Book 10 – Immortal, Chapter 12 – Beneath The Surface Of The Water

‘It’d be excellent if you’ll obtain the Blue World Palace early on in your Immortal path, with it, at the very least you’ll be able to move freely in the first Valley without care for rules…’ Gogenta saw Zax’s forthcoming question and raised his seven fingered hand to stop him. ‘I told you my words are curbed, my presence provokes the Godlily Retribution and as a fragment of my former self there is a limit on how long I can stop it. Also, there is another thing, but I’ll keep it to the end’.

‘I get it’. Zax sighed, reluctantly accepting that Gogenta will not budge.

‘The second treasure of mine that is still obtainable is called “Godly Law Template”. It can be considered as the second greatest treasure that was in my possession, after Legacy Of The One’s Path’. Gogenta’s gaze sharpened, a cold breeze was exuded from his eyes and for an instant Zax could not avert his concentration. ‘Do you want to know how Gods come to be?’

The answer was obvious but the question was too shocking and Gogenta’s ambiance so overwhelming that Zax was incapable to respond.

‘The path is complicated and for you to explore, but the prerequisite is the same for all beings on the Martial path, therefore I’ll give you the short answer… for a Martial cultivator at the epitome of the Martial path, to make the next step and became a God requires the use of all of his or her Martial accumulation to create a Natural Law of their own that can only by governed by themselves. A Godly Law Template, at least the one I had, is a plate made from one of Nature’s seven elements: Dark, Light, Fire, Water, Earth, Wind and lightening. On it transcribed the successful formulation of a Natural Law, either by a cultivator who attained Godhood or a God who recast his or her Natural Law’.

As Gogenta explained, the land, sky and sea of Zax’s Inner Panorama roared as if something threatened to crack them. Zax had an insufferable headache, but he was compelled to listen as Gogenta continued, regardless of the noticeable turmoil.

‘Bear with it’. Gogenta said as he himself seemed to be under immense pressure and his body turned slightly transparent. ‘Nature is only harsh toward those of us who go against it. Many mortals and basically any mortal who learns about particular things of what’s beyond the Mortal path will experience the same transitory burden’. He gave Zax a moment, but only to brace himself, since the agony will not cease until there will be nothing more new and of value to share. ‘Cultivators can use a Godly Law Template to gain unprecedented insights at every rank of the Immortal path – even at the Peak of the Mortal path – but more importantly, they can use it as reference to the formulation of their own Natural Law’.

The explanation gave Zax the many ideas to comprehend the significance of such treasure. ‘The five powers should be here of the Godly Law Template. Did the strange affair in the Earthly Crater have something to do with it?’ He wondered to himself and quietly waited for Gogenta to expound.

‘The Godly Law Template is guarded by Three Locks formation. Two locks are planted in the oceans of this star and another in the network of tunnels and caves I created for my… descendants and potential heir. I can vaguely sense that one lock has lost a great deal of its power, enough for it to be insufficient for holding the Godly Law Template’s aura’.

‘Is it possible that the lock you mention is at the center of the Earthly Crater?’ Zax inquired.

‘Earthly Crater? Let me see…’ A luster shone in Gogenta’s eyes and he skimmed Zax’s soul of all the memories imprinted on it. ‘Yes. Another lock is at the place you call Down Ocean and a third is the chamber at the second Savage Cave. The chamber will be the hardest lock to crack since it’s in New Earth, which I created using a portion of my main form.

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‘It’s impossible for those three Immortal brats and their five baby underlings to know about Legacy Of The One’s Path. It had been hundreds of millions of years before I even arrived to this plain that the fellows who knew me as the carrier of the legacy gave up or lost interest in it. It’s very unlikely that any billion years old Immortal, regardless of rank, would care about the legacy… and my secluded stay in this remote corner of the First Valley is over billions of years. The only plausible reason for outsider to come to this star in recent years, driven by a belief that there is some treasure hiding here, is if the God who created my Godly Law Template got bored and divulged the information ’.

With this, everything about the intentions of the Immortal powerhouses behind the five powers was illuminated.

‘Will the God want the Godly Law Template back?’

‘She shouldn’t. Otherwise, she could collect it a long time ago. Either way, it doesn’t matter. If you want the Godly Law Template, you’ll be qualified to vie for it only after your Evolutionary Ascension. As of now…’ Gogenta scrutinized Zax’s spirit and the distance it had to go before reaching the spark of light that represented the sixth bottleneck of insight. ‘You’re twenty one steps away and the closer you get the hardest it is to advance. Lucky for you, you aren’t a normal human, none of those who were born in New Earth is, but you are one of the extra specials… On your own, I estimate that in less than five hundred years you’ll comprehend the last bottleneck. My advice to you is to forget about the Godly Law Template and focus on meeting the last condition of the legacy. It will be wise of you to settle on this path, judging by the existence of the Godlily Retribution. It can determine your aspiration, the comprehension of all six bottlenecks of insight, and so it’s bidding its time for when you’ll be most vulnerable’.

