Book 9 – Eruption, Chapter 17 – Unexpected Message

“Who the hell cares about the grunt that made a fool of your church?!” Horn Kikon retorted. “How many members of the chain did we identify over the years and where it got us? Other they die in battle, hide or, in case of capture, the chain relocate and everything torture out of them is useless”.

“Kikon”, Archbishop Silternjan persistently said. “True, it has never been beneficial to possess the identities of the chain’s member, expect for making it easier to kill them, but this time around, if not for his speculated origin, then his identity alone worth spending all our resources for an additional kill”.

“You’re making it sound like there is a new fourth level expert in the chain”. General Logan flipped his hand and a purple bottle of some sort of drink appeared in his hand, out of his spatial ring, while six glass cups appeared on the table. He filled each cup to the brim in one motion and telekinetically disturbed five of them among the people around the table. “Who is it? I would like to know”. He took a sip of the purple liquid in his cup and asked.

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Archbishop Silternjan caught the cup sent to him, held it firmly, but did not raise it to his lips, to drink. “He is not a fourth level expert”. He said with a knowing smile of what to come…

“Are you playing with us, Silternjan?” General Beking glowered, also not drinking.

“I’m certainly not”.

“Then what are you saying?” Admiral Hamumni pushed the cup away, for the meantime. She knew what beverage Admiral Logan like the most and always kept on his person. It had a distinct flavor and aroma and also possessed a mild positive effect on the soul. However, she, too, was not in the mood to drink. “Are we to utilize our powers for a third level Martial Mortal or weaker? The chain has more than ten third level Martial Mortals, maybe twenty, maybe more? Frankly, Silternjan, I’m beginning to doubt the credibility of your words, or are you still trying to pull us down with you?”

“Let him speak!” The bottom part of a cup hit the table; half the content of the purple beverage was gone. The speaker, who leaned back on his chair and chided withdrew his presence right after reminding everyone that today the forces of the church are not solitary.

“Thank you, Northstar”, Archbishop Silternjan nodded and with everyone’s attention ready to listen, he finally took a long sip and continued to clarify. “The person who stole the Galactic Communicator isn’t a third level expert, although his power not far. Let me tell you something, that person, who bypassed two Bishops and escaped myself, until a handful of years ago, wasn’t even as strong as a Peak Core Master”. He smirked from the looks of astonishment and disbelief. Subtle as they were, he knew those around him quite well and could easily distinguish their reactions. Besides, after this rate opportunity to entertaining himself on their expense, the Archbishop was aware that when everything will be done and the church will reinstate communication with the Holy Palace, His Holiness will have him undergo repentance for his shame and failure.

“That’s not funny, Silternjan”. General Logan poured a second cup down his throat, his breath smelled like sugary fruits. “By what you say, the chain had gotten an expert with an astonishing rate of cultivation. If in just a few years he reached the level of eluding you, then perhaps in a few more, a seventh fifth level Martial Mortal will be born on this planet”.

“The chain two leaders are comparable to fourth level Martial Mortal, I reckon above Beginner phase”. General Beking, “but for them to increase their battle power to that of a fifth level Martial Mortal… they might need a thousand years, if not thousands. This says a lot about their overall talent and shows that the aboriginals of this planet are not to be taken for granted… Is the origin of the man in question is a New Earth’s native?“

“Another one?!” Admiral Hamumni exclaimed and averted her gaze to Horn Kikon and General Logan. “Are the two of you inept? Should I myself contact your Violet Star Commander and tell him about your inability to govern your territories?! The pathway to New Earth is in the Western Continent, not in the east and not in the sea!”

“Little bitch of the seas, you have the nerve?!” Horn Kikon howled. “Should you dare slander me in the ears of Violet Star Commander, I’ll eat you!” In a fit of rage he transformed to his regal, nightmarish animalistic form of over three hundred meters long golden scaled, silver furred body, with horns, sanguine claws and ebony teeth. His shoulder up and waist down like the combination of a tiger, wolf and a bear, while his torso, shimmering gold like a four armed dragon.

“Threaten me?!” Admiral Hamumni exploded in fury. She sprang to the air and transformed, as well. Her dress torn to pieces, revealing from the waist up a body white as snow with a blue luster glittering on her seamless skin. Her white long, oceanic hair spread flowingly to all directions of the compass. She had not eyes, just a button nose and sweet lips that concealed rows tiny teeth. Her waist down was scaled blue, green and yellow, a fish’s tail with seven razor sharp fins and pearly four long tentacles.

Neither was a beast of this planet, neither was inferior to the rare Chaoyue beasts of this planet.

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“Draw back!” General Beking jumped from her seat to the air, next to Admiral Hamumni whose animalistic figure was still smaller than the average person. She leered at Horn Kikon. She, Cardinal Northstar and maybe one or two Overlords, were the sole existence second to that beast.

“Kikon, it’s not time to fight!” General Logan flew in front of the giant head of the nightmarish beast.

“Move away, Logan! These lambs think they are mine, Kikon’s equals?!” He roared. “I’m Youyue!” His voice echoed to the heavens, splitting the clouds and shaking the earth.

