Chapter 387

Upon seeing this, Maru could only sigh amidst the beauties that surrounded him. He had already expected this to happen but fortunately, Lyra would outgrow her attachment on him in the near future.

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Today he just has to suck it up and deal with it the best that he could.

After all, he only wanted to guide the wood nymph as a big brother and don’t want to stain her with his own inexorable urges.

“Why don’t I cook the vegetables that you brought, Lyra?” Ezperanza came to the rescue and Maru thanked her for that.

She picked up the myriad plants and leafy produce that was dropped earlier in the wood nymph’s haste.

“No! You can’t! Give me that! Lyra will be the only one doing the cooking around here. Lyra wants to cook for Maru every single day!”

the wood nymph declared fiercely and retook the precious ingredients for one of her favorite dishes.

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“Do you want me to help you with that?” Ezperanza persisted and this time she had a caring smile on her face that stunned the wood nymph in place.

Lyra felt the blooming of the seasons and the renewed essence of the earth after she witnessed the bright mien of the lady.

Her heart melted and she could recall the loving caress of her mother tree in those knowing eyes of Ezperanza.

“Yes.” Lyra could only reply with a tame voice.

“But you only help with little things! Lyra will do the hard things, okay?” before she quickly recovered and resumed talking like a loud spoiled child once again.

Maru could only nod in relief after seeing the two went on their way towards the cooking area.


“Do you want to take a swim, Mistress Ais?” Maru asked the lady in his arm.

“Okay, Maru.” thus, the two of them enjoyed the cold waters alone by themselves. They took a few laps until returned plastered to each other’s bodies once more.

Madame Ais was shivering in front of Maru as he held the beautiful woman in a relaxed embrace. Lyra and Ezperanza hasn’t returned yet and so they whiled away the time by talking.

They realized that the two of them did not spend much time chattering their dreams away in the three years that they experience the euphoria of the flesh.

Both were more concerned about sating their desires than wasting their breath on words.

So now they spent this rare moment to discuss about food, life, love and all the important exciting things about everything under the sun.

And it was almost an hour into the little chat that they reached at a much delicate topic.

“What do you think about the being called Immortal Maker “Nameless One”, Mistress Ais?” Maru was the one who initiated this serious dialogue.

“He’s the most powerful existence that the system has ever seen and recorded, Maru. That man is dangerous.” Mistress Ais answered without hesitation.

She had scoured the lengthy storage of memories in her past lives and believed that this conclusion was absolutely impeccable.

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