Zax shuddered and took the warning to heart. ‘Can something be done to expel it from my sea of consciousness?’

Gogenta shook his head. ‘You swore, evoking the name of a God. The best you can do is to strive in your cultivation and treat it as a catalyst. As for me… I said all I have to say. Let me lend you a bit of help as the last act of a person named Gogenta in the land of the living’.

With that, Gogenta’s collapsed back into the mist from which he emerged and hurled at the back of Zax’s spirit like a spiraling wind.

Zax’s spirit was forcefully pushed and stumbled forward… twenty steps, nineteen, eighteen… eleven!

After ten steps, the strain on Zax’s spirit and soul threatened to split them. From hereon, he will first need some time to recuperate from Gogenta’s gift and then precede the remaining steps with his own strength.

“General Beking, Admiral Hamumni!” A short, chubby woman in Golden Desert’s military uniforms saluted and then showed a gratified smile. “We were really fortunate in this occurrence. The excavation spot is seven kilometers to the east. Major Bif Hach coincidentally passed by here when the abrupt upsurge occurred and the aura of the Godly Law Template was briefly exposed in the Heavy Water Pool”.

“Show us the way, Lieutenant General Hadida, and make haste. An unwanted company is on its way!” General Beking ordered.

The trio was in the depths of Down Ocean, encompassed by prominent undulations that formed a small shelter from the hazardous spectacles in the turbid, mercury like seawater.

They dived deep and far from the Eastern Continent’s coastline with the Down Ocean. Soon they arrived to what felt like soil beneath their feet, but at a place such as this ocean, they were aware of the many forms the environment can deceive and so they remained vigilant inside the small scope of the protecting undulations.

“It was this Heavy Water Pool where the aura of the Godly Law Template emerged”. Lieutenant General Hadida pointed at the vista of a blue lake, or a pool, within the silver gray ocean.

“Is there something special in this Heavy Water Pool?” Admiral Hamumni asked as she stepped on the frosty bank of the pool and beheld the cold foam atop it being swept by the currents.

In the domain of the Down Ocean, Heavy Water Pools were notable for accumulating the sole source of recognizable attribute’s essence and energy. The water was actually a concentration of icy attribute energy that birthed a rich source of icy attribute’s essence. No one knows what is drawing the icy attribute energy. Before a Heavy Water Pool is formed it is even impossible to sense the icy attribute energy. Often, foam would be developed on the surface of the pool and then get carried away by a current, but occasionally the foam would dissolve and turn to a current different than those made by the seawater, one with the properties of the icy attribute and anyone who come across its path, even fifth level Martial Mortals, will be risking having their soul freeze and shatter.

The scope of this particular Heavy Water Pool was considered midsize at a range of three hundred meters. Four figures, third level Martial Mortals and members of Golden Desert Fort, were sitting legs crossed in a four directions formation around the pool. Their palms were touching the soil of the bank and from their bodies surged mist energy as they attempted to explore the depth of the pool by its surrounding earth.

Beads of sweat slid from their creased foreheads and two of them had blood stain below their nostrils, down to their chins. Whatever method they were using visibly took a toll and coupled with the poisonous seawater, their condition could only keep deteriorating.

“Attention!” Lieutenant General Hadida called as she approached with General Beking.

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The four got up with stern expression and would have shouted a greeting to their general, if they could prevent themselves from coughing blood the moment their mouth would open.

“Stand back”. General Beking ordered. She would have sent them to the base if she was not concerned of the four encountering Horn Kikon and the rest on their way.

“You don’t need to ask them. I already measured the depth of the pool at seventy meters”. Admiral Hamumni informed General Beking next to her. “Besides, I doubt they would have detected the change I barely spotted at the bottom…”

“Is that a confirmation that this Heavy Water Pool is different than the others?”

“I can’t say for certain. Maybe all the Heavy Water Pools experienced changes after the Godly Law Template’s apparition and this one was just managed to catch the attention of your people”.

“Is that so?” General Beking said and glanced at Admiral Hamumni’s face. “Then why do you invest such concentrated, bleak look on this pool”

“Because… in your excavation location in the Down Ocean there are six Heavy Water Pools. Mine has four, Silternjan has one and Kikon and Logan have together ten. There are dozens more known pools and perhaps more undiscovered”.

“What this has to do with your discovery?”

“Heavy Water Pools aren’t connected, right?”

“Indeed”. General Beking answer made Admiral Hamumni’s expression worse.

“If this is true, how come, for a split second, I sensed a pulling force similar to that in the Earthly Crater, but it was not entirely like the Swallowing or Gravity properties of the dark and earthly attributes… it was more identical to an inhalation of something too big for one pool to accommodate”.

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