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Title: System Wants Me Dead | Tags: Antihero, Warfare, Goddesses, Reincarnation

Synopsis: [SYSTEM REBOOT] "Where am I?" [Where you are doesn't matter anymore!] "Who are you?" [I'm a System-type entity, you don't require further information human.] "What?" Zane, finding himself in a virtual empty dimension with a nagging game-like system flying near his hand who rudely asks him to complete near-impossible quests, is trying his best to NOT GET KILLED. [Let's get started, shall we? I really don't like humans in my world, could you please die already?]

Book 10 – Immortal, Chapter 49 – For What And Whom

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Elijah already had an inclination of the roles how his, Yurnal and Kartion’s bodily refinement techniques would play in the making of the ultimate bodily refinement technique.

The Seven Stages Of Bodily Refinement and he believed its subsequent refinement technique, focus on the vitality of the bodily cultivator. In general, all bodily refinement techniques enhance the vitality of their users; it was the core of their strength. But the emphasis in Kartion’s technique, perhaps because of his deep desire to heal his dantian, resulted in bodily refinement techniques with reservoirs of vitality behind the capacity of maybe all the refinement techniques in Ercas Mir put together.

Infinite Transformations Altering Body, like the name suggests, is all about making the body comfortable with the path of a bodily cultivator, whether in the refinement process or application of the physique. Its greatest advantage is its adaptability to the changes the body experience during refinement. It is the best vessel to hold the immense vitality of bodily cultivators and it also answers the most common side effect of bodily refinement… the alteration in size. Infinite Transformations Altering Body can sustain the ideal shape of the user, regardless of the amount of vitality. Instead, by maintaining a concentrated form with a copious vitality, the body can use the excess of energy to repel impurities to an even higher extent.

Scarlet Armor and its attention on blood is the pulse, the heart that can take vitality and generate the fuel to run the ultimate physique. Elijah was most versed in this part and required little contemplation to assume why and how it can fit.

“These unripe Blood Red Grape are too bland, Yimin”. A blond haired young girl with freckles complained while grudgingly gobbling the fruit with the apple like texture.

“Enough, Balki”. A shaped, blue eyed youth with indistinct animalistic feature scolded. “Take example from Nyan, Buggens and Lim. They, too, don’t like the flavor of the unripe Blood Red Grape, but they keep their opinions to themselves because they know the fruits are necessary to sustain the physiques in the harsh environment of the first Savage Cave!”

The group of youngsters was none other than Yurnal’s youngest apprentices and son.

Baby Yimin grew up to have a striking resemblance to his father’s human form and his personality was frightfully the same. He was the oldest in the group, despite looking like one of them, in his early twenties.

Being bored from the confinement to New Earth, the five receive permission from Yurnal to venture into the Savage Caves. Yimin was a third level Core Master whose slow cultivation resulted from his stubbornness to comprehend all six bottlenecks of insight and the fact that his main route was bodily refinement. The two girls and boy, Nyan, Buggens and Lim, were Mist Masters in terms of mist cultivation and in the middle of the first realm in their Master’s refinement technique. Balki, the youngest, was just a Core Breaker, yet also in the middle of the first realm as a bodily cultivator.

This was the second week of the group in the first Savage Cave and the grove they accommodated was a quarter of the way past the entrance.

“Fine… I’ll give you the next ripe grape I’ll find”. Yimin succumbed to Balki’s sulking expression.

“Hehehe!” Balki hid her smiling face.

“Big brother Yimin, you are too lenient on little sister Balki. Just because she can cry on command, doesn’t mean she is that sensitive”. The bald youth, Lim, said. He had scaly skin and cracked lips as if he had severe dehydration, when actually he was an aquatic beast that, oddly enough, its human form had the highest need for water.

“Dried Shrimped, you slander me again!” Balki pouted. “We’ll see which little sister services you a cup of water next time you’ll forget yourself for too long in human form!”

“Little sister”, the long black haired Buggens come to placate. “Master wants us to eventually survive in the Savage Cave with our own power. Big brother Lim worried that if you’ll seek big brother Yimin for every inconvenience, you will impede your own development”.

“That’s not right”. Balki protested. “Big brother Yimin is the eldest here, he just being nice to his youngest Martial sister!”

“Here is where you are wrong”. Buggens shook her head. “Big brother Yimin is being, like big brother Lim said, lenient and not nice to you. Do you want to know why?” She gave her a subtle hint to accept what she says, rather than question, otherwise she might get hurt.

