Chapter 235

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He asked because same as he was, his friend right here also sported a harem of goddesses in his abode.

“Those are mere numbers, Alric. A sad replacement of something that’s lost and will never come back.”

Tobias shook his head and sighed. But this pessimistic view did not mirror his own heart.

It still rang strong even after all the ages that had passed. A sad tune of longing throughout the years.

“I don’t understand.” Alric answered.

“HAHAHA! You shall, my friend! Soon enough. And may you have better luck than i did.” Tobias laughed and hid his pain away with its resonant facade.


“Maru…” Tiny Slim called but his friend acted as if he was but mist in the air. He also really did not want to touch the little boy below him.

Who knows what could happen? Tiny Slim fully realized that with how strong Maru was. Even a single mistaken shrug would have him plastered on these unknown lands.

Scattered and in pieces. He shuddered with the horrifying thought that passed in his mind.




Maru was in his last straws of lament.

No matter how he thought, he could not help but blame himself for what happened.

If he had not only let those enemies in, maybe the peoples of the Vestal Virgin Sect would still be alive at this moment.

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His mind wandered and strayed far until he neither felt nor saw nothing but total darkness.

“Why did this have to happen?” he asked.

“Because you are weak.” the familiar sound responded.

“Who are you?” his thoughts questioned in silence.

But no words came back to enlighten his lost soul.

“What should i do?” Maru continued.

And same as the last, nothing came. No one was there to hear him out.

“Should i tell my family about this?” Maru asked himself because there was really no other person he could turn to.

He believed that Tiny Slim could not do that either since they were both young and needed guidance themselves.

“If only I still have my…” he thought but killed the following words in his mind. It was better to seek help from a dying frog than that faithless man.

Maru’s hate got renewed once again.

“So it seemed that I could only turn to my family after all.” He concluded inside.

“NOOOOOOOOO!” Maru roared in silence.

He can’t let them see this side of him. All they will ever see shall be the happy and carefree me.

That’s right!


I will smile.

I will hide behind a smile.

I will hide behind my laughter.

And let me…

Let me keep the darkness to myself…

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Tiny Slim called again after he saw his friend laugh out loud all of a sudden.

He was finally alarmed by the disturbing changes of emotions that his friend enacted before him.

But something changed again before he could touch Maru’s body.

From his crying form in the wet soil, Maru stood up as if nothing happened and smiled a beautiful one.

“Are you hungry, Tiny Slim? Let’s eat.” Maru said.

And when Tiny Slim heard these words, he offered a silent prayer to the quiet gods above.

“Please don’t let my friend go crazy around me.” Tiny Slim implored.

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