Chapter 385

Two bodies joined as one and their souls mingled in the epic taste of bliss. They did not stop nor took a breather and continued to make love for three years straight without pause.

And after an uncertain amount of time, Maru and Mistress Ais finally collapsed in each other’s arms.

“That was fun.” Mistress Ais smiled. She laid on top of Maru and was content on touching the man’s face with her fingers as if memorizing his features with her touch.

“Indeed it was.” Maru replied. He too sported a satisfied smile on his face. Any man who’d taken that amount of vigor in one go would have been mere bones and skin at this moment.

But this was certainly not true for immortals like him.

Maru’s potency was still as strong as ever and he could have gone for more but alas, eating everything in one swallow would be spoiling the rest of the fun later on.

And so he decided to call this a beautiful episode in their affair and looked forward to more of the same in the future.

After all, they can live forever and make love to each other as many times as they wished in the endless cycle of time.

Before long, Maru and Mistress Ais slept in this position and it was not after the 8th day that they woke up. Being an immortal certainly has its perks.

Though they needed no sleep but still they can do it to reclaim a moment of their past. A sense of nothingness in the zone of darkness and nihility of thought.

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This was why some of the gods and immortals would sleep for thousands of years.

Maybe they do it to forget or perhaps they want to relinquish the cares that shackled them in these earths. At least, for a time.

“Let’s go back, Mistress Ais.” Maru said after they freshened up. They now wore their wizard robes and no creased could be seen on their attires.

It looked pristine in the glittering lights of the chambers.

“Okay, Maru.” Mistress Ais smiled and they held each other’s hands as the scene vanished from their eyes and after a breath, the two of them returned to the solid ground of the real world.

The morning air of the forest was cold and brought a welcome change to their senses. Maru definitely savored the new sun in the horizon.

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Though he could have changed the scenery of their love nest in the three years that they have copulated but there was just something pleasing to the dim shades of darkness.

The nocturnal atmosphere brought out something feral animal inside him.

It was a worthy ambiance that promoted lust and salacity to even greater heights. Maru and Madame Ais appreciated the forest in silence.

The squeaking of some animals could be heard as the rest of the creatures rejoiced in the advent of another day.

The two of them stayed that way for ten minutes or so before gentle footsteps approached from behind them.

“Good morning!” said Ezperanza.

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