XXXIV. Calm Before the Storm

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Once, there was something Zyna had fought for. It saved her life, gave her purpose and meaning, and in time, shared the same feelings she had. That something died along with her passion. Yet, within her grasp, the chance stood before her: she can bring back what was lost from her. She infiltrated the Phantoms of Sargata, claiming the evil organization for her own. She sacrificed many lives to power the very ritual she had longed for. She lied, deceived those around her, even though she hated to do so. All these factors led up to this moment and now nothing can stop her from reviving that “something” of hers.

Zyna watched her followers stain the open fields with blood, making symbols of magic across the ground. They stabbed many torches at the endpoints and candles within the center. The strongest casters within the Phantoms stood next to the torches and waited for their next task. The Witch smirked: all was going well and what remained was the catalyst of their grand scheme. He was to arrive with the girl after the Bandits and Rebel Knights began their assault to kill all the lords and ladies residing within the Eadburt residence. It would bring her great ecstasy to see the look on their faces before meeting a sword between their eyes.

Her Elites guarded her and watched the perimeter, watching any sign of danger. All ten of her strongest Phantoms. The bushes rustled and as to be expected, their person of interest had arrived. Harley pushed through the thicket, carrying Layette under his arms. He fell to the floor, gasping for air while the Phantoms surrounded him.

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“I… got her…” Harley wheezed.

Zyna ordered the mages to retrieve the girl from the High Lord’s arms and bring her to the right place. The Witch snickered devilishly while Harley slowly stood, regaining his composure. He expressed anger towards her, tightening his hand into a fist and veins popping out from his forehead.

“You… You lied to me!” he shouted.

“I beg your pardon?” Zyna said with a raised brow.

He threw his hand to the side. “I told you to make her love me, but not to that extent!”

“If I recall correctly, you stated you wanted her to love you… unconditionally. With the potion and the magic taking root within her mind, she believes that’s the best course of action to bring happiness to you.”

“By being a mindless slave and having no personality! Lies, you lied to me!” Harley walked and slapped Zyna across her face. “You have failed me, but if this ritual succeeds, then I won’t have you burned at the stake like the others. Don’t fail me again!”

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Zyna felt the pain linger on her cheeks. Her Elites surrounded Harley, readying themselves to fight him. He threatened them to challenge his authority, but the Witch raised her hand, telling them to stand down. She breathed in slowly and nodded.

“It will be done,” she said.

Harley spat to the side and pointed a finger at her. “Now be a good b***h and bring back mother. If anything happens to Layette or you summon anything else, I will personally slaughter you myself.”

A scout came running to them and went on his knees. “Mistress, intruders! It seems High Lord Dickus and his party knows about your whereabouts and is coming here!”

Aiza shook her head. “I sense another party in the distance. More are coming.”

“A-Aye! Some white-haired boy and two others are coming from the north. They look injured but are traveling nonetheless!”

Harley grunted. “I’ll take care of Dickus personally. Send your bitches to handle the rest.”

The High Lord disappeared. Zyna turned to her strongest disciples and glared: they knew what had to be done. With Aiza’s command, two groups of four went to their targets. Aiza and Aifa stayed back, being the last line of defense. Zyna saw Aifa grasp onto her wrist, looking down at the floor as if she was already defeated.

“Will you be okay, Aifa?” Zyna asked. “You look pale.”

“My fists are etching to fight that young man again, but protecting you is my duty,” said Aifa. She looked up and shook her head. “I would’ve ripped his face apart if you ordered it.”

“Harley is nothing more than a mere pebble on a road. Thank you for your concern.” Zyna turned to Aiza. “How goes the others?”

“It seems they’ve reached their targets. They will begin once Harley faces Dickus,” said Aiza.

Aifa walked in front of Aiza. “Let me take care of Raynord. I know he’s coming here, so—!”

“Your sisters will do the beating for you. After all, you are still recovering from the injuries that Nyx caused upon you. Don’t get over yourself,” Aiza scolded her.

Aifa rolled her eyes. “I know, I know. But—!”

Aiza frowned. “Don’t let that distract you from the Mistress’ desires. Focus, Aifa!”

“Yeah yeah…” The wind blew across Aifa’s face and she stared into the distance. “I wonder how that little girl is right now.”

Zyna looked at her with a raised brow, wondering what could be going through her disciple’s head. Explosions ensued across from them: the fight has begun.



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