Chapter 183

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“Where are you two going this morning?” Olivia asked her children. They were almost done with their breakfast and were slowly savoring different types of sweet cakes as their dessert.

“I don’t know, mom. I’m only a passenger in our trip. Uwyn always decides where we go. Hahaha.” Maru answered and warmly looked at his sister.

She was a free spirit and an avid explorer. Her wanderlust hasn’t diminished in these past months and they even grew stronger with each travel.

After they had fully played within the City of Antavale and when Uwyn wasn’t busy on building a better life for the poorest in the city,

they would go outside these empty deserts and explore the creation of the Almighty Celestial.

They had explored enormous caves, giant waterfalls, and all kinds of beautiful scenery in the continent. And every time, his sister always wanted to see more.

Her thirst for the unknown was not sated after all their discoveries.

“Hehehe. I’m the best so of course it should be me who chooses.” Uwyn replied after she gulped another glass of milk as she finished the durian flavored cakes on her plate.

“I want to visit the home of the heroes and heroines, brother. Can we go there now?” she added after thinking about where to go next.

She had asked this before and her brother always rejected the idea. He said that most of these people were bad mannered and would snob them on first meeting.

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Some of them would even rob and kill without mercy. Uwyn got frightened but that did not reduce her desire to see them.

She had met some before, particularly Fade and that little ugly dwarf. The latest was Lucy just days ago. And she decided that these powerful beings were not very talkative.

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They kept to themselves and only answered what they were asked and had no questions of their own to give back.

Uwyn’s curiosity about the lives of these heroes and heroines stayed strong because she too, wanted to become like them in the future.

She would also train to be a heroine and together with her brother, they would protect their mother and keep her safe always.

“I said that they are dangerous to be with, Uwyn. Who knows what those blood thirsty bats would do to us the moment they see us?” Maru’s view was biased because of what he experienced yesterday.

Those killers simply cannot be trusted especially with the life of his precious sister.

“And they would also transform into big monsters and chase and bite us with their sharp fangs. Aren’t you afraid of getting bitten, Uwyn?” Maru added a jest quickly when he recognized how ghastly his words had become.

As far as possible, he would not let the innocent of Uwyn be stained by the ugliness of this world. Maru decided firmly.

“Please, brother. I’m tired of looking at the hills and mountains. I want to see the homes of the heroes and heroines.

Do they live in cities like us? Or do they live in the heavens above?” Uwyn asked and her eyes grew big together with her rampant imagination.

The poor attempt at scaring her didn’t registered in the least but only fueled the fire to feed her interest about these larger than life beings.  

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