Chapter 242

“The guard at the gates told me that you two are very talented children.” a sickly man asked. His body was so thin that it appeared that only bones and skin held them together.

But the stance he took in the room radiated the dignity of a seasoned expert. He stood there straight as an arrow as if nothing and no one could deter his person in any way or form.

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And his piercing eyes brought forth a shade of gold while he scrutinized the boys with his divine sense.

“Yes we are.” Maru was calm amidst the blatant inspection whereas his friend Tiny Slim, obviously fidgeted on his spot.

“Interesting. Either you have rare physiques or has an artifact on your body. So which is it?” the sickly man asked. He had examined the boys and determined without fail that they were indeed mortals.

Uncultivated and has gathered not a single essence inside their small frames.

Thus, the likely conclusion he got afterwards was these two should have a treasure hidden within their belongings.

His eyes roamed the two figures once more and it stayed at a particular item. A ring. A holder of secrets and so much more.

“The elders of our family have given us protection on our journey.” Maru answered after he noticed the clear interest that showed on the face of the old grandfather before them.

The chief’s eyes never left the ring on Tiny Slim’s finger.

“You can enter the Infernal Blood Sect on one condition. Give me the two artifacts that you own and I will see to it that you will be cared for inside the sect.” the sickly man offered at last.

He licked his lips as he anticipated what he’ll find later on. Are they immortal artifacts? Impossible! Perhaps only Life Treasures then. His thoughts ran multiple conjectures by the second.

“We can’t give you that. This contains the legacy of our family and lineage.

But I can offer you this instead.” Maru countered and lifted his hand to throw a round object that mimicked exactly the one on Tiny Slim’s hand.

“Truly remarkable!” the sickly man uttered after he felt the surge of soul power that oozed off from the thing on his hand.

“Can we enter the sect now?” Maru queried after ten breaths had passed and only silence reigned inside the chambers of this old grandfather.

“Yes, you can. The two of you can join the sect. But I need the treasures you own. Do that and I will declare both of you as my Prime Disciples.

Your path towards cultivation will be easier with the resources the sect would allow you to consume.

And you will be trained with the utmost care and guidance from one of the most influential elders of the Infernal Blood Sect.”

the sickly man replied and his heart was filled with greed after closely inspecting the ring he’d been given.

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If this was already so potent, then how much more were the artifacts on the two boys’ hands? He couldn’t hold his excitement and a wide grin escaped from his gaunt face.

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