Chapter 389

The dazzling light at the end of this reality was perhaps the biggest mystery of all.

But Maru was sure to leave it alone for now as it does not concern him nor would it bring him any rich harvest by satisfying a curiosity.

One that he believed, today more than ever, that it was indeed the only viable goal that the Nameless One may have in store for him.

He was about to give more thought about it but alas, he heard footsteps nearby that marked the arrival of two pairs of feet.

“You’re unfair, Maru! You should have not swim first and waited for Lyra to come back!” the wood nymph accused.

Her cheeks flushed and Maru knew that she would burst into tears if he would not calm her down right this second.

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“We’ll swim again later, Lyra. After breakfast, okay?” Maru laughed a little as he said the words.

He was guilty that he may have spoiled the girl in the one week that they’ve been together but he was not sorry about it. She brought smiles in his days and that was all that mattered to him.

If only he could bring his family and friends to be together with him here, then that would have been a whole lot better.

But until the problem with the man in the shadows was solved, Maru would not take any chances with their safety in the outside world.

At least, he still has his clone to feel the happiness of their company. Though slightly different but that was more than enough for him. Maru concluded.

The party of four ate their breakfast of green leafy vegetables that was prepared with love and care by the exuberant wood nymph.

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Afterwards, they had another swim and an hour later, the group was fully prepared to explore another place in this vast exciting world. Just as Maru promised to Lyra yesterday.

“Where are we going this time, Maru?” the wood nymph asked the only man in their midst.

“Let’s see. Why don’t we go to the grandest city in this world?” Maru suggested.

The last week was uneventful as he had only preferred places with little to no people at all because of the delicate wood nymph.

He was afraid that she might not like being close to a lot of these humans yet especially with her bad experiences with them in the past.

But seeing that Ezperanza was here with them today and her apparent developing friendship on the wood nymph, Maru was optimistic that everything was going to be just fine in this trip.

And besides, he also wanted to take his women out to live the life that they both deserved. With all the glory and honor beneath their feet as it should be.

“Is that a beautiful place, Maru?! Lyra wants to go there! Take Lyra there quick, quick!” the wood nymph replied with much enthusiasm.

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