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Book 10 – Immortal, Chapter 35 – Sentient And Awakening

To say Zax was gratified will be an understatement. Bin Bin’s preparation benefited on several accounts.

Firstly, it healed his injuries with only his spirit still crouched but at least not kneeling anymore.

Secondly, he opened the hidden chamber of the second Savage Cave without endangering, basically the world, as he nearly did at the climax of his battle with the Horned Eel.

Thirdly, the Godly Law Template’s aura had not escape yet the chamber, allowing him a chance to study it if not the template itself – Gogenta preferred for him not to waste time on something that might deviate his intended path as the inheritor to Legacy Of The One’s Path.

Lastly, Bin Bin’s droplets of windy element energy were spent after barring the gravitational and savage forces of the cave, healing him and opening the chamber. Hence, they could not pose a risk to him anymore.

‘You were sent by Sheldon to speak of Immortal Senior Ohar. I presume the windy element energy was delivered somehow from Senior Ohar, as well as their execution method… Did Senior Ohar moderate the operation in consideration to me?‘ Zax wondered if that, too, was an act of good faith or just a coincidence.

“Let’s enter together”. He decided to assist Bin Bin, though the fellow was unresponsive due to the process of his recovery. Unlike him, Bin Bin did not cultivate his physique.

He picked him on his back and descended the tens of meters to the bottom of the chamber.

‘Again, just like in the Earthly Crater, this comfortable sensation… I can’t be complacent! Previously, its presence and the pace it allowed my spirit to take aroused the Godly Retribution!’ In the weakened state of his spirit he risking the same stunt might result in more harm than good. ‘Hold it… I can use it to help my spirit, but I can’t alert the Godly Retribution. It has to stay crouched!’ The hard part was forcing his spirit to listen. Its yearning for the last bottleneck of insight was virtually beyond his control.

‘Feels good’. Bin Bin let out a sweet voice right to his ear.

‘That idiot, what is he doing?’ By resisting the cozy aura of the Godly Law Template, Zax could vaguely retain his senses, otherwise he would not have heard or felt Bin Bin’s breath, perhaps even loosening his arms and dropping him. ‘Whatever. I can’t let him distract me’.

So long as the aura was caged in the chamber, he wanted a chance lucidly perceive it, but the prerequisite for that was acclimating to its emission.

While Zax was preoccupied with himself, Bin Bin’s spatial released a faint, emerald glow. A shiny coarse stone the size of a baby’s fist, popped out, falling first to the bottom of the chamber.

Without a sound the stone landed and a phenomenon began to occur as both Zax and Bin Bin remained oblivious in their personal situations.

Green flames emerged from the stone, illuminating the chamber. They burnt for quite a while and even after Zax’s feet touched soil. Weirdly, they did not cause harm to him, Bin Bin or even their clothes.

Then, a howl echoed in the chamber. The flames latched onto something invisible, intangible. It tried to resist, but the flame behaved more like quicksand than fire. The more the thing fought, the faster it got dragged to the originator of the flames, the emerald stone. Finally, when it was trapped inside the stone, the flames receded back to it.

Done with its purpose, the stone rose to the air, but instead of returning to Bin Bin’s spatial ring, it imbued itself in his forehead, where blood gushed to his eyes before he healed.

Bin Bin torpidly opened his eyes and blinked perplexedly a few times. “This… where? The good feeling? Ouch! My head!” The instant his palm reflexively slammed against his forehead realization dawned on him and his face wore a fervent countenance.

“I made it! Uncle Ohar’s Emerald Soul Gam at last reacted!” He shouted happily, ignoring the fact that he is on Zax’s back, within the hidden chamber Sheldon told him about or in front illusionary white bright triangular plate, the locked aura of the Godly Law Template – which his senses could perfectly perceive.

‘Uncle Ohar suggested this Star for me as a good breeding ground to worldly elemental Spirits, but until this very moment I was skeptical about it. I also have to thank uncle Sheldon. If it wasn’t for him urging me to unearth the secrets of this place and this room, ‘third cave’, I never would have agreed to waste the windy element energy’. Jubilant and concerned about nothing but his successful endeavor, still hanging on Zax, he began to inspect his integration with the coarse, green stone, Emerald Soul Gam.

‘I did my best’. Zax concluded when he came to himself. ‘Bin Bin hasn’t woken up yet… wait, I’m not influenced anymore by the Godly Law Template’s aura. Did I miss its clash with the Godly Retribution or is it because I responded aptly this time?’

He had no way of finding out and frankly he was fine with this unknown.

