Book 10 – Immortal, Chapter 2 – Worldwide Commotion

“Henceforth New Earth is my domain!” Zax stated openly and decisively.

“You want the entire world below the ground?” Horn Kikon snorted. “Comparatively, it is larger than each of our territories separately”.

“And I also want the periphery around the pathway to New Earth, as well as portion, half, of the Four Wings Stork’s territory. Nothing is negotiable”. Zax proceeded to say in one breath.

Menacing light flickered in Horn Kikon’s eyes. “If I didn’t know better I would have that this appetite belongs to a beast instead of a human. Are you certain of being able to digest so much?”

“Do you think there is anyone who can prevent me?” Zax retorted. “I was told by the Leader of Sinister Chain that you are the strongest being on this planet. If even you can’t defeat me and take damage…”

Zax’s wording was explicit, the rules makers of this planet, the leaders of the five powers, would either be triumphed by his demeanor or take a step back whenever he is involved.

The acknowledging manner Horn Kikon held Zax in did not deter his original intent. Even though he could not accomplish killing Zax, despite it being monotonous, his pride was sufficiently high to engage in as many more fights as his opponent dares to challenge.

“As someone completely unrelated to us, you are the first indigenous to reach the state of Mortal Enlightenment, but there are two flaws in the way you think so highly of yourself. Even if you can sense you Evolutionary Ascension”, Horn Kikon deliberately elucidated so a “country bumpkin” such as Zax will connect the dots of what is general knowledge outside New Earth, and realize that whoever can sense his or hers Evolutionary Ascension is considered at the Mortal Enlightenment state. “It could be tens, hundreds and thousands of years before its arrival. Specifically how long only you should know, but in my experience, ninety some years are the shortest. That’s enough time for many poor occurrences to take place and bring down your ego. Who knows, at the end you might even fail to ascend. That is one flaw. The second is much greater! While your understanding and insights have completely exceeded us, leaders of the five powers, I’m not like the other four. Unless you’ll become Immortal you won’t be capable of truly harming my Youyue physique. On the other hand, as a Youyue beast I’m bound to eventually sense and have my Evolutionary Ascension, and when that will happen my power in the Mortal realm will reign supreme to all including those at the Mortal Enlightenment state“.

Noting the threat in Horn Kikon’s tone, Zax was not intimidated. On the contrary, he felt like there is very much he could respond with, however he figured that being too talkative perhaps would be the cause of one of those poor occurrences he was warned about, hence he was not eager to tempt fate be revealing his cards regardless how confident he was.

‘No, Kikon, by comparing me to typical cultivator that attained Mortal Enlightenment it is you who err. Although I cannot foretell what the future holds, the assumption of I reaching the Peak of strength before Evolutionary Ascension is terribly wrong!’

First of all, as far as sensing its arrival, Zax was completely oblivious to such distant appointment. He had not even stepped into the third realm with any of his three aspects. Secondly, although his impression of the element energy in his disposal was such that even if Grandmaster Kartion will develop his bodily refinement technique to the epitome of the Mortal path it will hardly match the newfound source of power, there is still the possibility of it not being inferior, even slightly superior to the astonishing Youyue physique.

“Be that as it may, my mind is settled”. Zax insisted, showing off his stubbornness as a way to cover the thoughts backing his resolve.

“Is that so…” Horn Kikon first scowled than a ripple spread from his body and he resumed his regular animalistic form. “I’ll do you the convenience of informing the others”, he turned to leave. “And would like to see how well and for how long you could shoulder the responsibility”. Transforming to a streak of light, he departed.

Without further interruptions, Zax swept with his hand and received the still falling carcass of the Four Wings Stork. His spatial ring was not big enough to contain it, so he only put in it the former Overlord’s Pure Core.

With his concentration on the Pure Core, Zax felt a jolt in his heart that erected all the hairs on his body. He smiled. “It’s time…”

For the residence of the world above ground, Ercas Mir, the existence of New Earth was split into several outlooks. Commoners, non cultivators, had a shallow understanding, which bordered none at all, of the world beneath the earth. For those who cared to believe in the mysterious underground world, New Earth was no different than any other faraway place. Members of esteemed families and clans and up the chain of status had a better idea of the cultures in New Earth and the involvement of the five powers in it. They were aware of the rules and limitation on the inhabitant of New Earth, and that for those who live in Ercas Mir, to traverse the pathway in Selivereb an almost impossible to get permit from the five powers is required. As for the belief that the beasts and people of New Earth are the actual natives of this planet, only selected few outside and within the five powers knew the truth.

