Book 10 – Immortal, Chapter 22 – Reason And Solution

Zax repressed the aching in his heart. “Why was there was a sudden clash of dark attribute and fiery attribute fluctuations, Senior Ariel?”

He thought about it since he placed his palm on Anet’s abdomen and discovered the fluctuations. First idea he discarded was the association to the disparity in cultivation level between him and Anet.

The best example to show it was not the cause was Yimin, the son of Yurnal and Savir. One of his parents is a bodily cultivator equal to fourth level Martial Mortals and the other was an E level Earth’s Core Holder when Zax first met her, which was after she gave birth. Furthermore, Yurnal was a beast and Savir a human.

In the process of making this deduction, Zax also considered the possibility that perhaps for couples with a big difference in cultivation levels there is an uniquely method to procreate, but he refuted this idea as well. If there was, he was sure that he would have been told in advance by any of his seniors. After all, his high cultivation level did not indicate that he also surpassed them in experience and knowledge of other fields.

“I’m afraid I can only guess…” Ariel’s answer surprised Zax, who expected an assertive response.

“Leave me to care for the lass”. Trey offered, so the two could discuss without worry.

Ariel pulled Zax several meters away, while Trey produced some crystal tubes with herbal aroma. Three of the liquids inside the four crystal tubes had a constant color and the fourth seemed like a mixture of all every color of the rainbow.

Zax witnessed as Trey dripped one liquid to Anet’s nostrils, another to her mouth, the third rubbed on her forehead and the fourth, after slight hesitation, on her abdomen. Only when he saw her help Anet absorb and digest those liquids, did he shift his gaze to Ariel.

“Zax, do you know that Immortal can have children with mortals?” Ariel said as a matter of fact, more than a question for Zax to answer. “I learned this during my service in the Blessed Army; but they can’t achieve this in the conventional way. Immortals are beings who converted part of themselves to one of the seven elements. Right after Evolutionary Ascension, the heart of a cultivator who successfully attained the rank of Heavenly Immortal, is the first organ to wholly become of elemental energy physique. What after, other than the names of the subsequent ranks, I’m not sure nor is it crucial for this current predicament”.

The situation was saddening, but no longer urgent. Additionally, the two were conversing at peak perception speed. For this reason, although Ariel preferred to not frustrate Zax with lengthy chatter, he chose to avoid impetuously cutting to the chase.

“Because they are not anymore beings of mortal blood and flesh, Immortals have to impose on themselves restrictions, so their mortal partners would be able to jointly support the conception of new life”.

“I’m a Mortal but also a being of dark attribute…” Zax caught on to the subtext in what Ariel was saying.

“And the latter part of your sentence is what I suspect to be the cause of the outburst in attribute fluctuations”. Ariel stated. “You gave your wife the Four Wings Stork’s Pure Core. The fiery attribute she inherited from it is probably why she managed to sustain despite the potency of the dark attribute fluctuations. Both of you have might have lost, but, nevertheless, are still to be counted as lucky”.

“What now, then? Should I head to Logan, ask how I should have relations with my wife?” Zax’s tone had a hint of bitter venom he wanted to spew on this miserable world.

“Are you vexed by the possibility that he will coerce you to make use of the oath he had given to you?” Ariel assumed. “There is a very easy method to dissuade him from trying…”

Zax nodded, thinking about the same thing. He looked at Anet and surveyed her condition.

‘It would take at least a day for her to wake up…’ He returned to Ariel. “Our families are at my parents’ home. Please bring Anet there, Senior Ariel. I’ll go to the Blessed Army’s First Base. If Logan will confirm the attribute physique hypothesis and be willing to help, I’ll return to my wife’s side. However, if neither he nor anyone else in the five powers could offer help, I’ll seek it via the Galactic Communicator!”

No letting Ariel to persuade otherwise, Zax swiftly departed.

‘I need to meet you. Fly in a straight course toward the pathway to New Earth in Selivereb’. Zax sent General Logan.

Short time later, a shooting star like figure left a brilliant trail as it sliced past the evening sky.

Zax’s eyes recognized General Logan, despite the glare of his aura, even before he perceived the fifth level Martial Mortal’s fluctuations.

“Your call sounded like a summon”. Above the scarce patches of grayish clouds, General Logan floated, arms crossed and a disgruntled gaze.

“I have something pressing to discuss with you”. Zax said as an excuse.

General Logan remained unsatisfied, but did not complain. Next time, though, he might come at his own leisure or not at all.

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“It’s about my wife…” Zax opened and narrated everything that happened.

“You have an attribute physique. Unless your wife reaches to the third Martial Moral level, she won’t be able to bear your children. If you were Immortal, than you would have needed to execute a certain technique to impregnate your mortal partner”.

‘The third Martial Mortal level…’ Zax felt conflicted. With the resource given to him by General Logan it will not be a problem to help Anet advance to this level. Moreover, her Pure Core belonged to an Overlord Deformed Being, as long as she dedicated herself to trying, she was bound to, at the very least, reach the fourth Martial Mortal level. ‘But how much time would she need?’ Was the issue.

