Chapter 32

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“The Defense Mode can be activated infinitely, Maru. The only requirement is for you to have at least 1 world energy on storage.” Madame Ais replied to Maru.

“Really?! Thank you, Madame Ais. Can you please make it save me even if I don’t have to say it each time?” Maru asked the system.

He wanted to avoid the pain he went through like the last time and go directly on the solution. That way he would be excused from the hurt and at the same time, be only a spectator of it all.

Madame Ais would do what she has to do but the guilt will be his to carry. He was mature enough to admit that. Killing a person shouldn’t be considered as something trivial, he believed.

“Affirmative, Maru. Do you want to turn on automatic settings for Defense Mode of the System?” Madame Ais responded to Maru.

“Yes, Madame Ais. Please do that.” Maru answered the query of the system.

“Confirmation Received…

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Changing System Settings…





100% complete…

Congratulations, Maru. System Settings successfully modified…” Madame Ais reported towards its host.

“Thank you, Madame Ais. Please also ensure the safety of my family. Uwyn and my mother mean more to me than life itself.

Save them even if you have to kill me in the process.” Maru specifically instructed his wishes towards the system. His young mind couldn’t imagine a life without them. It would be safe to say that he wouldn’t want to live anymore if he lost one of them, or worst both.

That was what he felt right now and he believed that his feelings would never change a little bit even if he grows up. Time could not alter love, he sincerely thought.

“Negative, Maru. The primary directive is for the safety of the system and its host. Their continued survival cannot be infringed upon in any form or action. Command invalid.” Madame Ais said to Maru in its usual cold female voice.

“What?! Are there any other ways to protect my family, Madame Ais?” Maru asked rapidly towards the system.

He thought that all his troubles and worries would be gone for good through the use of the Defense Mode of the System. But this limitation hindered him from getting his wish.

“There are multiple means, Maru.

  1. You could purchase a Weapon Fabricator.
  2. You could purchase an Armor Fabricator.
  3. You could build a Defense Satellite System.
  4. You could build an Automaton Factory
  5. You could build a Warship Factory.” Madame Ais enumerated the various options to Maru.

“Okay. What is the cheapest among those, Madame Ais?” Maru asked the system. Only two words were familiar to him among the choices, weapon and armor.

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But he couldn’t imagine the two most important women in his life to bear arms or wear thick armors. They wouldn’t be comfortable with them, he thought.

“The Weapon Fabricator and Armor Fabricator each costs at 1,000 world energy, Maru.” Madame Ais replied to its host.

When Maru heard the system’s answer, he couldn’t help but sigh. He was not looking forward on how to convince Uwyn and his mother, wear the bulky armors in his thoughts.

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