In a structural clan on the Western Continent, people and humanoid beasts went on their usual business when windows began to tremble and most things made of glass suddenly shattered.

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The introduction was akin to a thunder in a clear sky. The reaction of ordinary people and beasts, with no potential on the Martial path, was not really interesting. The realm of Martial Mortal was beyond them, not to mention its Peak. Hysteria and fear composed most of their responses and many evacuated the streets in the case more than just a sound wave will pass through the clan.

The more animated reaction belonged, naturally, to the cultivators. The clan had many cultivators among its kin. Apart from them, there were several mercenary bands and independent cultivators. Their reaction was a mixture of incredulity, thrill, fear, envy and reverence. First and foremost, the admission of a fifth level Martial Mortal had never occurred before. Existences at such level were thought to be only within the fiver powers, their leaders – few knew that the man behind the Mercenary Association was also at that level. For a new one to emerge and in such a grandiose manner was a form of encouragement to every cultivator, a testimony that more than five figures can stand on the summit.

Then there was the remark about being from New Earth! What that signified? Not just that a shackled man freed himself from the restraints of the greatest powers on the planet, but also forecasted that a shift in regime is about to happen.

At the top of a two hundred storeys tower at the center of the clan, a naked figure donning a majestic, pink cape exuded fluctuations of a fourth level Martial Mortal. It was a stunning bright blond woman, seemingly twenty years of age.

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The wind causing her cape to flap exposed her gorgeous features, but it appeared that she was not bothered by it. Instead, she was solemnly occupied with the words that faded and now rang in her head.

“This voice… Zax…” A complicated look manifested on her beautiful face and the deeper she reflected the graver her expression became.

Somewhere past the border that marked the end of the Violet Scaled Troops’s territory and the start of the Blessed Army’s domain stood a magnificent city, surrounded by plains of short green grass that stretched for kilometers around it.

The total population of the city amounted close to one million people, more humans than beasts. They lived in what one might confuse as a modern cave from Kingdom Earth, everything cutting edge, pristine and smooth, flying in the air and structured for at least dozens of storeys.

Inside a private garden sat on the ground an orange haired, golden full beard man. Up to several seconds ago, if one had entered the garden there was no way he or she would have noticed the peacefully meditating man. Now, however… the gloomy presence of the man was prominent not just in his garden, but in a radius that for a split second when beyond the illustrated city.


As Zax languidly made his way back to Green Snow village; a wave of tumults, following the one issued by his announcement, spread like wildfire, this time all over the world.

Horn Kikon kept his words and delivered Zax demands to the other leaders of the five powers. Although after receiving his account there was a lot for them to discuss, for a temporary peace with the new expert that in one fell swoop outdone their thousands of years Martial accomplishments and control on the planet, they were willing take a step back before engaging Zax – as they did in the past with Sheldon.

With that approach, and for the sake of preparing their members across the world to the new order in New Earth and Selivereb, every attendant of the five powers in every city and clan was informed and told to spread the news. Better they phrase it than let Zax make the declaration himself and harm the reputation of the five powers in the process.

When Zax eyes saw through the formation that shelters the reclusive village amidst the snowy mountains range, his name was already spoken in every establishment and household. Unlike Sheldon, he was not reluctant to share his name, so to avoid misconception the five powers shared his entire identity, portraying as a success story of a lone man, turning cultivator, reaching the top of the Martial path and earning their acknowledgment. A crowd with adoration was simple to manipulate and had a quickly diminishing temperament. Of the common people, those who will remember Zax would soon only be the few set on following his footsteps and making a name for themselves. Among them, most would realize the hardship of duplicating his exploit and ultimately only handful brazen that nobody will take seriously would remain.

At least, that was the plan for swiftly settle down the commotion Zax sparked, and if it will not work… so be it. The five power will still be the sovereigns of the world!

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