Chapter 388

Mistress Ais even hypothesized that the strength that he showed in the past was but a tiny excess of what he was truly capable of.

But since data was not much on people of his class as they have only that mysterious man as a basis for comparison, there was really no other way to get solid gauge on the power levels of the so called Lords of Reality.

But deep inside, Mistress Ais feared for the worst.

“Tell me honestly, Mistress Ais. What are the chances that we have fully escaped the clutches of that man?” Maru asked once again.

He was a hundred percent sure on the answer but he wanted to have a second opinion on the matter. Not that it would help but at least Maru has someone to share some of his worries today.

Mistress Ais raised her chin from the shoulders of Maru in order to look at the handsome man in his eyes.

“Zero.” Mistress Ais responded briefly. There were truly no other words needed as Maru’s own reservations was confirmed by that single word.

“Just as i thought. The voices.” Maru said with a sad smile.

“Yes. The unknown voices you heard in the past did not come from the system of Madame Ais. I checked and rechecked the data on the timelines that it happened.

No errors or glitches was observed in the cache.” Mistress Ais said.

“Have you scanned my own also?” Maru was referring to his soul.

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He knew that the current Mistress Ais was much stronger than him because she had already completed reclaiming the lost dao once more into herself.

Unlike him who had yet to choose the most suitable one for himself.

He wanted to try all things first but more than that, Maru feared that it would shake the balance that he was experiencing at this very moment.

Nobody knew what would happen after he shaped his own dao.

Perhaps that was the moment that that enigmatic man was waiting for all along. And so, Maru will likely delay things for as long as possible.

If he was not sure of the outcome, he would never risk this piece of heaven that he enjoyed in his life at present.

“I already did that, Maru. And i could not find anything wrong inside your soul. Perhaps…” Mistress Ais paused.

“Perhaps what?” Maru prodded.

“Perhaps if you do what you did to me before or specifically to Madame Ais, then you could have an answer to this mystery.” Mistress Ais continued.

“Impossible!” Maru shouted in his thoughts as he could only shake his head in denial.

He didn’t want to risk everything by having an audience with that powerful man, especially if the place and time was not of his choosing.

“Why is he doing all of this?” So Maru asked instead. Mistress Ais did not answer this time but only looked towards the east. To where the brightest of lights dwelled.

“Perfect.” Maru cursed in silence after he followed the direction of Mistress Ais’ gaze.

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