Chapter 217

We would have that and much more…

Only if we pledge allegiance to them…

The Overlords.

But what can a drowning man do but take the hands of its first rescuer? Even that of a monster.



Maru’s roared and his ears bled with the words he heard.

His head ached so much with the sounds of a million hammers smashing consciousness apart.

“Remember your root, Human. Our origin. The place of our birth. It is called Earth. Remember it well…” these were the last words Maru got before he swam into the solace of the dark.

“Brother!” Uwyn was alarmed. Her brother had suddenly collapsed and was bleeding from every orifice of body.

“Wahhhh Wahhhh Wahhhhhh”

“Brother, wake up!”

“BROTHER!” Uwyn cried as she hugged Maru.



The old man who was prostrating on the ground stood up and a fierce scowl was clearly plastered on his face.

He was annoyed.

But more than that, he was so angry that he barely quenched the urge to battle it out here in the Dwelling of the Predecessors.

But alas, he knew that anyone who can get near this area was at least a Half Step Immortal.

Only allowed on

It was certain death to fight here.

A taboo that would be definitely enforced by the Guardian of the Tombs.

“Wahhh Wahhhhhhh Wahhhhhhh!”

“Brother… brotherrrrrrrr… wooo…” Uwyn continued her lengthy sobs and more and more cultivators were forcefully woken up from their deep introspection.


Fiona who had taken the initial outburst of power from the old man also roared to defend its territory as well as its masters.

The thundering screech from the magical beast had totally broke the spell of concentration unto each and every cultivator in these enormous lands of learning.

“Wake up, brother!”


Uwyn’s mournful voice resonated alone in the silence that followed.

“I’m okay, Uwyn. Hush, don’t cry.” Maru opened his eyes and a peculiar smile could be seen on his face.

The blood he spilled returned to his body and even the tint of crimson on his clothes disappeared with but a single refreshing light from above.

“What happened, brother? You scared me! Wahhhhh!” Uwyn continued to cry in relief after she felt the warm hands of Maru embraced her back.

“Shhhh… There are many people here, Uwyn. Do you want to let them see you crying like this? Hahaha. You must be so ugly in their eyes right now.” a twisted humor came along the words of Maru.

Far from the usual soft hearted attitude he always took around his sister.

“I AM NOT UGLY! HMMMMP!” but it did the job as well.

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The same expected effect was acquired with the least of efforts.

“Children are so predictable. Hehehe.” Maru thought and he was pleased to see this result.

“What to do with you, old worm?” Maru sighed and cast one amused look at the enraged old cultivator.

“Who are you?” the old man asked but his gazed particularly noticed at the talking girl.

“Hehehe. Of course, I’m the prettiest girl.”

“What happened to you, brother? Why did you bleed all of a sudden?”

“I see. Heeheheh. You stupid head. You should have listened to Madame Ais then. Hehehe.”

Her words were coming off sporadically even if there was no one there before her.

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