Chapter 243

“Are all adults like this?” Maru asked himself. He looked at the old grandfather and shook his head. This was not the time to be soft, he convinced himself and hardened his heart to what came next.

“BOOM!” the floors shattered along the knees that were forced to bend down unto its surface.

“AHHHHHHHHHH!” the sickly man yelled in pain but his voice carried no further than the 1-meter radius around his broken form.

“Who are you? AHHHHHHHHHH! HMMMM.” he roared once more after the unseen force doubled in might.

The sickly man found himself kissing the rubbles below as he was totally incapacitated in a faced down spread-eagled position.

His shouts were now finally muffled by the debris that was presented at his gaping mouth.

“Is there a way to silence him, Madame Ais? But I don’t want him to die. I just want for him to allow us to enter the sect and perhaps let us become Prime disciples he said earlier.” Maru asked the system.

“Affirmative, Maru. The system has a mind control drug that could subdue any being below a level 10 cultivator.” Madame Ais answered.

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“Thank you, Madame Ais.” Maru said and after a breath, his hand now carried a device with a sharp pointed tip while its body encased a lavender colored liquid.

“What is that?! NOOOOOOOOOO!” the sickly man roared in his mind as he felt something pieced on one of his shoulder blades and observed the inflow of an unknown water down his body.

His divine sense couldn’t believe how quickly the venom has spread and the last it conquered was his brain. After that, he thought no more.

“What is your command, master?” the sickly man prostrated in place in front of a thin boy.

“Announce us as your Prime Disciples. And be sure to take care of us while we stay inside the sect.

No one should be allowed to know of my abilities so I will have to rely on your performance from now on.” Maru said what he wished to happen.

“I understand, master. Please come with me.” the sickly man stood up and led the boys outside. The three passed by many structures that seemed decayed with time.

They were worn and ancient at first glance but after the boys noticed the exude of something inexplicable from the shells of the buildings,

as if it breathed same as they did, the two boys then stopped belittling their new sect’s exterior façade. They walked for ten minutes before arriving at a lavish abode.

Lots of beautiful women guide them inside towards the quarters of their master.

“Welcome Chief Yan!” a handsome man greeted the trio. His heart rose a beat at this unexpected visit and scoured the past days for any misconduct he may had offended unto the Chief Protector of the Sect.

But try as he might, he couldn’t find anything remiss at all.

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The handsome man uttered a silent prayer and waited for the response of his superior while his sweat sprang endlessly from every pore of his body.

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