Chapter 390

“Okay, okay. Hold tight!” Maru smiled and off they go. Their vision was met with new sights as the image beforehand was rapidly changing. It was after a breath that they witnessed a magnificent scenery.

“Wow!” The sights brought out a gasp from Lyra as her eyes tried to put all the wondrous image in her mind.

This was like the ones Maru used to say to her. That the cities of humans were indeed filled with a sea of people and that their dwelling was tall and imposing with thick high walls around the big gates.

And that was exactly what she witnessed at this very moment.

“Wait till you see inside, Lyra. There’s more of these humans in there.” Maru said to the girl.

“Hmmm…” Lyra only nodded and hugged Maru’s arms even tighter.

She wished to hide herself in the comforts of Maru’s nearness because she was still not comfortable with how many men and women were here already.

And to think that they were yet outside. How much more was there within those proud doors? Lyra was scared by the thought.

“No need to be afraid of them, Lyra. Your big sis Ezperanza will protect you.” Ezperanza tapped the shoulder of the wood nymph gently.

“Thank you, Elder Sister!” Lyra replied with a smile.

“You work fast, Ezperanza. I like it.” Maru thought when he heard the endearment used by the two women. And they’ve only conversed just this morning.

The charm of his lover was truly irresistible, Maru smiled.

“Let’s not waste any more time. Let’s begin exploring this city!” Maru encouraged and they started walking towards the entrance. And when they did, all eyes were dragged into their form.

It was like this was the first time the people realized their existence and as if time had stopped moving for all intents and purposes. Indeed, it was akin to that scenario, even to the littlest of details.

The people decided without a doubt that Maru was the most handsome man they had ever seen in their lives while the men drooled at the divine beauties of Ezperanza and Mistress Ais.

Perhaps only Lyra was considered particularly normal to the new arrivals but even with her alone, Lyra could outmatch any girl in the city in terms of beauty and appeal.

Wood nymphs were magical beings and thus, they were bound to be perfect same as the symmetrical nature that birthed them.

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This was how shocking Maru’s group appeared to be in the eyes of the masses. Some of these people were only beginning to disembark from their travel and parked their carriages near the city walls.

While others were selling discounted items in the humble stalls outside. But every single one of them was not saved from the stunning effect that one man and three ladies brought out to them.

Even the soldiers who were stationed by the gates had the same expression. All of them were stupefied.

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