ambiance and a trace of intimacy. ‘I… am a fragment of a soul long dissipated, a life lacking spirit, a simple clone… The Godlily Retribution you brought upon yourself was behind my predications and quashing it wasn’t inexpensive of me. The thing I can say are no more all that I would like to share and the stuff I was hesitant about are now for you to figure on your own’.

There was silence, now by Zax’s initiative. Slower than ever before he manifested his body in his sea of consciousness and for the first time, bothered to cover himself.

He looked toward his spirit, which even in the presence of Gogenta never rested its desire for the six bottleneck of insight, even if he himself would want it to relax. His gaze shifted to the shadow of the man once at the Peak of Immortality and what followed next was a decision that commemorated the first lesson he received from his Master Kartiu… He stood upright and bowed.

‘Descendant Zax Zel greets and thanks Ancestor!’ He said with filial piety, for no matter the differences between them, that one was something called Larzar and the other human, that one was the engineer and the other the design. Ultimately, without the former, not just the latter, by no life on this planet would have been born, and for those from New Earth, hundreds of millions humans and beasts, even if Legacy Of The One’s Path was not in the equation, due to the generations of modification passed through the Earth’s Cores by Gogenta the clone, they all still inherited a shred of inheritance, significant or not.

‘Descendant…’ Gogenta seemed to accept. ‘I never had any… I supposed you can be considered as mine’. His tone produced a touched vibe and a struggle to say more than he could rippled from his demeanor, yet in the end it faded.

Somehow, the changes in his temperament made themselves apparent to Zax. There was no telling if it was intentional and the sentiment either way influenced Zax, yet again.

‘I apologize for my rude question’. Zax straightened his back. ‘If you can’t say anymore, meeting and learning the identity of my Ancestor is something that I can proudly etch to my soul, never to forget!’ There was no insight, much less enlightenment, in the experience, but Zax’s heart was still relieved by finding answers to some of the questions and pushed to the back of his mind.

‘No’. Gogenta shook his head. ‘I promised importance. Introducing myself was common courtesy, at least in the beginning… now I feel like the worth it had was more valuable to me’. The notion remained unsaid; along with the silent reflection of whether he would have thought the same if he was not a mere fragment of his past self. ‘The ranks of Immortals seem to not impress you… So you knew them beforehand, but I see that your understanding is still shallow… Forget it; all owners of Legacy Of The One’s Path are bound to learn someday. No meaning in squandering what few breaths I have on this and other matters Nature abhor…’ After some thought… ‘At your current level of cultivation, perhaps, if you are lucky, you’ll earn more by being taught about the things I had left…’

Gogenta flicked a finger and two blurry images appeared before him, one blue and the other golden.

The blue image moved forward and became more distinguishable. Before it became completely clear Zax muttered in surprise, ‘Blue Tower…’ but he was too hasty, since before he could finish more than one blue tower emerged, eleven in total, and they all surrounded a palace with as many floors as their total number and as tall as their collective height.

‘This is the Blue World Estate I excavated from a star size high end Blue Stone’. Gogenta said proudly, yet his attitude quickly reverted to regret. ‘For all the treasures I amassed throughout the innumerable years, only two remained post my demise to this wretched Plain. The Blue World Estate is one of them, however, at a certain juncture in the creation of the Earth’s Cores, I had to shatter it for the energy it contained. That being said, there is still a chance to restore it, but there are two requirements. You’ll have to collect all pieces of Blue Stones that belong to the original Blue World Estate, which is plausible to your level of cultivation. A sixth of The Blue Stones pieces are laying all across this star. If you were a Sacred Immortal, you could have found them with a sweep of your Sacred Sense, but since you are not and your Soul Sense can’t breach the restrictive spots in this star, this will be of help…’

Gogenta drew twelve runes that merged into a single formation.

‘This is the Blue World Estate’s key. It will assist you in finding the millions of Blue Stones that comprise the scattered sixth of the estate and the twenty eight deposits of the remaining pieces. If you’ll succeed in collecting all pieces, then you’ll have to deal with the second requirement, and that is… in order to refine all pieces into one, the strength of a Mythical Immortal is indeed or an alternative equivalent energy source. This requirement will pose a greater issue, but while it is still problematic, I can suggest you three methods for solving it. Either look for someone who is familiar with this formation…’

Gogenta drew a new formation but with three runes.

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‘This is the secondary key for the Blue World Estate only those I considered my friends know how to activate. Any one of my old friends can refine the Blue Stones for you effortlessly. The pretext is that you’ll have to find and identify them. The second option is converting the radiation of a collapsing star, which you might as well purchase. Although it’s very costly to a typical Heavenly Immortal, should you gather the funds and conclude the purchase, the converted radiation from a collapsed will enable you to accomplish a minor refinement and open four of the eleven spires and floors of the Blue World Estate’.

‘What is the third method?’ Zax inquired when Gogenta quieted down instead of telling.

Gogenta sighed. ‘This is one of those subjects which talking about bear consequence on my word count… Whatever, this and that are the sole things I decided to provide my… descendant knowledge about’. After firmly making up his mind, Gogenta was ready to reply. ‘Should you inherent Legacy Of The One’s Path, then the day you’ll breakthrough to the second rank of Sacred Immortal, you’ll have the strength to refine the Blue World Estate on your own’.

‘You mean…?!’ Zax blurted with a trace of realization and uncertainty.

‘It is for you to know, only if you can achieve’. Gogenta immediately sealed the matter and proceeded to his final summery of the Blue World Estate. ‘Ten of the eleven spires all have different functions that can be used by the Master Of The Estate, ranging from: Attack, Defense, Escape, Confine, Conceal, Inanimate Storage Unit, Living Storage Unit, Refinement Chamber, Enlightenment Chamber and Self Destruct. The eleventh spire maintains the balance between all the formations in the estate and designed to hold on last, with the eleventh floor of the palace, should calamity befell the estate.

‘As for the palace, it is the multi layered living quarters of the Master Of The Estate, an impenetrable vault by all standards of the first Valley, meaning… even a Neonate Immortal would spend decades before breaking in’.

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