Chapter 391

“How much is the fee to enter the city?” a voice tried to wake them up their shock. But no words responded.

“Are you okay?” the wood nymph tried to talk to a soldier when five breaths elapsed with no sound or movement in every direction.

“What’s wrong with them, Maru? Lyra is nervous.” She added after there was no reaction from the soldier.

“They’re fine, Lyra. Big sis is right and you don’t need to worry about anything.” Ezperanza soothed the wood nymph with her gentle words.

She also took one hand of Lyra’s into her own and held it in a firm grip. Mistress Ais on the other hand was content on keeping aloof as usual.

“FLICK!” Maru sighed and made a sound with his fingers. And with that striking disturbance, everyone, may it be man or beast, were awakened from their stupor.

“What happened?”

“Who are they?”

“What a tall regal and handsome man!”

“Look at the women! Especially those two!”

“Yes, I wonder how good they are in…” Murmurs began to gather in intensity and Maru could only shake his head when he heard of the naughty bits about themselves on the eyes of these strangers.

He let it go and asked the same question once more.

“How much is the fee to enter the city?”

“A gold coin per head, Sir!” the soldier replied and he even stood straighter with his words.

If anyone did not know any better, then most would have probably assumed that the soldier was facing a superior and not a no named visitor in the city.

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“Here.” Maru dropped four coins into the palms of the soldier and led the women through the gates.

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“Welcome to the Eternal City of the Sages!” the soldier greeted at the otherworldly group but he was met with nothing but the echoes of their footsteps.

No one in the party looked back as they were welcomed by the unreal grandeur of the place. Past the sturdy entrance was a real masterpiece of the ages.

Wizard towers that rose towards the heavens were the norm but they were scattered in the vast expanse of the city that it seemed to not crowd the visual prowess of massive structures.

“Why are they looking at us like that, Maru?” Lyra addressed the obvious the moment they stepped inside. Same as the last, all eyes were harvested in their direction once more.

“They are amazed by your beauty, Lyra. Don’t mind them.” Maru smiled.

“Really? Do you really think that’s the reason, Maru? Lyra is so pretty that they love to look at me that much?” the wood nymph blossomed. Maru only nodded while smiling.

She peeked at the countless people and Maru was indeed telling the truth. Several of them were truly inspecting her body from head to toe. Lyra beamed in confidence.

“Come. I think there’s a good place that way.” Maru suggested and began leading the lovely women away from the curious eyes of the masses.

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