Book 8 – Element, Chapter 38 – The First Stage Of The Three Stages Of Hyper Physique

‘Beginner second level Martial Mortal’. After exchanging hundreds of blow with Grandmaster Kartion, Zax finally breached the bottleneck between the first and second Martial Mortal level. Of course it did not mean that Grandmaster Kartion at his best was stronger or equal to a Peak first Level Martial Mortal. In fact, since Zax threw the first blow with the strength of Peak first Level Martial Mortal it instantly became an experiment of how long Grandmaster Kartion could bear the suppression and what it would ultimately take for him to surrender.


Zax replicated his first strike, an open palm to Grandmaster Kartion’s skull, and drew a distance afterwards.

“Argh!” Grandmaster Kartion’s groaned and staggered. For a brief moment he became motionless, losing the luster in his eyes. “I passed out!” He regained consciousness and breathed deeply. Probing his condition, there was a small fissure at the outer layer of his skull. ‘Another couple of blows like this and it would’ve split!’ He relaxed his stance in acknowledgment. ‘Not that it has to come to this. This whole time Martial nephew Zax was using blunt movement. If he had revealed his attainments in his bodily maneuvers or an even less advanced technique, I would have been down from the start’.

Being aware of this did not actually shake Grandmaster Kartion’s assurance in his physique. Martial arts and movement techniques or one thing and bodily cultivation was another. If he will spend his time more training in either of the two formers, next battle he could better keep up and endure longer.

“This should suffice”. Grandmaster raised his head to Zax and transformed to his humanoid form.


“Big brother!”

“Little brother!”

The spectating members of the household hassled to come close, some of them with awe plastered on their faces, others with shock and admiration.

“Little brother Zax, I’m utterly flabbergasted by how strong you had become in such a short span of time”. Raroen said in praise.

“Indeed!” Rarahel joined in. “You are twenty one years old… do you have the smallest inclination of how frustrating your improvement can make others feel?”

“Big brother Raroen, big sister Rarahel, have you forgotten little brother Zax’s telling of his experience in that Ercas Mir?” Mes interrupted. “Little brother said that if not for that peculiar God made dark attribute’s essence and the place called ‘Earthly Crater’ there was no way he would have achieved this qualitative jump in strength”.

“Martial nephew Mes is right”. Kartius nodded. “From how Martial son described it, he more than once was more lucky than diligent”.

“Be that as it may”, Grandmaster Kartion converged last. “His talent was always spectacular”. He turned to Zax. “Martial nephew, you helped me a lot. Be at my Blue Tower tomorrow and I’ll pass you the Three Stages Of Hyper Physique’s perfect first stage and second stage’s template”.

“The second stage’s template?” Zax had no idea why Grandmaster Kartion would give it to him of it was incomplete.

“Yes. Although it’s early to say, when you’ll fully cultivate the first stage, I’d like for you to use your insights to help me formulate the second stage, or at least display a notion of how do you think its system should function”.

“Okay, Grandmaster”. It was not a complicated request.

In the past Zax already shared portion of his thoughts when he accompanied his Master and Grandmaster Kartion in the pursuit of the Three Stages Of Hyper Physique, back when it was named the “second phase of the Seven Stages Of Bodily Refinement”. Now that it became a technique based on the absorption of attribute’s essence and attribute energy, it would not have been pretentious of him to take the initiative to ask for the second stage’s template.

“Little Zi, are you going home?” Zax inquired.

“Yes, since Grandmaster told me to return tomorrow”.

“Wait”, Raroen stopped him. “Little brother Zax, spar with me once”. It would have been a shame to miss the opportunity to test himself against someone who traversed the world above ground and is a match to the most supreme of experts.

“I want to exchange pointers with you, as well, brother Zax”. Hagen asked.

“I suppose all of us what a taste of little brother Zax”. Mes chuckled.

Zax laughed. “I don’t mind. Big brother Raroen first, big sister Hagen second and so forth by seniority”.

“That means that I’d be next to last!” Mes was discontent; he was the third to speak.

“Then you will almost get to see all the different ways little brother Zax can beat you”. Simel taunted. “Little brother Zax, wouldn’t it be better to arrange the order by gender, too, females first?”

“I have not issues being after big brother Raroen”.

“I don’t mind being after big brother Simel”.

Hagend and Rarahel pitched in.

“Hey”, Mes protested. “I should’ve been third, how come I’m pushed to the end of the line? Shulip, aren’t you going to give some face to your big brother?!”

“I’m fine being after big brother Raroen, big sister Hagen, big brother Simel and big sister Rarahel. Big sister Zetsa, if you are interested in the spar, little sister Shulip will respectfully take a step back”.

“Shulip!” Mes was dispirited. “Fine, fine! Have fun on my expense. I’ll be there watching and laughing as you get your asses kicked by little brother Zax!”

Standing on the sidelines, Zetsa and Kartius amusingly watched as Mes was being teased.

“Aren’t you curious of how well can you fare against the condition Martial son presenting?” Kartius asked.

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Zetsa shook her head. “And you, Martial uncle?”

