Chapter 262

“Thank you again, Maru!” the students all bade their goodnights amicably to the little boy. They had celebrated and eaten well until the night came.

This was of course taken care of by their teacher. A treat of sorts and thus, the class representatives had truly enjoyed the festivity.

Some of them who was seriously injured during the fight also came to join the rest as they did not want to miss this one of a kind success of the entire class.

And when they returned to their quarters, all have seen that everyone else inside who hasn’t participated in the battle were wearing big satisfied smiles on their faces.

It was very apparent that something good had happened also unto the rest of their classmates.

They were given none of the usual doctored meals this time but instead had delicious eat all you can dinner as their reward.

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After a little prodding towards the chefs in charge of the food, they then knew what had caused this drastic change in the menu.

They took the championship today and not one soul remained despondent upon hearing this news. It was all because of this little boy. This new miracle child of the outer disciples. A prodigy in the making.

“I did it for myself. So there’s no need for thanks, really. You should all take this chance to gain strength yourselves.” While I’m still here. Maru added in his thoughts.

He didn’t plan on delaying his cultivation in any way. And if his classmates couldn’t catch up to him, then what they experienced in the past would likely happen once more.

In the end if one wanted for something to change, then they have to work hard in order to achieve that aspirations.

“Goodnight, Tiny Slim.”

“Sleep well, Fatty Feng.” Maru said as he laid down on the hard bed. He was placed in the middle on both the big fatties as they seemed like hulking bodyguards to his small frame.

The three was a peculiar sight indeed but none faulted the friendship that had begun to sprout among these group of children.

Maru might be little and all but everyone was aware that he was the strongest person amongst all of the outer disciples.

What that tiny physique hid was a gargantuan fighting prowess that defied everyone’s imagination.

“Aren’t you going to use your reward, Maru?” Tiny Slim asked.





“THE PAIN!” roars of suffering echoed inside the boy’s quarters. Some were now beginning to realize what their teacher meant with his words.

“Maybe later. I’m tired and all I want to do now is get some sleep.” Maru replied and his voice softened towards the last of his words.

Shortly afterwards, an audible snoring serenaded in the middle of the two fat boys.

“Maru is really tired, boss. We should let him rest.” Fatty Feng whispered.

“Yeah. He fought bravely against thousands of enemies. Alone, he conquered and vanquished them all until there was none left to challenge him. That’s my friend, Maru.” Tiny Slim exaggerated.

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“Maru is really strong.” The other fat boy murmured.

“Indeed. Tell me Fatty Feng, do you also want to become strong?”

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