Chapter 233

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“What happened, Maru? Where are we?” Tiny Slim asked towards his friend.

At first, he was watching the war from afar but a sudden change occurred and the next thing he saw was a scene of desolation and wreckage.

There was also a transparent glow that surrounded his body and it disappeared as quickly as it had come.

The next thing he did was sought for someone amidst these unknown lands. But there was nothing but a lone cry that echoed harshly in the vast emptiness.

That’s how he found Maru, weeping in the ground. Maru hugged himself and took solace in his own thin hands that cradled his sullied body fiercely.

“I… killed them, Tiny Slim. It was all… my fault…” Maru whispered while hard sobs rocked his body ceaselessly.

“What? Who did you kill?” Tiny Slim asked and looked for someone else but still, he could see no other signs of life but their own.

“Where could everyone go to?” he mused and missed all the people. He was a not a stranger to being alone but this was totally different from the past.

At least then, he could see people in their busy and fun lives and that was fine.

Now only he and Maru were left here on these lands, wherever this was and it brought forth an unusual feeling. They were lost, Tiny Slim realized.


“Shall we go to them?” a veiled woman asked a beautiful lady.

“He had already granted us freedom, Lucy. No need to bother him now.” the lady answered.

“But he did save us, did he not?” Lucy asked once more.

“I doubt it. It was more likely that that other person inside him did it. And for whatever reason, i care not. I only want to go as far away from it and Maru.” Fade replied and looked at a particular direction to the east.

“Where will you go, Fade?” Lucy whispered. She was conflicted on what to do from now on.

She felt obligated to stay with her new master after all he’d done for her but also longed for freedom.

“I will find my beloved. How about you, Lucy?” Fade responded and her vision hasn’t left that part of world. Something called for her there.

“I really don’t know, Fade. Maybe I’ll go to the city of Buce. It’s a good place as any in these parts.” Lucy replied.

“Then let us part ways as friends, Lucy. May we remain the same the next time we meet.” Fade whispered and smile once at the veiled woman.

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And shortly afterwards, a lone person was left gazing at the two boys in the distance.


“Well, that was unexpected.” An old woman muttered.

“Yes, indeed.” Another old person answered. But this time, a man.

“It’s gone. The home of our predecessors.” A third sounded and his voice was young and filled with vigor of youth.

His tall frame was a stark contrast to the two small figures beside him.

“And four were left alive for some unknown reason. Interesting.” Chayene muttered and her gaze scrutinized the one who had just left.

The far distance and her prey’s fast speed had not yet totally exceeded the range of her divine sense.

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