Chapter 241

“The season of recruitment for this year has already passed. Go back from whence you came!” the lone soldier said to the boys.

His crimson armors shone brightly under the sun and even his eyes adopted the shade of blood. An obvious consequence of the cultivation technique he delved upon.

“Maybe we should just go back, Maru. There are many other sects out there. Let’s skip this one please.” Tiny Slim leaned down to the little boy beside him and whispered softly.

He definitely did not like the aura of this place. It reeked of death. Tiny Slim wasn’t too thrilled of apprenticing inside this sect at all.

He felt the exact opposite of that. This place frightened him.

“We can’t waste any more time, Tiny Slim.” Maru replied out loud.

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“I can’t waste any more time. Sorry, my friend.” he added in his thoughts.

“We are very strong.” Maru addressed the tall soldier in their midst.

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“HAHAHA! Perhaps. Seeing that you’ve passed the Dark Forest without the apparent guidance of your seniors, then maybe the two of you lot do hold some ability.

Try to punch me then. If you could make me fall back behind this line, then I’ll give you a chance and introduce you to the chief.

Who knows? Maybe he will even accept you two as his direct disciples. HAHAHA!”

the soldier was pleased at the guts of these two children and so he decided to play a little bit to ease the boredom he felt.

Guarding these desolate gates was not a task for the weak of hearts after all. Slacking off was also out of the question.

The chief had eyes on every part of the sect. Many were punished to never return again. He shivered with the horrifying thoughts his mind conjured.

The soldier drew a line before him and stood directly in front of it as he waited for the children to start the play.

“Deal. Are you ready?” Maru asked. Deep inside he was glad that this soldier appeared so helpful to give them this kind of boon. I should thank him later. Maru noted.

“Do your worst, boy!” the soldier responded with a teasing smile.

“Okay! I’m going to attack now! Prepare yourself!” Maru shouted and began to walk towards the soldier.

When he got within an arm’s reach of the static armored man, he raised his right hand and land it gently on the chest of the soldier’s hard breastplate.

“Is that i…?” the soldier wanted to ask but what happened next stopped him from completing his question.

“BOOM!” the solder’s world turned upside down for what seemed like countless times before the fortified walls of the sect broke his spinning body to a halt.

“What just happened?!” the soldier tried to focus his muddled brain.

“CRACK!” he heard the audible sound of something breaking and when he looked down, the soldier’s eyes caught the last vestiges of his armors

crumble into smithereens before completely washing the temperate winds as rusty dusts.

“Did we pass?” a voice of a child resounded plainly in the soldier’s ears.

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