Chapter 131

“Where is the Supreme Elder, Teacher?” Tiny Slim asked after he stood before his teacher. His head was bowed low but that did not stop his eyeballs from its continuous scan of the place.

When his eyes connected to his new friend, he couldn’t help but smile in joy. It was nothing but good fortune for both of them that they hadn’t been beaten soft by those mischievous boys.

At least, they were saved from punishment now. What Master Gregory would do to them after this, would be a totally different scene altogether.

“FOOL!” the teacher roared once more and there was an intense impulse to smack this fat boy’s head but he kept his cool in the end.

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It was unbecoming of a man of his stature to do that, especially in front of this great character near him.

Perhaps he could never even do that away from the knowing eyes of this mysterious boy. Only a fool would covertly antagonize one who was openly proclaimed as a friend of this newly posted Supreme Elder.

Death was only a beginning to the transgressors of the edicts of the sect. He shook his head and gazed at the smaller boy of the two.

“Please forgive the insolence of these children, Supreme Elder. I am Gregory, in charge of the outer disciples of the sect.

I will see to it that they will be properly disciplined for their actions today.” Master Gregory softly spoke. He did not show disdain nor any disrespect in his voice or manner.

The sect has stood up for countless years and they were many things but never blind. The designation of a Supreme Elder was never given to weaklings.

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This may seem a frail boy who lacks even the strength to kill a chicken but that was mere outward appearances.

Life had taught him quite brutally how appearances lie. This boy may even be an old monster in sheep’s clothing, one that could eviscerate him with a single finger.

He held his breath and waited in fear for the Supreme Elder’s response. Gregory certainly doesn’t want to face the ire of a being much more powerful than himself.

“They are children, Master Gregory. I know you’ll teach them conduct suited for a member of our esteemed sect.” Maru replied with a smile.

“It will be done without delay, Supreme Elder!” Gregory released the breath he held and finally cheered up after the undemanding response.

“Come here, Tiny Slim. Didn’t you want to show me to your place? And there’s food, you say? Wow! Let’s go right now! I’m starved!” Maru suggested.

At first, he wanted dismiss the fat boy. But after seeing his situation, he paused his plans for learning cultivation today.

Tiny Slim reminded him of his old self, of a little insignificant boy who sought to succeed in this cruel world with no one giving out a helping hand nor a gentle smile.

He wanted to give him a piece of what he got and let him experience that it was not true that nobody cares. Maybe that was accurate before, but that was not the case anymore.

“But… But… Are you…?” Tiny Slim tried to process what’s happening with his sluggish mind.

“Lead the way, my friend.” Maru interrupted him as he smiled at the towering figure of the dazed boy. Tiny Slim eventually returned the smile with one of his own while tears were raining down from his chubby cheeks.

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I have a lot problems with this novel but not enough to drop it. I said before that if anything makes me drop this would it be Maru’s sister, Uwyn. Now I added to that this new forced comic relief character. I hope their interactions are minimal and short because I’m already skimming all of Uwyn “scenes” and don’t wanna add another character to the skimming list.

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