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Book 10 – Immortal, Chapter 20 – Up Up And Away

When he closed his eyes, Zax could vividly see and hear the sights and sound of the wedding celebration. Granted, it ended only eighteen hours ago and much less he, even a cultivator in the first realm could clearly browse through the memories imprinted on the soul of decades ago. Nevertheless, it was not exactly the same, as Zax was just silently lying nakedly on the bed, embracing his beloved wife, and not attempting to recall anything. He did not have to, his entre self was still under the effect of the last two days or so.

After he would get married, Zax planned to end his wandering lifestyle. Together with Anet, he decided on a place to settle as a permanent home for the both of them and their future children.

The location was New Earth, the cave was twenty five of Kingdom Earth.

Setting aside his cultivation level, with just the resources at his disposal, Zax could buy half of Kingdom Earth, but why should he?

Since neither he nor Anet came from a high class family and from a young age devoted themselves to the path of Martial cultivation, they were both fine with staying close to their relatives.

The villa, which took a month to build, was three storeys tall, had two underground chambers and an area totaling eight hundred and thirty six meters, including the courtyard. It was somewhat extravagant for the newlywed couple, but for their status and the status of their guest they had to put a little effort in looking as if they care.

“I received a message from Logan”. Zax said, his mouth full with the vegies omelet Anet made. The two of them sat in front of each other, by the kitchen counter rather than the dining room, having their breakfast, which neither required as nourishment but still enjoyed.

“Is the spacecraft you asked for ready?” Anet asked, holding back her anticipation.

“It better be!” Zax grinned. He knew she was just as excited as he.

With regards to his deal with General Logan, the Dewgong family was the first part to be accomplished. After arresting all members of the family and presenting its high echelon before him, Zax’s killing intent spiked with a deep desire to exterminate. The sudden outburst caught him off guard. He did not expect that within him was such a hidden resentment toward this insignificant group of people whose misconduct, in a way, less affected him than the involvement of Debuk Jin and Ulvi, whom both of which he moved against with the intent to execute vengeance rather than hatred.

It was not a big deal, but it made him uncomfortable, even suspect the Godly Retribution as being responsible, though he could not detect anything out of sort other than its constant bombarding at the protective formation erected in his sea of consciousness.

Eventually, he dealt with the Dewgong family by ruining the cultivation of all first level Core Masters and above of the family and expelling them from the southern part of the Western Continent, freeing them to find shelter in some village or make the journey to a Blessed Army’s city.

“Logan asked me to meet him in two days”. Zax continued.

“Did he not say for what purpose?” The spacecraft was only a probable speculation and Anet wanted to be assured.

“Previously, I only got to know when we met, at that time he surrendered the Dewgong family and half of the promised resources”. Of those resources meant for nurturing third level Core Masters, Zax contributed two thirds to Kingdom Earth, but in contrast, of the attribute’s essence he kept ninety percent for his Martial family, to assist Grandmaster Kartion in the development and cultivation in the Three Stages Of Hyper Physique.

“I’m worried”. Anet put her fork down and held Zax’s hand. “I know that you are strong, but I still fear that one day those leaders of the five powers will ambush you”.

Taking both her hands and clasping them in his, Zax smile. “Trust in your husband. Although I can’t prevent such thing from ever occurring, I do possess an Oath Parchment with Logan’s name on it. If they’ll ever turn against me, not only will they be four instead of five, they will contend against two instead of one!”

Above all woodlands and mountain peaks, former nest of the deceased Four Wings Stork Overlord.

It was the spacecraft, or rather “Star Scavenger”.

It was oval and several stories tall with a silvery shin, like a metallic egg of a colossal chicken.

“The form can be reshaped. In the original design it looked something like this, so when all systems are deactivated, it automatically reverts to this shape”. General Logan clarified as Zax scrutinized the unimpressive Star Scavenger and his expression did not conceal his thoughts.

To be frank, Zax did not know what to expect when he waited for the Star Scavenger to be delivered and from the moment he coerced General Logan into submitting a spacecraft as part of the trade for the dark attribute’s essences, he quite often imagined it would look like those cool looking spaceships from movies and games he was familiar with as a child.