“Big brother accomplishments in Kinetic Force are higher than mine and in contrast to him, I am also a third level Core Master. Our strength is roughly on the same level, so there no need to embarrass myself for no reason. Mm? They are starting”.

The space was dark and sealed, in it, Zax sat with eyes closed and legs crossed.

‘Grandmaster wasn’t making a joke when he described this technique as a lake turning to an ocean…’

A day had passed since he did battle with Grandmaster Kartion. After receiving the two stages of the Three Stages Of Hyper Physique, Zax returned home, to span an additional day with his family and inform his parents that he is entering into a closed doors training session. He will be in New Earth, but they will not be able to see him. With heavy hearts he received their compliance. Thus now he was sitting in his old secluded cavern.

‘Last I saw the first stage its system had only the soul’s method of utilizing the energy of the world, which is a diluted form of energy made after two types of attributes or more scramble and cancel themselves. Now while the soul’s method is still useable and with a bit modification, there is a second method, beneficial for those who understand and can draw a specific worldly attribute energy’. And the best part he had yet to mention… ‘Unlike the Seven Stages Of Bodily Refinement, this second realm technique doesn’t go by harsh principles, other than dedication!’

Zax analyzed the stream of information he permitted Grandmaster Kartion to transmit directly to his sea of consciousness.

Following the second method: The Three Stages Of Hyper Physique’s first stage is divided to three periods. In the first period beginning with opening all the pores in the body, and then within each of them forming a vortex for attribute energy absorption. When all the vortexes accumulate enough attribute energy starts the second period. Creeks connecting all the vortexes distribute the attribute energy across the body. In the third period, when the body is brimful with attribute energy it is then turns into a pond which nourish the physique.

This may sound like typical cultivation, but it is far from it. The vortexes, creeks and pond are created via a unique and precise manner. To accomplish that, a cultivator must break through to the second realm of bodily cultivator in the Seven Stages Of Bodily Refinement and since it is the second method, a high understanding and control of a certain attribute is also essential.

Nevertheless, as easy as this refinement technique was for Zax to cultivate, it still had its shortcomings.

‘Plainly ridiculous! Just for the first stage I must refine a hundred thousand kilos of dark attribute’s essence! To absorb it as dark attribute energy will take me between seven thousand and eight thousand years!’

The fuller the pond gets, the bigger it grows, the faster the absorption become. At the threshold to the second stage the absorption rate will be twenty times the original.

‘Although the vortexes can absorb unceasingly at peak performance, regardless of what I do, that’s still worth half the lifespan of a Martial Mortal!’

Martial Mortals can live up to fifteen thousand years.

‘Too long! Too long! There must be something that I can do to hasten it, but even in Ercas Mir I doubt that a hundred tons of any attribute are simple to find!’ He wrecked his head after solution, and then it dawned on him. ‘But an ideal place to cultivate is another thing…!’


He blasted the boulder sealing the cavern and dashed out.

‘In the Earthly Crater I can probably accelerate my absorption rate a bit more, but in New Earth, there is no better place than the second Savage Cave!’

He promised his parents that this training session will not take him longer than four months, which is why not a second of it could be wasted.

Zax instantly transformed to the second stage of his Dark Titan Strom form and bolted toward the Savage Caves.

Ten meters… fifty… hundred… two hundred… two hundred and fourteen meters!

Zax halted, back in his regular form since he entered the second Savage Cave.

“Excellent!” Despite the oppression of the gravitational and savage forces he could not help by shout elatedly. Moreover, like his visit a few days ago, there was again no one but him in the cave.

‘The five powers will most likely send people only when they’ll have the means to defend from the two forces completely and in New Earth Core Masters and Martial Mortal will rarely make the trip here’. He invested one breath of a thought on the subject. ‘More importantly, I’m kind of in a pickle here… I can’t repel the gravitational force; otherwise the dark attribute energy will also be repulsed. Then again, my absorption rate in the two hundred and fourteen meters mark is close to eleven times faster. I can still advance four to five more steps’. With a reason to do so, Zax took the remaining stride to his limit.

‘Two hundred and twenty one meters, eleven times. If by the twenty kilometers mark it will reach a thousand times, it would be amazing!’ He did a quick calculation while commencing the first period. ‘Eleven times faster is forty four kilos in four months. I don’t really need to do anything but stay here, so I can also search for dark attribute’s essence…’

While it sounded fine and dandy, for the next four months, whether he will stand fixated to the same place or play find the treasure, he will have to bear the pain of the gravitational and savage forces.

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Thus, Zax first training session in the Three Stages Of Hyper Physique’s first stage started.

As time elapsed, Zax really did remain stationary with no hint of movement and an entire month gone by like this.

At the middle of the second month he felt accustomed to the gravitational and savage forces, not to the point of taking another step, but enough to resume practicing the Bone And Muscle Transformation.

At the seventh day of the third month Zax began looking for dark attribute’s essence, this time intending to plunder all of it, if he can.

By the fourth month he collected a little over twelve kilos of dark attribute’s essence fruits and God, any God, help the poor soul who will come looking for even one gram that is left.

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