Chapter 284

With her presence alone and even with no words uttered, Maru could feel the immense love and care his mother had for him.

And the same exact emotions were also stimulated out of him at this moment.

“I am a lost soul, Maru.” Ezperanza began. Her eyes disconnected from Maru’s and gazed beyond the ocean of nothingness that plagued everywhere but her own.

“To go back out into the world would be a grave offense to those who had previously fallen.” and she uttered beyond the veil of this blinding scenery.

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“But thank you all the same, Maru. I shall remember your compassion and bear it within me until…” Ezperanza paused her words as she looked back once again at Maru.

The boy who was aged 6 years old can never understand the reasoning behind the woman’s words.

All he could ever think was how sorry it was to spend alone in this place with no company or friend and stay here for years without end.

“Can you take her out of this place, Madame Ais?” Maru asked the system.

“Affirmative, Maru. The system could create a new body for her soul to reside in.” the system replied promptly.

Maru has a wish to set Ezperanza free from this desolate state but knowing now that she was content to remain here, he could not force his will on hers.

“How about you, Madame Ais? Can you also have a body of your own?” Maru added after he realized that Ezperanza’s situation was a little bit similar to that of the system.

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“Affirmative, Maru.” the system replied.

“Really?!” Maru asked audibly. The woman who was with him amidst this picture of nothingness stayed patience all throughout.

Ezperanza was fully aware that the little boy called Maru was not addressing her at all.

And so only a faint smile lingered on her lips as she stilled her movements and melted in the background.

“Affirmative, Maru.” the system confirmed once more.

“That’s good, Madame Ais! When we return, I shall…” Maru halted when he noticed that he was now alone once again.

The spirit had faded out from view and with her actions, Maru had been totally convinced that although she treasured his company, she really did not want to leave this cavern that entombed her.

But again, this might be all his view alone and was merely a broken biased opinion against the real feelings and thoughts of Ezperanza.

“Goodbye, auntie. If you ever get tired of this cave of dwelling, please let me know okay? I will wait for you!” Maru could only do this much and even if his words rose a pitch in the last sentence but that was more wishful thinking on his part than what was truly probable.

He did not want to let go of his hopes for the spirit but how could Maru save someone who didn’t want any kind of saving from him? Or from anyone else’s.

Maru sighed deeply before he uttered the next words.

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