“Here”. General Logan gave up on convincing Zax with words and simply transmitted all essential information of the Star Scavengers via his communicator. “The amount of fuel is about enough for one roundtrip across this Plain. Notify me when a refuel is in order”. He said coolly and left.

Zax disregarded General Logan’s presences the moment he received the Star Scavenger’s information. It took him less than an hour to analyze the operation method of the Star Scavenger and another two hours to thoroughly its all other functions.

With a thought, a remote command was sent and an entrance formed at the highpoint of the Star Scavenger.

Zax flew in as lights turned on, welcoming him in along with the sounds of electronics being activated.

Only allowed on

The interior of the Star Scavenger was smaller than it led to believe from the outside, but that was because of the transformative feature of its exterior.

The room was completely bronze in hue. There were four working stations, each with a chair and a sort of computer, and a fifth, elevated commander station, at the center of the room with only a chair.

Zax flew to the commander station and sat down, leaning on the black padding while grasping the armrests to cease the shaking of excitement in his sweaty hands.

“On!” He uttered with a vibrant tone.

A white shine flickered on the smooth surface of the bronze wall of the room and a projection of the outside world appeared.

Zax raised his right hand with a particular gesture, which summoned a silvery holographic interface, but just as he was about to execute a trifling motion of pressing down, his left hand shot to halt his right.

‘No yet’. Zax told himself, despite his inner desires. As much as he wanted to leave the planet, into the sparkling void of outer space, the moment was too monumental to do alone and his heart was already occupied by someone he wished to share everything with. ‘Besides, soon, when everyone in New Earth would learn that the land beneath the blue sky is traversable, they will need something to propel their aspirations toward new goals’.

People cultivated so they could be strong, as plain as that. Next, they strived so they could venture into Valgarel. Those whose talent was worth nurturing, and had sufficient background, cultivated to be a pillar next to the three top great families of Kingdom Earth.

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Now another path for a cause to cultivate opened, far superior to the former three and others in between and unsaid; returning to the surface of the planet. Subsequently, many better reasons to stride ahead atop the path of Martial cultivation will open and Zax, as someone who surmounted them all, wished to extend the path beyond the perceivable horizon.

Having made the decision to postpone launch for this renewed frontier, Zax sat on the commander’s seat and closed his eyes.

‘Eleven steps…’ His voice reverberated and an enormous pair of eyes opened in his Inner Panorama, musing over the scenery. ‘Move!’ After a long while he ordered his spirit.

As shiver run through the stretched outlines of the giant figure that pushed against its protective soul’s membrane, yet in the end it failed to advance even a millimeter.

‘Move!’ Zax attempted a second time and again; expect from a fleeting shiver, nothing happened.

‘Move! Move! Move! Move! Mov-’ Zax bellowed, straining his mental state, however, as his voice grew louder at the overall seventh shout, an imperious pressure emerged like an invisible weight on his sea of consciousness as if to stand in his way and even do harm.

The culprit was the Godly Retribution.

Not wasting any time, just as it made its assault, Zax hastily transferred his concentrating from his spirit to the formations fending against the Godly Retribution.

Observing, studying, reflecting mending and strengthening – this was his objective from the start.

He forgo time, forgo ideas of outer space and all other distracting thoughts. The window was short and the risk factor too perilous to repeat, so he had to exploit every bit of it.

Finally he was done.

His mouth released a breath of black vapor, which had particles of blood. He was still absorbed in the Godly Retribution, observing with a glare its contained state.

‘It’s exuding constant pressure to place a burden on my sea of consciousness, but that’s not its actual intent. Severing my comprehension of the sixth bottleneck of insight is what it’s trying to do’. He determined, although he was not sure why and it performed, what sort of awareness it had and what would it take for it to pass.

‘Unless I’ll accept Silternjan’s offer, all I can do is tread carefully and see. This fix was taxing, but it would hold better than before and now that I’m certain of its intent I won’t give it the chance to exude pressure or worse, flare’.

The only downside, he could not permit his spirit to proceed one more step, otherwise…

“Hahaha!” Anet’s laughter rolled jubilantly. She wrapped her arms around Zax’s neck and jumped to kiss him. “That’s great!” She commented on the confirmation he gave her regarded the subject of his meeting with General Logan. “But I have something better to share!” She declared.

“Oh, what?” Zax asked, surprised.

“I’m pregnant!”

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