Chapter 234

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“Shall we catch them all?” Alric asked.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. Whoever let them leave is still out there somewhere.

Tell me Alric, can you survive a blast like that?” Tobias asked the one who sported the greatest defense among them three.

“I don’t think so, Tobias. I’d have melted in a second together with the peoples inside the sect.” Alric honestly replied.

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What was peculiar was how the magic didn’t target the flesh since it started off from within, unseen and undetectable.

Techniques like this were the ones that held a fatal threat to any cultivator. Especially with the fact that he hasn’t noticed how it came to be.

Only a renowned expert could do that or someone who they were not worthy to see eye to eye with, an great immortal.

Alric shivered slightly but that motion hasn’t escaped the sharp eyes of his friends.

“Then what can we do? Someone has to pay for the deaths of my people!” Chayene roared in rage.

She was the one who had lost much in the aftermath this disaster.

While the two Supreme Elders had hid off their families in some secluded place and roamed the lands in freedom, she had all her aces within the sect.

Her valued cohorts that took time and precious resources to train all returned to the earth in their deaths.

With no bodies to mark their passage and no graves to call their own.

“What can we do, Chayene? To force a fight against whoever slaughtered our people means certain death.

Or are you getting tired of living already?” Tobias replied in a cold voice. There was a time when he was young and in love.

And before him stood a daughter of the heavens. Regal and unmatched in any form or aspect. A woman who was worthy of his devotion and promise.

Though the sands of time had not stilled that memory as they were now aged and grey, Tobias still retained that vision of his first wife in his heart.

Be it only in silence and unspoken, it mattered not.

For the years had already tattooed her presence in his life and even now, the hope that they would be together again remained as true as ever.

“Go.” was all Chayene replied. She wanted to cry but stilled the tears away.

This was but a momentary loss and she will rise again from this failure. Chayene vowed and tasted blood inside her mouth.

“Can i see you again sometime later, my love?” Tobias’ voice softened.

He saw that the woman who had stabbed a dagger to his heart was already preparing to leave.

He would be not worthy to be called a man if he’d let her go, just like that.

“We have our own aspirations, Tobias. Our paths had long diverged and it is best to let it stay that way.” Chayene closed her doors. One that even a divine ant couldn’t pass.

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“Why do you woo her still, Tobias?” Alric asked after the soft winds caressed their faces in the eve of Chayene’s departure.

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