“You are, Kikon, you are, which is why you shouldn’t let her words influence you! You are Superior to her in every way; Violet Star Commander will kill her before listening to any slurs regarding you!” General Logan used his attainments in the soul to and release soothing undulations. He was not afraid from Horn Kikon, they both served under the same Immortal and in fighting will only get both of them in trouble. To avoid the headache, he did his best to calm his comrade.

“Horn Kikon”, Cardinal Northstar flew right above his seat. Picking his words carefully, he proceeded to say. “Our enemy is Sinister Chain and that new prospect they recruited. Admiral Hamumni was mistaken in forgetting this point and getting distracted by the trivial”.

‘Don’t say a word, Hamumni!’ General Beking warned her via Sublime Soul Sense. ‘Logan will definitely take Kikon’s side, should we end up in a fight, and by the time the church will interfere we will sustain critical injuries. Therefore, endure!’

‘Elder sister Beking…’ Admiral Hamumni obeyed, if only to not burden her trusted friends and elder sister figure.

After moments of silence, the atmosphere Horn Kikon exuded mollified and he regained his composure. Without quibbling anymore, he returned to his human form and back to his seat, covered by a new fur cloak, green this time.

Seeing him calmed, Admiral Hamumni also resumed her human formed and donned new dress. She and the other three in the air, descended back to their seats.

“I will continue now, if nobody minds”. Archbishop Silternjan said and found no opposition. “General Beking, indeed we suspect that he is aboriginal, but let’s explain it step by step. First, who he is. Can you all recall for me the Event in Demirva Ridge during the Mercenary Association’s High Rankers’ trials?”

The others affirmed in quiet.

“At that time’s High Rankers’ trials there was a applicant which left a memorable impression on all of us. In the information chips Sheldon delivered us, according to multiply reports, applicant, not related to the five powers, had found himself under siege by members from all of our powers. Back then, it was more than implied that the deceased Cattelin from the Golden Desert Fort had severed his arm and was after his life”.

“Get to the point. We know the one you talk about”. General Beking said.

“Fine. That person is the applicant who somehow managed to absorb the perfect dark attribute’s essence and slaughter nearly all of the five powers’ representatives. That person used the chain’s undetectable Bone And Muscle Transformation but exposed himself during his escape”.

“Him? But according to Sheldon, he could barely handle your Sister Beatriz. Yes, she is an Advanced third level expert, but in a few years-”

“A few years ago he escaped the pursuit of Lieutenant General Debuk Jin and Feather Ulvi, Hamumni, you should not be surprised”. General Logan recapped.

“I don’t know how he got so strong so fast, Hamumni, his growth far too exaggerated to consider it as a result of absorbing the perfect dark attribute’s essence”. Archbishop Silternjan said. “Logan, remember that I said that he is not a third level expert? He is a bodily cultivator, yet his base physique is about as strong as Peak second level expert. Do you understand my meaning?”

“His understanding of the attribute is his source of strength?” General Beking responded a moment before General Logan registered Archbishop Silternjan’s meaning.

“Yes”. Archbishop Silternjan nodded with a grave expression. “His understanding of the dark attribute worldly energy is actually above my understanding in the light attribute”.

“That’s absurd!” The most collected General Beking declared.

“It is”. Archbishop Silternjan admitted. “But it’s also true. When Sister Beatriz told me that his understanding rivals a fifth level expert, I didn’t believe her, but after seeing it with my own two eyes… The chain had obtained an aboriginal the likes of which none of the Ascended Elites within the superpowers we serve can match against”.

“He must die”. The four had heard enough to announce unanimously.

“Silternjan, how convinced are you that he is native to New Earth? Could it be that he is related to that traitor Gid Chu, or that Shenghuo beast Yurnal?” General Logan inquired.

Yes. The five powers knew the identities of Sinister Chain’s two leaders.

“He can’t be related to Gid Chu. His family severed their ties with him. Neither he nor they care about the wellbeing of the other, at least that’s how they behave. Cattelin, who was a member of my Golden Desert Fort and similarly a descendant of Gid Chu, killed both members of the chain and their families and in the end was killed by that man we are having this discussion on. As for Yurnal, he doesn’t have a tribe in Valgarel. Even if he had, who among you want to offend Ozeyn? Kikon, would you let us investigate another Youyue?” General Beking turned to the golden giant.

“Someone one of a kind such as myself? How many Youyue beasts do you think are out there in the lower Valley? No, definitely no! Besides, Ozeyn already agreed to join the Voltic Star when he will reach the fifth level of the Martial Mortal realm-”

“Quiet!” Archbishop Silternjan suddenly snapped.

“Silternjan, you dare interrupt me!” The rage in Horn Kikon’s eyes was reignited.

“It’s the chain”. Archbishop Silternjan hurried to explain. “They used the Galactic Communicator to relay a message to all members of the church, also to share with the other four powers: ‘We overwatch your frequency. Terminate all communication with the Holy Palace, Voltic Star and Planetary Battalion and related members of these places currently in deep space. You have an hour to comply, afterwards let our location be known to the entire universe’”.

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