Book 10 – Immortal, Chapter 15 – Cannot Get Back

The interior of the chamber was spherical and curved metal plates sealed it from the inside. Its circumference was a hundred and eighty meters and at the center floated a figure shrouded by brown mist, contemplating in meditation the profundity of the earthly attribute.



The chamber trembled as if a meteorite struck. At the same instant, the surrounding brown mist was sucked in back to the robust, orange haired, golden bearded figure, which then opened its eyes with an aghast look.


Before a word could be uttered in response to the first collision, a second occurred and struck true terror in the white skinned figure.

“T- The- Walls are disbanding!” The sight was so inconceivable that it actually brought some sense to the man. He commenced a motion with his hand, a simple sweep to summon the holographic interface of the chamber, but…



This time the impact was so strong, it felt as if it unthinkably managed to shift the chamber from its secure position. However, this was not the source of fretfulness that froze the hand in its track right before the holographic interface fully materialized, but the cracking sounds that followed and the voice that breached from the outside.

“Are you there, Debuk Jin?“

The sinister tone of the speaker sent chills down the coldly drenched back of Debuk Jin. He did not recognize the voice, but the feat of breaking the chamber’s wall from the outside in addition to his apparent animosity toward him, made his mind reel in a search for an answer.

Zax moved like lightning at first, when he descended and bore to the ground, fists clenched in preparation to destroy the chamber. To his surprise, his fist barely made a few millimeters deep dent. Furthermore, he actually felt a slight pain traveling from his fingers to his wrist!

After the initial attempt to be swift with handing Debuk Jin his long awaited reprisal, Zax realized…

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‘The metallic domes and underground abodes… are they made from similar material as the Grand Abode?!’ Even now he was uncertain on whether he could rupture Archbishop Silternjan’s dwelling and the heart of Luminous Church in Ercas Mir, however in contrast to back then, he had a new type of weapon joining his arsenal…

The second strike contained a hint of the dark element energy at his disposal. It was his first usage of it after Gogenta assisted his spirit advance ten steps closer to the sixth spark of insight.

“Hahaha!” His voice reverberated in the ground, though not yet inside the chamber, as the bit of dark element energy was only sufficient to make an about two meters in diameter and twenty something centimeters deep reduction in the outer wall of the chamber.

‘It’s not an improvement in quality, but who even knows if there is more potent energy than elemental energy!’ Zax stated in his mind without a care for the answer. The attempt with the dark element energy made him animated regardless, since it seems that the close he is to capturing the last bottleneck, the greater quantity of dark element energy he can use and better manipulate with less strain on himself.

“Eighty percent!” He declared, measuring it as slightly over his former top capacity and deducing it, just from the flow of dark element energy in his body, as the new safe limit.

As the fist ran its course he already sensed the incoming auras, converging to his position from several locations in the base.

But the durability of the chamber was bound to give in; they were bound to be late…

“Let’s see if you’re really in there!”

After making a small opening and fracturing the wall, Zax easily squeezed his fingers through the larger cracks. With dark element energy aiding his endeavor, he collapsed the weakened parts of wall, creating a human size breach.




A series of crashes from above resounded as the upper echelon of the Blessed Army burrowed in the earth like fish in water. Zax ignored them and laid his eyes and at the confused and fearful Debuk Jin. He saw the holographic interface next to the man and could read the distress call on the blue panel – it was in Netherling.

Debuk Jin opened his mouth, but by his expression it was difficult to determine what line of words he was formulating. His eyes lingered on the killing intent in the intruder’s eyes and slowly shifted to decipher the rest of the face.

Zax allowed it. His timetable was to act before the fifth level Martial Mortal’s presence that was nearing would arrived and Debuk Jin was a fourth level Martial Mortal, so he could spare the time of letting him remembering.

‘They are here!’ Zax stepped into the chamber and arrived beside the slow to react Debuk Jin. He grabbed his face with his right hand, sealing his mouth from mumbling nonsense, with his left hand pulverized Debuk Jin’s right shoulder.

“Zax Zel!” An imposing, vibrant voice berated.

‘Right on time’. Zax grinned and glanced back, disregarding Debuk Jin’s painful moans. Normally, a fourth level Martial Mortal would be able to bear the pain, but the manner in which Zax delivered his destructive attribute energy was purposely meant to torment.

General Logan, accompanied by eleven men and women enter the chamber and halted midair at his manmade entrance. Among them was the person he formerly knew as Supreme Ruler Ariel Dauch.

Putting aside his senior, Zax focused on the leading shorthaired blond man; wearing a shining dark blue armor, silvery pants and a long silvery cape. Though they were inferior to Horn Kikon’s, the man exuded fluctuations that surpassed the fourth Martial Mortal level.

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“General of the Blessed Army, Logan, you are the third leader of the five powers I’ve met”. Zax proclaimed.

“Release my subordinate!” General Logan maintained a composed countenance, but his tone remained the same as ever.