“What about a technique for those in the Mortal Enlightenment state and their mortal partner?”

General Logan shook his head. “If there is, I’m unfamiliar with it”.

“Is there a way for you to check?” Zax insisted.

General Logan frowned. “Aren’t you asking a bit too much? Just couple of days ago I gave you a Star Scavenger, in addition to all sort of resources and a coast city. Know when you are crossing the line!”

Zax is perhaps stronger, but General Logan knew that he will not instigate a fight for fearing of complete fallout with both him and Horn Kikon. Besides, even if this was not the case, he would not have let Zax trample on him whenever he wanted something.

“I owe you nothing anymore; therefore, you can either use the oath I gave you or enlist”. General Logan suggested. “Not to the Blessed Army or Violet Scaled Troops, be willing to join the Voltic Star, under the Immortal Violet Star Commander, then you’ll be entitled for my assistance”.

Zax fell silenced. Briefly he allowed himself to evaluate the pros and cons of succumbing to not just General Logan’s offer, but even more so to Archbishop Silternjan’s. Fact is, it definitely was more worth it than otherwise, that is, until he added to the equation the Legacy Of The One’s Path. Whether he could hide it from a Mythical Immortal when he had yet to meet the criteria to actually cultivate it could result in different outcomes for him and this earth and its aboriginals and there was still more…

Then said – by Gogenta – “mightiest legacy, the unparalleled mist refinement technique”, could be far more than a great attraction to whichever Immortal Powerhouse, behind the five powers, Zax may decide to serve. Unearthing this long time not seen technique can also resurface Gegenta’s name and if the Immortal Powerhouse of the five powers have any indication into who he was, they might stop considering the consequence and make haste to ransack this planet.

Zax sighed inwardly. “You are right. I can’t intimidate you to help me. I’ll go communicate with the other four leaders of you, five powers, and if they, too, will refuse, than my last remaining option would be seeking help from outer space, through the Galactic Communicator”.

General Logan’s pupils contracted upon the mentioning of the Galactic Communicator and the manner in which Zax replace an intimidation with an underhanded threat.

Communicating with the Galactic Communicator will provide both parties the coordinates to each other’s location!

“You struck an agreement with us! Do you not care what will happen if you’ll break it?! At that time, none of us will be able to postpone the decent our Immortal legions! You and your people would be subjected to one of two approaches. The one in which you have not made anything to infuriate esteemed Mythical Immortals and another in which you stupidly did!” General Logan warned quiet emotionally. Should it be the latter approach, then not even he would come out unscratched, much less rewarded as originally promised.

What concerned General Logan even more was that if the other leaders of the five powers could not help him, he would really dare to contact outside help.

“Give me several days”.  General Logan said, composed and mindful that his compliance makes the Galactic Communicator a tool for future extortions. Nevertheless, it was a small price for him and the other four to pay until their assignment will come to fruition and one party among the three would be rewarded.

“I’ll be waiting for the good news”. Saying nothing about General Logan’s change of mind, Zax turned leave. In this interaction he may have gotten the former to help him, but in the process he nurtured that seed of animosity already sowed between him and the five powers.

A flock of thirty thousand voracious Bone Draining Finchs spotted, from the top of the trees atop they nestled, a figure donning shining dark blue armor, flying right where their turf was.

They were a cunning group of one scale Deformed Beings. Cowards on their own, they did not dare to mess with other, inferior one scale Deformed Beings, but together, as tens of thousands, they had the nerve to even antagonize some juvenile three scales Deformed Beings.

Screeching cries rang in the air with a sound akin to bones scrapping as all the Bone Draining Finchs sprang into motion after the intruding figure.


A loud “Humph” reverberated and before the Bone Draining Finch at the forefront flew a hundred meters high, it, and all the rest Bone Draining Finchs fell from the sky with lifeless eyes.

If it was any other time, there was a good chance he would have spared the dumb birds. It was his purposely suppressed aura that led the Bone Draining Finchs to assume he was easy prey. Right now, though, General Logan was in a terrible mood.

In the distance was a city of his Blessed Army called “Sonertone” and in it was a skyscraper that surpassed all structures in the vicinity.

General Logan flew directly to the top floor of the skyscraper and entered through the opened airstrip.

An elderly bald and bearded man was currently appreciating a certain artwork depicting two people, a man and a woman in leather armor of some sort confronting a creature of scales, fur, four limbs, long tail and a head with three scales.

General Logan waited patiently for the old man to finish his indulging in the painting.

“You wanted to meet, under the radar…” Sheldon hoarse voice calmly said.

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“Yes. Not even Kikon can know about it”. General Logan said grimly. “A month, nothing more. If you can agree, get your esteemed Senior to act in conjunction with the Violet Star Commander at the appointed time of the Immortals decent”.

“A month in exchange to the single favor Senior Ohar promised me…” Sheldon pondered. “What if your Violet Star Commander will fail to obtain the Godly Law Template? I will end up spending my capital for nothing”. Before General Logan could retort he proceeded. “Forty five days, not a second short”.

There was no room to bargaining. General Logan calculated pros and cons of his decision and weighed his determination; much like Zax did earlier today.


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