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“Why?” Balki ignored the hint.

Yimin sighed.

“Because he doesn’t believe in you”. Buggens bluntly said. “If he thought that you have the facility to endure the first Savage Cave with your current mentality, he would have been just as strict with you as he is with the rest of us, staying an aloof bystander observer, instead of ‘caring big brother’”.

“Is it true?!” Balki glared at Yimin, this time with real tears. “Do you real think I’m helpless”. She felt more hurt that he did not believe in her.

“Your body and mist cultivation is sufficient, but your soul is inexperienced. Due to the advanced preparations, you all did well when we entered the cave. But afterwards, when the protective formations Master placed in your sea of consciousness waned, you were the only one who constantly sought my assistance against the savage force”. Since Balki found out the truth, Yimin stated with a straight face, deciding for her sake to stop being lenient.

Balki was at a loss for words when the figure she admired the most faced her without a trace of sympathy.

She was merely eleven years old that a chance encounter eight years back made her catch the attention of her now Master, Yurnal.

Gradually, her dejected expression became sullen. The many things she wanted to say in self defense refused to leave her mouth, so in moment of desperation and great will to prove them all wrong, she herself left in a run.

“Oh, you three are a bunch of meanies. Two senior brothers and sister ganging up on little Balki like that…” The short black haired Nyan jeered. “Big brother Yimin, you can’t just watch her from afar. A maiden’s heart is most fragile when she first falls in love. You must go after Balki”.

“Is that really a thing?” Lim, as a beast, thought that love should be straightforward.

“Go train”. Nyan shot him a stare and shifted her gaze back to Yimin. “If you won’t listen to me, you might lose more of your mother’s human side”.

The mentioning of his mother, Savir, ticked off Yimin. He realized a long time ago that as he follows his father’s teachings, he becomes less and less like his kind and gentle mother. To him, the child of a beast and a human, both sides were an integral part of and allowing one eclipse the other was nothing short of being unfilial toward his mother.

He went after Balki.

“You still haven’t captured him?” A figure garbed in state of the art camouflage uniforms entered the grove and stoop next to another figure in similar attire.

“I don’t want to harm these lads. They are part of New Earth’s future. I used a soul technique to stir a small quarrel among them. Now Yimin has gone after one of his younger sister apprentices. How it went in your part?” Supreme Ruler Ar Yen asked Elijah.

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“That Yurnal is overly vigilant since New Earth got sealed. He sent a slippery third level Martial Mortal to guard him, one that practiced the Infinite Transformations Altering Body to minor accomplishment and was proficient in obscuring himself”.

“You did not kill him”. Supreme Ruler Ar Yen phrased the question as a statement.

“No. Just the fact that he was taken down left too many clues. I tied him up. We’ll take him with us and in the appointed meeting with Yurnal we can return him in an attempt to prove our good faith”.

Supreme Ruler Ar Yen was relieved. “Let’s go”. He uttered promptly to the lead to Yimin.

“I’m not coming back! I can conquer this stupid Savage cave and kick the lot of you out of it!” Balki continued to ran from Yimin, yet whenever the gap and between them got too long and shrouded by the dense vegetation, she looked back and scanned with concerned eyes until she found him.

She got over her fear from the mad beasts and humans, who got consumed by the savage force, and merrily extended her alone time with Yimin.

“This girl…” Yimin looked fondly at her back and thought that if it would lighten her mood, he can entertain a while longer. ”Eh?”

Suddenly his keen instincts were aroused by a sense of grave danger, but before he could scratch the surface of those feelings, his vision turned dark and he lost consciousness.

Supreme Ruler Ar Yen appeared beside him and caught Yimin before he crashed to the ground. He then employed the same soul technique from before to stimulate Balki to return to her fellow apprentices, which deterring nearby savages.

“There is no use for regret at this stage”. Elijah joined him.

“I’m not regretting”. Supreme Ruler Ar Yen retorted, but it was impossible for him to completely conceal from Elijah that he is on the edge. “I just thought that after this ordeal I probably won’t be acknowledged of a Supreme Ruler ever again. My reign would be short and remembered-“

“As the most heroic!” Elijah interrupted. “The youngest and only Supreme Ruler who burdened himself with the scorn of his people, just so he could confront Immortals and prevail, for his country and the ungrateful!”

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