Zax did not obey and kept his attention on General Logan.

“I know he affronted you”. General Logan changed his approach. His former one was merely a test to Zax’s mentality.

Zax had exchanged blows with Horn Kikon, right after his battle with the Four Wings Stork and was not at a disadvantage. General Logan knew he could not stop him, even if Zax will decide to abduct Debuk Jin right in front of him.

The fact that Zax only injured Debuk Jin and remained in the base signified that he has an ulterior motive and revenge is just the pretext to his brazen conduct, which dares to offend General Logan on his Blessed Army’s base of operation.

“What is it that you want in order to forgive and forget?”

‘His mannerism sure is composed, even when I’m baiting him to make a move… a stark difference from Horn Kikon and I’m not certain if even Archbishop Silternjan could be so forbearing. No wonder the intel from senior Gid describes him as the best soul expert!’ Zax mused. Continuing his cold shoulder comportment, he veered from General Logan to Ariel. “It had been a long time, senior Ariel. Allow me to show my gratitude for the opportunity you gave me back then. The surface beneath the blue sky sure is interesting and full of adventures”. He dipped his head, sincerely.

“So, it was really you… I found it hard to believe even when you spread your name after killing the Overlord of the sky. After all, the Curators’ Marks were not something you should have been able to erase; by all accounts it was more logical to think that you’ve died”. Ariel carried a complicated look on his face. To climb to his position in the Blessed Army and afford the trust of General Logan, he made the same oath that cost Gid Chu his mist cultivation base. As such, Gid Chu and Supreme Ruler Trey could not disclose a lot of things with him, among them Zax somehow fooling the five powers’ marks, letting everyone assume that he died.

“You were the young cultivator Lieutenant General escorted to Ercas Mir…” General Logan, as well as the rest of the ten and even the confined Debuk Jin compared what they already knew about Zax with Ariel’s statement and came to the same realization after finding the matching points.

This bit of information illuminated more of the identity of the man who fought to a standstill with Horn Kikon. Zax was a contestant in Kingdom Earth’s recent Martial competition, an event with a forty five years age limit. Since then only five years passed. If Zax was forty five years old during the competition, which they all for some reason doubted, then this year he should be fifty… A fifty years old man who reached the Mortal Enlightenment State and probably before the experiencing the passage of a century, will have his Evolutionary Ascension!

With Zax having other things on his mind and Ariel busy lamenting on the past, neither spotted the fleeting emotional upheaval that astounded the others in the chamber.

“Yes”. Zax blandly replied.

A multitude of thoughts surged in General Logan’s sea of consciousness. He laid them all aside. “I’ll say it again, name what you want”.

“What I want? A payback, for starters. God Demirva’s dark attribute’s essences that was stolen from me, for seconds. Debuk Jin’s life can satisfy the first of my desires. The destruction of Monivore city’s Dewgong family and all those related to the theft of my dark attribute’s essences will satiate my remaining bloodlust”.

“But you know that I’m not trying to be your merchant of death”. General Logan tactfully denied. “So what else, alternatively, would you want?”

“My God made dark attribute’s essences-”

“That’s impossible”. General Logan carefully rejected, always eyeing Zax. He was waiting for this request, but not as one to consent to, but to traverse past…

“Explain!” Zax frowned and tightened his grip on Debuk Jin’s cheeks, his fingers digging to his sharp cheekbones and producing cracking sounds.

“We”, General Logan said instead of “Debuk Jin”, “investigated the ordeal in the Dewgong family’s estate. Dewgong Deg obtained his position as mayor of Monivore city from the army. All disturbances related to his family or the city, have to be inspected”.

“So you discovered the dark attribute’s essences and… used them?!” Zax’s mood deteriorated and his killing intent no longer was exclusively directed at Debuk Jin.

“A certain member of the Dewgong family absorbed one of the dark attribute’s essences. He was a talented boy Dewgong Deg decided to invest and bet on. Someone with the potential to elevate the status of the Dewgong family in the future, should I’d be enticed to recruit him, in addition to being offered the two dark attribute’s essences. I recruited the lucky boy and used the dark attribute’s essences”.

Discovering the fate of his precious God made dark attribute’s essences; Zax deliberated what to do… ‘As I feared, the dark attribute’s essences are lost’. Blood slid from Debuk Jin’s impaled face on his clutching hand. “So now the Blessed Army is related to the theft of my dark attribute’s essences”. He turned Debuk Jin around and tore off his left arm, sending needle like threads of dark attribute energy to augment the pain exponentially.

General Logan’s pupils shrank. Debuk Jin was not a mere fourth level Martial Mortal cultivated on this planet, but someone who accompanied him for thousands of years in the vast space, a countryman from Voltic Star!

“Stop!” He bellowed.

Zax threw the torn limb and drew the dark attribute energy, permitting Debuk Jin to pass out. Glaring at General Logan, he informed in a heavy tone. “What do I want? Everything!”

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