‘My spirit can stand up straight and even reach out now’. This alone made him happy with this trip. ‘Restraining taking a third of the effort I’m putting on maintaining the newly erected protective formation around the Godly Retribution. Well, I can manage it. Nevertheless, for taking the remaining step and a half to the sixth bottleneck I’ll have to find a strong catalyst and make further preparation for the anticipate genuine eruption of the Godly Retribution’. Minimizing his predicaments to only two was something to be content with, even though they were the most troublesome.

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‘This is?’ He took note of the brilliant glare from the illusionary plate. “The Godly Law Template’s aura!” A mere look was sufficient to grasp, and the recognition was the kind that sparked into being out of nowhere.

Entranced, Zax obsoleted the plate. It appeared to have writings, however maybe because it was just an aura they were illegible.

‘It’s futile. I… I can’t discern a straight line from a curve, never mind a whole letter’. It was too incomplete. The best he could make of the opportunity was basking in the aura, which he already did to the point of it being fruitless or rather dangerous…

‘A fraction of the original aura is brimming with immeasurable power and in spite of that its fluctuations are bridled as if the lock sill active. Can I…’ He covetously reached to grab, dark attribute energy shielding his hand.

Unbeknownst to Zax, the plate was agitated by the intent in the initiation of his motion. It shuddered and issued a hum that his perception was too slow to pick.


Blinding light, defeating sound and then nothing. Both Zax and Bin Bin were shocked into unconsciousness.

Tremors spread all across New Earth, not violent or even daunting, but the disturbance shook the foundation of the network of tunnels and caves, instigating various Sun Stone storms.

Hours of unrest flustered humans and beasts alike. In the first half hour it could be said that residential caves were equipped to deal with Sun Stone storms and so were the tribes in Valgarel, abandoning only Wild beasts to fend for themselves, but in time the storms exacerbated. Luckily, when technology failed, Core Masters and above risen to take the responsibility, erecting barriers to hold off the storms.

“This… is the Godly Law Template’s aura!”

“The Godly Law Template’s aura!”

“A second apparition!”

“Hamumni? No, this direction… Selivereb!”

From all corners of the globe, be it humans, beasts or Deformed Beings, all with sufficient level of cultivation could feel the prominent aura that once stirred the Earthly Crater.

Among those experts, only four of the five powers’ leaders noticed the fluctuations escaping from the pathway to New Earth.

In the Down Ocean.

Admiral Hamumni had been submerged in the turbid, mercury like seawater for the past ten years, examining the Heavy Water Pools for clues about the Godly Law Template.

“Oh, no!” In the midst of exploring a Heavy Water Pool, which seemed to accommodate a dormant Spirit, the draining on the layer of ice at the bottom abruptly ceased and a novel, sentient inhalation caught Admiral Hamumni unguarded as it drew for the first time, nearly pulling her in.

Distancing herself from the pool, Admiral Hamumni assumed that she avoided the clutches of an untimely death when she was bombarded by raving undulation from far, close and every direction.

“No! No! No! The all the Spirits are gaining sentience simultaneously and awakening!” Frightened for her dear life, with zero consideration to what it might mean for the Godly Law Template, she transformed to her animalistic form…

Waist up, a blue luster glittered over her white, seamless body, while her white long, oceanic hair spread flowingly. Waist down, blue, green and yellow scales adorned her fish’s tail along with seven razor sharp fins and pearly four long tentacles.

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‘I must get out and alert elder sister Beking, alert everyone! If those things resurface we must make haste and ask for Immortal reinforcement, otherwise, with so many Spirits awakening, the lives on this Star are doomed!’

‘Hamumni?’ General Beking received the transmission the instant Admiral Hamumni left the waters of the Down Ocean. “What?!” Hearing the message, she tensed and bellowed direly. ‘No! I Don’t care for the agreement! Don’t you say a word to them, yet! Return to me immediately! Order your Blue Sea forces to converge with mine! Should those Spirit will really show signs of coming out, we must ask Sheldon to contact the Planetary Battalion sooner than the others turn to him to communicate with the superpowers behind them. As for what next… I fear it would be an Immortals War!’

General Beking clenched her fists. Their options were really confining. Apart from Luminous Church, all other four powers could commune with the superpowers supporting them, but should they invite them, Sinister Chain, who possesses Luminous Church’s Galactic Communicator, will retaliate by sending the planet’s coordinates throughout the nearby Plains and perhaps farther!

Additionally, even if Sinister Chain would be removed from the equation, should they summon aid from the Voltic Star, Planetary Battalion and Holy Palace before locating the Godly Law Template, then not a shred of the thousands years of labor will come to fruition for any of the five powers’ leaders.

And should they accept losing everything, will Sheldon agree to work for free?

“Dammit! Dammit!” General Beking did the calculation and curse. ‘Wait for me, Hamumni, I’m coming to you. We can’t be impulsive before being certain about the Godly Law Template!’

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